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What Makes Food Spicy?

What makes food spicy? Hot sauce aficionados may think they have an easy answer to this, but the explanation actually goes beyond Scovilles. Hot sauces often proudly display their Scoville units prominently on packaging, and […]

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    How To Make A Picture Box Quiz

    If you’re familiar with Sporcle, it’s likely that at one time or another you have come across a picture box quiz. There are certainly some great ones on the site. However, for a long time [...]
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    Quiz Making Tips: A Guide to Quiz Style

    Making quizzes on Sporcle is a many-layered challenge. Finding the perfect, original topic, figuring out the best way to present it, researching and fact checking… and the cherry on top, styling. This step may be [...]
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    Adding Images to Quizzes on Sporcle

    A picture is worth a thousand words. That being said, all those words can get complicated pretty quickly. There are many factors to consider when choosing an image for a quiz. What image should you [...]
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    Hidden Features of Sporcle

    Almost all of our users know how to find and play a quiz. Most can probably find comments, challenges, groups, even showdowns. Quiz creators use a whole other set of features on top of all [...]

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