Thank you to all that have participated in the Pub Champions Trivia League!

The regular season runs from January 7th, 2019 – June 2nd, 2019.
RSVP’s are open on June 3rd, 2019.
Semi-Final games will occur on June 8th, 2019. The State Championships will occur on June 15, 2019.

Please click on a division below for League Championship details. If you have any questions regarding the Pub Champions Trivia League, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Your support throughout the season is greatly appreciated and our trivia shows wouldn’t be what they are without you.  A sincere thanks for your participation!

Search the table below to find out if you qualified for the championships and when you can RSVP. RSVP on your given day using the RSVP form.

NOTE: All Hawaii teams can register on Monday, June 3rd, regardless of whether they appear in the table or not.

StateShowTeam NameCaptain First NameDay 
CaliforniaTuesdays @ Sunset Reservoir Brewing Co.Beer BreathSydneyMonday
CaliforniaThursdays @ SoMa StrEat Food ParkBed Bath and BeyonceCayleeMonday
CaliforniaTuesdays @ 47 Hills Brewing CompanyBaby Sloth AFKirkMonday
CaliforniaWednesdays @ Clandestine BrewingJeremy BeerimySaraMonday
CaliforniaThursdays @ BrewcadeLove QueenBrianMonday
CaliforniaTuesdays @ Hollow CowAnswer, I barely know herJeffMonday
CaliforniaWednesdays @ World of BeerPhantom ThievesEricMonday
CaliforniaWednesdays @ Mike Hess BrewingWolfe PacStevieMonday
CaliforniaN/AThe TG'sBrettWednesday
ColoradoTuesdays @ 14er Brewing CompanyDrinkin Not ThinkinLaurenMonday
ColoradoTuesdays @ Rocky Top TavernTangleTimMonday
HawaiiMondays @ Smith & KingsThe Small CouncilNeeleshMonday
HawaiiMondays @ Grace in GrowlersBed Bath & BeyonceMelissaMonday
HawaiiMondays @ Study Hall Sports Bar & Grill😀KarenMonday
HawaiiTuesdays @ Square BarrelsHouseChrisMonday
HawaiiTuesdays @ WorkPlayFlannel AftermathMeganMonday
HawaiiTuesdays @ Teddy's Bigger BurgersPaul's HatChuckMonday
HawaiiWednesdays @ Osoyami Bar and GrillMass HysteriaJamisenMonday
HawaiiThursdays @ Islands RestaurantStephen Hawkins School of DanceMaryMonday
HawaiiThursdays @ Beer Lab HISoftwood ImportsStefanMonday
HawaiiMondays @ BREW'd Craft Pub (Every 3rd Monday)Mass HysteriaJamisenMonday
HawaiiMondays @ Village Bottle ShopUltimate NerdsGlennMonday
HawaiiN/AMiddle OutMakotoWednesday
HawaiiN/ARemy Zane Us *ChadWednesday
IllinoisMondays @ Kincade's Bar & GrillBuy Us A ShotGeorgeMonday
IllinoisMondays @ Lake Street Kitchen + BarYou ARE The FatherBradMonday
IllinoisWednesdays @ McNally's Irish PubThe ChumpsN/AMonday
IllinoisWednesdays @ A.J. Hudson's Public HouseBorisesGilMonday
IllinoisThursdays @ Ten Ninety Brewing CompanyThe Original Stupid Sexy FlandersJordanMonday
IllinoisSundays @ Rack House Kitchen & TavernThe Lone Rangers (Rack House)DanMonday
IllinoisThursdays @ Scratch KitchenTeam #14JackMonday
IllinoisMondays @ Barrel House SocialCourt JestersJuanitaMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ Short Fuse Brewing Co.Miller TimeChelseaMonday
IllinoisMondays @ Flagstone Crafts & CocktailsSherman HemsleyRichardMonday
IllinoisThursdays @ JT's Corner Tap & EateryUrban PolevaultersJakeMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ Hopskeller Brewing Co.ShadynastyZachMonday
IllinoisWednesdays @ Wise Owl Drinkery & CookhouseMatt DamonRyanMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ District Kitchen & TapCooler By The LakeChristineMonday
IllinoisWednesdays @ Old Republic Kitchen & BarHere For The ReubensDebMonday
IllinoisWednesdays @ Gideon WellesThe Butt SquadCodyDanMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ Scotty's BrewhouseDamagin' DamesTommyMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ Wells on WellsPrestige Worldwide (Chicago)?Monday
IllinoisTuesdays @ Broken Barrel BarSorry BlakeBlakeMonday
