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    Quiz Making Tips: A Guide to Quiz Style

    Making quizzes on Sporcle is a many-layered challenge. Finding the perfect, original topic, figuring out the best way to present it, researching and fact checking… and the cherry on top, styling. This step may be [...]
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    Adding Images to Quizzes on Sporcle

    A picture is worth a thousand words. That being said, all those words can get complicated pretty quickly. There are many factors to consider when choosing an image for a quiz. What image should you [...]
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    Hidden Features of Sporcle

    Almost all of our users know how to find and play a quiz. Most can probably find comments, challenges, groups, even showdowns. Quiz creators use a whole other set of features on top of all [...]
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    How to Make a This or That Quiz

    If you’ve been around Sporcle for a little while, you’ve probably seen a few This or That quizzes. If you haven’t, This or That quizzes usually consist of a series of hints which you must [...]

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