Note: Steps appear below their corresponding images.

The 3rd president is Thomas Jefferson so enter Jefferson in cell B1.


Barack Obama is the only president whose last name starts with ‘O’ so enter Obama in cell B5.


B5 tells us that column D all died in office and B1 tells us that row 4 all have James for a first name. James Garfield is the only president named James to die while in office so he must be in cell D4.


Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer. Enter him in cell B4.


According to B4, the 3 remaining corners all begin with ‘C’. There are four ‘C’ presidents however Carter is already in B4 so the 3 remaining corners must be Clinton, Coolidge, and Cleveland. Coolidge was a Republican so he cannot appear in row 5 according to D4. Therefore Coolidge must be in E1. At this point we know Clinton and Cleveland appear in cells A5 and E5 but we don’t know which one is in which cell.


Enter Harding in B3.


Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator. Enter him in A2.


A2 tells us that row 3 were all born in Ohio and B5 tells us that Column D all died in office. Three Ohio born presidents died while in office, Harding, Garfield, and McKinley. Harding and Garfield are already in cells B3 and D4, respectively, therefore D3 must be McKinley.

B3 tells us no presidents who share a name are in this puzzle. Since Franklin Roosevelt is excluded for sharing a name with Teddy (B3), John Kennedy must be the Democrat to die while in office and he must occupy cell D5.


Lincoln is the only remaining republican to die in office so he must occupy cell D2. Zachary Taylor is the only remaining president to die in office who doesn’t share a name (Harrison, Roosevelt) so he must appear in cell D1.


Cell D2 references the 22nd and 24th president who was Grover Cleveland, the only man to be elected to separate terms, so he appears in cell E5. This leaves Clinton as the last ‘C’ president who must appear in cell A5.


Three presidents died on July 4 (A5). Jefferson, who is already in B1, John Adams, who shares a name with John Quincy Adams and is therefore excluded by B3, and James Monroe who must occupy cell C4.

The presidents born in Ohio are alphabetically (D1) Garfield, Grant, Harding, Harrison, Hayes, McKinley, and Taft. Garfield already appears in a row that doesn’t have to be from Ohio. Harrison is excluded since it is a shared name (B3). Therefore the Ohio row (3) must be in order Grant, Harding, Hayes, McKinley, and Taft.


With Taft now in E3, we know the three 4-letter presidents must all be in column E according to E1. There are five 4-letter presidents but the Bush’s are excluded for sharing a last name. This means the 3 in the quiz must be Ford, Polk, and Taft. D3 tells us that E2 must be a republican. Polk was a democrat and also has James for a first name so he must be in E4 and Ford, a republican, must be in E2.


Cell C3 refers to Old Hickory which was a nickname for Andrew Jackson who must appear in cell C5.


E2 tells us that C1 has a 2 word last name. There is only one president with such a name so Van Buren must be in C1.

E4 tells us that C2 resigned from office. Again, there is only one such president, Nixon.

There is one open cell (A4) on the James row but 2 remaining presidents whose first name is James – Madison and Buchanan. E3 tells us that A4 begins with the same letter as C4 (Monroe) therefore A4 must be Madison.


B2 must begin with H according to C2 and be a republican according to D3. The remaining H republicans are Benjamin Harrison (who is excluded since Harrison is a shared name) (B3) and Herbert Hoover. B2 must be Hoover.