IllinoisMondays @ Legends Grill and BarThe OxymoronsAmandaMonday
IllinoisWednesdays @ Curragh Irish PubLittle Chocolate DonutsrcshielphdMonday
IllinoisThursdays @ Curragh Irish PubDouble J And FredJamesMonday
IllinoisWednesdays @ JT's Porch Saloon & EateryThe StinkersSarahMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ PintsDronezMattMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ Sal's Pizza PubPork Chop ExpressManuelMonday
IllinoisWednesdays @ Scratch Kitchen & LoungeFive Young CannonballsDinaMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ The RiverThird PodiumMariaMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ Village Inn PizzeriaThe B SharpsEricMonday
IllinoisWednesdays @ Curragh Irish PubNutella FitzgeraldDaveMonday
IllinoisMondays @ Mo Dailey's Pub & GrilleJim's B Team?Monday
IllinoisWednesdays @ JW Hollstein'sThe Inebriati (JWH)DonMonday
IllinoisTuesdays @ D'Agostino's Pizza & PubThat's What She Said (D'Agostino's)CariMonday
IllinoisThursdays @ Kincade's Bar & GrillNext Week For SureRobinMonday
IllinoisN/AIronic ShoesElizabethTuesday
IllinoisN/ALebanese TequilaJuanTuesday
IllinoisN/AAsk JeevesJesseTuesday
IllinoisN/AAdmiral Ackbar's Pleasure EmporiumJenniferTuesday
IllinoisN/AAll The PointsBuzzTuesday
IllinoisN/ATeam MeatJoeTuesday
IllinoisN/AExcuse Me I Believe You Have My StaplerKarlTuesday
IllinoisN/ATwo Broke Girls (Chicago)KarenTuesday
IllinoisN/AAnd the Winner is...WayneTuesday
IllinoisN/ABad News MamasJennyTuesday
IllinoisN/AHot WheelsRachelTuesday
IllinoisN/AFirey FlamingosLaurenTuesday
IllinoisN/AUnderwear LabradorsJoeTuesday
IllinoisN/ALow Fat CheeseBillTuesday
IllinoisN/AThe Tables are StickyColbyTuesday
IllinoisN/ABuy Us A BeerPauloTuesday
IllinoisN/AOccasional GeniusesAmandaTuesday
IllinoisN/ABoss Don BiggavelisNormanTuesday
IllinoisN/AWhoever threw that paper, your mom's a hoeChloeTuesday
IllinoisN/AThe Dirty JerzAkhilTuesday
IllinoisN/AContact PrecautionsJoeTuesday
IllinoisN/AWhere's Billy?LizTuesday
IllinoisN/AHalf Wit OffendersJudyTuesday
IllinoisN/AElvis's ShortsJeffreyTuesday
IllinoisN/AWakanda ForeverKendraTuesday
IllinoisN/ABeer DrinkersDonTuesday
IllinoisN/AHoney BadgersLisaTuesday
IllinoisN/ANicolas Cage Fan ClubSamTuesday
IllinoisN/AI thought this was speed datingEricTuesday
IllinoisN/AKnee High ElephantsClariceTuesday
IllinoisN/AJuice In The GooseN/ATuesday
IllinoisN/AIllinois Common KnowledgeDanielTuesday
IllinoisN/AWine, Dine, 69TrevorTuesday
IllinoisN/ATrivin' La Vida LocaGiannaTuesday
IllinoisN/AWHITE PEACOCKSJulietTuesday
IllinoisN/ALet's get Quizzical (Curragh Glenview)AndyTuesday
IllinoisN/ACircle GangDannyTuesday
IllinoisN/ATeam TARDISBrianTuesday
IllinoisN/AHairy HokeyTimTuesday
IllinoisN/ANinja Turtles (Scratch Kitchen)T.Tuesday
IllinoisN/ASpecial SocksJoeTuesday
IllinoisN/ANo. You Buy Us A ShotMaxTuesday
IllinoisN/AThe Sandy CastlesChrisTuesday
IllinoisN/ATequila MockingbirdKathyTuesday
IllinoisN/ATea Bag Time?Tuesday
IllinoisN/ACalvin And HoppsJoyceTuesday
IllinoisN/APhoenix (Skokie)BillTuesday
IllinoisN/AWe Drink and We Know Things (Chicago)KyleTuesday
IllinoisN/AHockey MomsElizabethTuesday
IllinoisN/ATacos and Tiaras (Chicago)SeasonTuesday
IllinoisN/AWhat Would Jose Rodriguez Do?MikeTuesday
IllinoisN/ASavvy WagerPaigeTuesday
IllinoisN/AJovi MadnessIvoTuesday
IllinoisN/AFloppy FishMikeTuesday
IllinoisN/AZicke Zacke Zicke ZackeRyanTuesday
IllinoisN/ASamsonite...I Was WAY Off!MarkWednesday
IllinoisN/AQuiz KhalifaLexiWednesday
IllinoisN/AMaking Trivia Great Again (Chicago)NancyWednesday
IllinoisN/AThe TeachersMollyWednesday
IllinoisN/ACounty ClaresAnnaWednesday
IllinoisN/AI Need Someone To Look For MeShaneWednesday
IllinoisN/AFight Hard, TrebekKevinWednesday
IllinoisN/ATeam 11JeffWednesday
IllinoisN/AThe Frozen FiveKaitlinWednesday
IllinoisN/ASisters love rileyJulieWednesday
IllinoisN/AJust Us TwoRichWednesday
IllinoisN/AFour Girls One CupStephanieWednesday
