The first column has every type of pizza (Al’s clue), and Queenie and Paul are both vegetarians and got different pizzas (Zoe’s clue). This means that Paul got veggie (since Al got Margherita), and Queenie got Margherita.

Ulrich got pepperoni pizza. All the corners got something different (Paul’s clue) so he can’t have gotten Margherita or bacon. The first column has every type of pizza (Al’s clue), so he can’t have gotten veggie, and Queenie is not adjacent to someone who got Hawaiian (Queenie’s clue).

Since we know some one in the first column got Hawaiian, and we know this person can not be adjacent to Queenie, Felecia must have gotten Hawaiian. This means that Kimberly – and also May and Olivia (Felicia’s clue) – got bacon.

Each column has at least one vegetarian (May’s clue). In column five, this must be Edwin, since Jean and Trisha both got meat pizzas (Ulrich’s clue). Since everyone in the corner’s got a different type of pizza (Paul’s clue), Edwin must have gotten veggie pizza.

Everyone next to Zoe got a different type of meat pizza (Kimberly’s clue), but no one in column four got pepperoni (Edwin’s clue). Therefore, Trisha got pepperoni. This means that Jean got Hawaiian (Ulrich’s clue).

One row has three margarita pizzas. This can not be row 3, since we’ve already determined three pizzas, nor rows 4 or 5, since we know Shelby and Yasmin got some sort of meat pizza (Kimberly’s clue). It also can not be row 2, since Hugh and Ives got something different (Trisha’s clue). Therefore, it must be row 1, and Bradley (and either Curtis or Danny), must have gotten Margherita.

Danny, Lisa and Shelby all got the same type of pizza (Bradley’s clue). This must be bacon. (We know that Shelby is either bacon or Hawaiian from Kimberly’s clue, but Lisa cannot be Hawaiian because she is adjacent to Queenie). This means Curtis got a Margherita pizza, and Yasmin got Hawaiian.

Queenie is adjacent to someone who got a Margherita pizza (Queenie’s clue), and Vic and Waldo are either pepperoni or veggie (Yasmin’s clue), so Roy must have gotten a Margherita pizza.

Nina is not adjacent to anyone with the same order as her (Olivia’s clue), so she must have gotten veggie pizza. This means that neither Hugh or Ives got veggie pizza, so they must have gotten pepperoni and Hawaiian. Since no one in column 4 got pepperoni (Edwin’s clue), Hugh got pepperoni and Ives got Hawaiian.

Every column (except column 4) has someone who got pepperoni. Grace is a vegetarian (Hugh’s clue), so in column 2 this must be Vic. This means that Waldo also got pepperoni (Yasmin’s clue.) Roy and Grace had different orders (Curtis’ clue), so Grace got veggie pizza.