Rainbow Logic Puzzle Walkthrough


Step 1:

A1 gives us both D1 and D3.

Step 2:

From A1, D1 and D3’s clues, we know that all 4 corners are primary colors and that A6 & F6 will mix to create A3 (secondary color). Also, from D3’s clue, there is only one of each color in each row and column. Knowing this, let’s look at A6, F6 and A3. Since D3 is Green, we know A3 can either be Orange or Purple, which means A6 and F6 can either be Red & Blue or Red & Yellow. Since one has to be Red, we know that it must be F6 since A6 can’t be Red based on D3’s rule.

Step 3:

From F6’s clue, we know all colors in row 6 are adjacent to their complementary color in the same row. So, since F6 is Red, E6 must be Green. Also, since A6 is primary, B6 must be secondary.

Step 4:

Since E6 tells us that E4 is adjacent to 3 Yellows and we know none can be in the same row/column, we know that E4 can’t be Yellow. Also, a Yellow must be in the available 7 cells surrounding E4 meaning Row 3, Row 4, and Row 5 and also Column D, Column E and Column F must contain a Yellow in only those cells. From this we know that F1 must be Blue (satisfies that it’s a primary color and Yellow must be in F4, F5 or F6 for that column).

Step 5:

From F1’s clue, we know that E1 must be Purple since there’s already a Orange & Green in that column/row. By that same logic, we can now tell E2 must be Orange.

Step 6:

Clues E1 & E2 tell us Column B alternates between warm/cool colors and Row 5 between primary/secondary. Looking first at Column D, we see that all secondary colors are already taken so E5 must be primary (Row must alternate p/s/p/s/p/s) and from E6’s clue it must be Yellow since we need one in one of those 3 positions and that is the only primary color. Then, E4 must be Purple. Looking at B5, it must be secondary. If we assume Column B alternates c/w/c/w/c/w, B5 would have to be Green (cool secondary). That is impossible though since the only option for B1 is also Green based on that assumption. So we now know Column B must alternate w/c/w/c/w/c. Which means B5 is Orange (warm secondary), then F5 Green, A5 Blue and C5 Red based on D3’s logic.

Step 7:

Looking at Column B which we know alternates w/c/w/c/w/c, B1 must be Yellow and therefore B3 must be Red (only warm color left).

Step 8:

Let’s look at Row 6 now. We know B6 is a cool secondary (remember Step 3 & F6’s clue) so it must be Purple. Which means A6 must be Yellow. And now we can see D6 must be Blue and C6 Orange.

Step 9:

From here everything should be fairly easy to fill in based on D3’s logic. Remember our other clues given: We can now easily obtain A3 from D1’s clue. Also, it should be easy to place the other two Yellows surrounding E4 remembering E6’s clue. And don’t forget F1’s clue to get F2.


If you’re still stuck on any other logic, feel free to comment on the quiz and ask for help!