IllinoisN/ABecause of the ImplicationPhilWednesday
IllinoisN/ARed DelishKatieWednesday
IllinoisN/ABatteries Not IncludedRobWednesday
IllinoisN/AJean Claude's Damn VanNateWednesday
IllinoisN/AHey guys, what's our team name?N/AWednesday
IllinoisN/AElectric MayhemAnnieWednesday
IllinoisN/ASister Wives (Village Inn)LauraWednesday
IllinoisN/AA Portrait of Sharknado as a Young ManTeganWednesday
IllinoisN/ATeam Heavy?Wednesday
IllinoisN/APhilly's New DelicacyNicholasWednesday
IllinoisN/AYo MamasAshleyWednesday
IllinoisN/AShowerheads Do It BestJulieWednesday
IllinoisN/AThe Other EinsteinsCathyWednesday
IllinoisN/ATen Pints for GryffindorStephanieWednesday
IllinoisN/AThat Really Butters My Egg RollJakeWednesday
IllinoisN/AThe Stu Boo'sJamesWednesday
IllinoisN/ADr Mantis TobogganCoreyWednesday
IllinoisN/AHey Julie!RJWednesday
IllinoisN/AI Lost My BananaMarlenaWednesday
IllinoisN/ASluggo Is LitDanWednesday
IllinoisN/AMisfits of MoCoMeganWednesday
IllinoisN/AKatie's Bread TiesJillWednesday
IllinoisN/AMoose and SquirrelGregWednesday
IllinoisN/ABob Vance, Vance RefrigerationLuisaWednesday
IllinoisN/ATipsy TeachersMeganWednesday
IllinoisN/AAll Quiet on the Answers FrontDeenaWednesday
IllinoisN/ALate StartChaseWednesday
IllinoisN/AThe B Sharps (Chicago)GilbyWednesday
IllinoisN/AThe Dryer Doesn't Fit!CourtneyWednesday
IllinoisN/AY U No Know TriviaN/AWednesday
IllinoisN/AA to ZJaneWednesday
IndianaTuesdays @ St. Joseph Brewery & Public HouseIt's a Cephaloparty!CarlyMonday
IndianaMondays @ Chatham TapLil' Skeet and the Big Titty LARPersAndyMonday
IndianaThursdays @ TwoDEEP Brewing CoMy Harry Potter Has HogwartsTimMonday
IndianaMondays @ Chatham TapFear of WidthsEricMonday
IndianaWednesdays @ Ralston's DraftHouseBringing the PayneKaraMonday
IndianaN/ADr. Feelgood and the SerotonesDonitaTuesday
IndianaN/AErection DayChristinTuesday
IndianaN/AWe still suckLeviTuesday
IndianaN/ARed DonkeyKimWednesday
IndianaN/APolish DropkickrudyWednesday
IndianaN/APleasantly VulgarAdamWednesday
IndianaN/ABitch I'm a CowNathanWednesday
IndianaN/AIndy LizardsAaronWednesday
IowaThursdays @ Reclaimed Rails Brewing CompanyAlternative Facts (Reclaimed Rails)EricMonday
IowaWednesdays @ The Lost CubanThe Freaks From Table 9MeganMonday
IowaWednesdays @ The BeerhouseOne Six GreatChrisMonday
IowaTuesdays @ Pig & PorterPenis Crossed OutAlexMonday
IowaTuesdays @ The HallBohicaDanMonday
IowaWednesdays @ 300 Craft & RooftopNude GingrichGregMonday
IowaWednesdays @ Grin N GooseThe Freaks From Table 9MeganMonday
IowaWednesdays @ Saints Pub + PatioManafort’s JortsRebeccaMonday
IowaWednesdays @ Mistress Brewing CompanyDESTINED FOR DISASTERJIMMonday
IowaMondays @ Smash ParkThe four eyesAutumnMonday
IowaMondays @ Break RoomFreaques From Table 9BryonMonday
IowaMondays @ Butcher's BBQ & BrewsGarbonzo and ChickpeaMikeMonday
IowaFridays @ Felix & Oscar'sSparkly Eyes TechniqueTylerMonday
IowaN/ADouble Fisting John's NoodlesBlankTuesday
IowaN/ADull Axes Make Good HammersKellyTuesday
IowaN/ACard SharksScottTuesday
IowaN/AHooked and FriedTedTuesday
IowaN/AI did not send you to go-kart campDanielTuesday
IowaN/AThreat Level MidnightJohnTuesday
IowaN/AWe Say RoadhouseKatiTuesday
IowaN/AVatos Locos (Felix&Oscar's)MichaelTuesday
IowaN/AO'Doyle RulesAdamTuesday
IowaN/AShrek's on the beachCollinTuesday
IowaN/ARemember the AlamoPhilTuesday
IowaN/AShenanigans (Iowa)MargieTuesday
IowaN/ATom Foolery (Des Moines)MikeTuesday
IowaN/AThe one team at the bar!KelseyTuesday
IowaN/ABar NomadsAdrianaTuesday
IowaN/AThe Highlanders (Cedar Rapids)BeckyWednesday
IowaN/AHere for the MF BeerKimWednesday
IowaN/ADirty DanNatalieWednesday
IowaN/AIn God We ThrustBriannaWednesday
IowaN/ABook Club BrainsJillWednesday
IowaN/ATeam AxisJessicaWednesday
IowaN/A4 Dicks, 2 ChicksTylerWednesday
IowaN/AChosen OnesStuartWednesday
IowaN/ABeer Makes Smart (Des Moines)BeccaWednesday
