‘Ratings Logic Puzzle’

  1. The given clue from Robert reads “Each rating appears once in each row and column. Two corners give a 3 and two a 4.” Since there’s only 4 corners, this allows you to fill out all of them. 3 is given in the top left, which means that both the bottom left and top right need to be 4s. The bottom right is thus a 3.
  2. Richard’s square tells us that Amber gives a better rating than Elspeth. But Vincent’s square tells us that Amber cannot have given a 5. The rest of the row makes it so it cannot be a 3 or 4 without violating Robert’s clue, leaving only 1 and 2. 1 cannot be a better rating than anything else is the quiz – Amber’s square is a 2, and Elspeth is a 1.
  3. Process of elimination with the “row rule” from Robert means Simon is a 5.
  4. The three players whose name’s begin with I give the same rating. It can’t be a 2, 3, 4 or 5 without violating the rules outlined in Robert’s clue, so it must be a 1.
  5. The middle column needs a 3, 4, and 5 to complete. The bottom square, Flora, cannot be a 3 or 4 without violating the “row rule” so it must be a 5.
  6. Quentin must be a 2 to fill out his row.
  7. Julia must be a 1 to fill out her column, as every other blank left in the column would interferes with the “row rule” as a 1 .
  8. Louis is a 5 – there must be a 5 in the middle row, and it can’t be Anthony, Alice, or Audrey, according to the clue from Vincent.
  9. Lisa must be a 2 to complete her column.
  10. Flora’s clue tells us “Alice gave a higher rating than Paul”. Alice must be a 3 or 4 to fill her column. Paul cannot be a 1 or 2, due to his row. Thus Paul is a 3 and Alice is a 4.
  11. Elvis must be a 3 to complete his column.
  12. The second column needs a 4 and a 5 to complete – Victor cannot be a 4, so he is the 5 and Gabrielle is the 4.
  13. Stanley must be a 2 to complete his column.
  14. Audrey’s row needs a 5 and a 3, but Audrey cannot be the 5 due to Vincent’s clue, and is therefore the 3. This makes Oliver the 5.
  15. This makes it necessary for Joanna to be a 4 and Anthony to be a 2.