Step 1 of Marvel Movies Logic Quiz

1 (Far From Home) tells us that “the middle also has ‘Avenger’ in it’s full title”. So, the middle square of the puzzle C3 is (Captain America: First Avenger)

2 (First Avenger) tells us that “Column A is all from the 3rd phase” and (Far From Home) tells us that “The corners are all Avenger Films” so (Infinity War) and (Endgame) are in A1 and A5. (Ragnarok) tells us that “All the 3rd movies in specific franchises are in Row 1” therefore (Infinity War) is in A1 and (Endgame) is in A5

3 (Endgame) tells us that “All of the films with no sequels fill the rest of Row 3 in alphabetical order from left to right.” These films are (Black Panther) (Captain Marvel) (Doctor Strange) and (Incredible Hulk).

4 (Hulk) tells us that “The rest of the films from Phase one are in Row 5” The remaining films from Phase 1 are; Iron Man, Thor, Iron Man 2 and Avengers. We know that (Avengers) has to be in a corner therefore it’s in E5 which leaves (Age of Ultron) in E1. According to (Infinity War) “There are no Iron man films in Column B” therefore Thor has to be in B5.

5 (Thor) says “The movies to my right go in order of release” the only ones left are (Iron Man) and (Iron Man 2), therefore (Iron Man) in C5 and (Iron Man 2) in D5.

6 (Iron Man) says that “The first and second movies in franchises are adjacent (except for the avengers movies)”. That means that (Spiderman Homecoming) has to be adjacent to (Spiderman Far from Home) putting it in D4.

7 (Homecoming) says that “Ant-Man is in B4”. This means that (Thor Dark World) has to be in A4 or C4 so that it is adjacent to (Thor) and (Ant man and The Wasp) has to be in A4 or C4 so that it’s adjacent to (Ant Man). But Column A has to be Phase 3 movies so (Ant Man and the Wasp) is in A4 and (Thor Dark World) is in C4

8 Back tracking a bit, (Ragnarok) told us that “All the 3rd movies in specific franchises are in Row 1” we already have (Infinity War) and (Ragnarok) so that leaves (Captain America Civil War) and (Iron Man 3) to be in B1 and C1. But (Infinity War) told us that there are no Iron Man movies in Column B therefore (Iron Man 3) is in C1 and (Civil War) is in B1.

9 We now have only 3 movies left (Guardians of the Galaxy), (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) and (Captain America Winter Soldier) as well as 2 (Thanos) spots. (Ant-Man and the Wasp) tells us that “There is no Thanos Spot in this column” therefore A2 must be one of the three movies, but it has to be a movie from Phase 3 because it’s in column A. That only leaves (Guardians of the Galaxy 2) to be in A2. Which also means that (Guardians of the Galaxy) must be in B2 to be adjacent.

10 We now have only 1 movie left and 2 Thanos spots. (Captain America Winter Soldier) must be adjacent to (Captain America First Avenger) so it’s in C2 or D2, that means that E2 must be a (Thanos) spot.

11 (Thanos) tells us that “My spots are not Adjacent” therefore the other (Thanos) Spot must be C2 leaving (Winter Soldier) in D2. Congrats!! 😀