IowaN/AWe Drink and We Know ThingsNateWednesday
IowaN/ABlack CheetoLaineWednesday
MichiganWednesdays @ Pound! Bar & GrillUncles With Benefits (Pound)LeahMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Bobcat Bonnie'sThe TrumbullersRussMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Patrick J's Irish PubRichard Fitzwell & AssociatesMikeMonday
MichiganMondays @ Canton Brew WorksHere for the beer (Canton Brew Works)JustinMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Augie's Bar and GrillHot Tay MollysN/AMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Mr. B's RoadhouseMichael ScottStuMonday
MichiganThursdays @ MesaLet's Get Quizzical(Black Eagle/Mesa)JessieMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Shorty's Sports Bar & GrillTouchdown My PantsRachelMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Stony Lake Brewing Co.Team BunchickenNathanMonday
MichiganMondays @ George Murphy'sStafford InfectionCunninghamMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ North Center Brewing Co.Mother PuckersNickMonday
MichiganFridays @ ScorekeepersWhat the Shibboleth‽LynnMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Original Gravity Brewing Co.Mind The GapGregMonday
MichiganSundays @ Ypsi AlehouseTeamy McTeamface (Ypsi)SarahMonday
MichiganMondays @ Blarney Stone PubFarm Fresh EggsMattMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Eternity Brewing Co.CrumbumsShaunMonday
MichiganMondays @ Hard Rock CafeJenny & the JessJessicaMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Pretzel BellSuffering BastardsLaurie-AnneMonday
MichiganSundays @ Patrick J's Irish PubKeerokRobMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Ascension Brewing Co.The Last, Best Hope For HumanityChuckMonday
MichiganMondays @ Ellison Brewery and SpiritsThe Team in the LeadAlisunMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Mallie's Sports Grill & BarYippee!BeauMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Hangar Bar and Grill2151 Jump StreetLukeMonday
MichiganSaturdays @ Oscar's Sports & GrillLet's Get ItMollieMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Gipper's Bar and RestaurantJon Snow Dies...AgainJoeMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Arbor Brewing Co. BrewpubWhat the Shibboleth‽LynnMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ CJ's Upper Deck Bar & GrilleYou're a quizard, HarryGabrielleMonday
MichiganSaturdays @ Tony Sacco'sDivorced And Loving ItJohnMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Lansing Brewing CompanyThe SquintsDMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & BreweryTurtleJonathanMonday
MichiganMondays @ Champions Sports GrillSociety of Intellectual IdiotsJordanMonday
MichiganThursdays @ JT’s Pub & GrubBurt Macklin, FBIRyanMonday
MichiganMondays @ Pronto#AnOcelotOfBoozersJoshuaMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Salt Springs BreweryJFKFCCassieMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Haymaker Public HouseHomoerotic Trivia MontageTingMonday
MichiganSundays @ Haymaker Public HouseWhat the Shibboleth‽LynnMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.Benson & StablerDanMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Boot Jack TavernVictorsMikeMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Haymaker Public HouseMichael and the CripplesMichaelMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Bobcat Bonnie'sGoats and KiddsJimMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ World of BeerGift Cards are for ClosersJohnMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Ciccarelli's Sports BarSax N RaxChristianMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Detroit Burger BarThat's What She Said (Detroit).Monday
