sporcle jr

From the folks behind Sporcle, comes Sporcle Junior – Trivia for kids for the Google Assistant. To get started, just ask your Google Home to ‘Talk to Sporcle Junior’ (you can also invoke the app with ‘Play Sporcle Junior’, ‘Speak to Sporcle Junior’ and ‘Start Sporcle Junior’). No setup is required since most published Actions on Google Home Assistant are available to use as soon as they’re in the Services section of the Google Home app.

Sporcle has broken new ground with Sporcle Junior so you can turn your Google Home into a treasure trove of trivia for your young ones. This fun little app comes with a variety of questions that range from easy, medium, and hard.

Sporcle Junior is a great way to test young minds with fun trivia. It’s mentally stimulating diversions…for kids.