MichiganSaturdays @ Detroit Burger BarThe Last, Best Hope For HumanityChuckMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Aubree's Pizzeria & GrillMuzzle PunchStephenMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ World of BeerWet BanditsJaredMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Michigan By The Bottle Tasting RoomThe Joe'sJimMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Primanti Bros. Restaurant & BarGlass to MouthBorisMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Primanti Bros. Restaurant & BarGary Puckett & The Union GapJohnMonday
MichiganSundays @ Jimmy's TavernJomarJanMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ The Original Cottage InnGreenhills Chess ClubDudeMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Canton Brew WorksCanton Brew JerksCoreyMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Kelsey Block Brewing Co.2151 Jump StreetLukeMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Tecumseh Brewing Co.MellowsBillMonday
MichiganFridays @ Augie's Bar and GrillMoby GrapeRobertMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ HomeGrown Brewing Co.Iron PancreasScottMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill... and in Last PlaceOliviaMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Michigan By The Bottle Tasting RoomLab Rats (Mich BTB)KatieMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ HOMES BrewerySeven Year BitchesStephenMonday
MichiganThursdays @ BAD Brewing CompanySWAT TeamAdamMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Detroit FleatFarm Fresh EggsMattMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ State Street MarketBuffy the Trivia SlayerBuffyMonday
MichiganFridays @ Grand TavernPerfect Use of a Team NameBenMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Louie's Trophy HouseThe Whitt-est Suns You KnowKennyMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Eastern Market Brewing Co.Paul Ryan Wears UggsDerekMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Over The Edge Sports BarDrawing a blankAllisonMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsLuck of the IrishLisaMonday
MichiganThursdays @ On The RocksWhy would we accept answers from that shithole team?KevinMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Thornapple Brewing100%JordanMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Main St. PubMeow MixMaryMonday
MichiganSundays @ Ozone's BrewhouseThe Soda PopsMichaelMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Red Cedar SpiritsGive Me Back My ShoesSeanMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Cultivate Coffee & TapHouseBut Where Did The Lighter Fluid Come From?SamanthaMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Cottage Inn TavernaNotorious Q.U.I.Z.TomMonday
MichiganSaturdays @ BAM! Entertainment CenterFellowship of the WrongJeffMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Mancino's Pizza & Tap HouseI'll Drink to ThatKelleyMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Mojito Rio GrandeTesla CoylesSaraMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Brady's Tavern2nd GuessersDaveMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Green Lantern PizzeriaMoscow Mule MafiaNateMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ 5 Lakes Brewing CompanyTeam OneAnitaMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Downey Brewing CompanyRibbon Farm HopsSusanMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Ye Olde SaloonGold Team Rules! (Haymaker)WilliamMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Patrick J's Irish Pubpayned expressionLincolnMonday
MichiganSaturdays @ Michigan By The Bottle Tasting RoomOnce a Cat Mom Always a Cat MomMollyMonday
MichiganMondays @ Jolly Pumpkin Restaurant & TaphouseThe C in the BoxGregMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Hillsdale Brewing CompanyBrigadoomDonnaMonday
MichiganSaturdays @ Brady's TavernThe 4 StoogesDaveMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Giordano'sSuper Callie, Fragile LipstickJasonMonday
MichiganMondays @ Green Dot StablesBad CharlotteBrandonMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ SuperNatural Brewing & SpiritsMix PackAnnMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Aubree's Pizzeria & GrillBeer Makes Me HappyKristyMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Tower Inn Cafe212TaylorMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Northville Sports DenCarpenter BeesChrisMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Birch LodgeChinstrapsMikeMonday
MichiganSundays @ Workshop Brewing CompanyRespect the AnvilDerekMonday
MichiganSundays @ Strand Brewing Co.Bang BangTravisMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Bobcat Bonnie'sThe WinosMargieMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Cedar Springs Brewing616 MafiaJaranMonday
MichiganFridays @ Aubree's Pizzeria & GrillBeer Makes Me HappyKristyMonday
MichiganMondays @ The CornerThe spooky muldersWillowMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Station Square Kitchen + BarJesus Greg KinnearSeanMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ The Circ BarCollégues & TomosTomoMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Monarch's Club Corner BarProgressive EncephPatrickMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Lodge Grill & BarQ-TeamRyanMonday
MichiganMondays @ Founders Brewing Co.ChinstrapsMikeMonday
MichiganSundays @ George Murphy'sGary Puckett & The Union GapJohnMonday
MichiganMondays @ Grand Trunk PubDamn You, Paul AnkaKyleMonday
MichiganSundays @ Farmington Brewing CompanyHere for the BeerJulieMonday
MichiganSundays @ Danzon CubanoWallin WoodiesEmilyMonday
MichiganMondays @ Celina's Sports Bar & GrillStarzKathyMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Railtown Brewing CoFictional DogMikeMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Boston’s Restaurant & Sports BarToo Cool For SchoolBradleyMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Spoon's PlaceBeard WagonsMariahMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Sean O'Callaghan's Public HouseThe BannedSirMonday
MichiganMondays @ Primanti Bros. Restaurant & BarLittle Lebowski Urban Achievers (Detroit)RoyMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ The OwlMore Beer Less PantsDamonMonday
MichiganSaturdays @ Augie's Bar and GrillStarzKathyMonday
MichiganMondays @ Founders Brewing Co.K TYPEStanMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Big Boiler BrewingWingardium LevibrosasMaxwellMonday
MichiganMondays @ SticksMiskatonic University Fighting CephalopodsHeatherMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Rocky's Bar & GrillChinstrapsMikeMonday
MichiganSundays @ Park Place GastropubHorseplayTorieMonday
MichiganMondays @ Ashley'sWhat the Shibboleth‽LynnMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Ashley'sWe Like to Come From Behind (Detroit)Come fromMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Augie's Bar and GrillMoby GrapeRobertMonday
MichiganMondays @ Basement Burger Bar280 Characters of StupidityCarrieMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Bowery Grille & PubThe AristocratsMarkMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsVandalay Industries (Ashley's)LeviMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsMateen Cleavage (BWW)AlexMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsRhymes W/AsiaMarcMonday
MichiganThursdays @ CJ's Brewing CompanyThe Credible HulksBrianMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Arbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYou're Resume SucksN/AMonday
MichiganFridays @ Crow’s Nest Bar & GrillWhat the Rock is CookingChelseaMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Fifty Nine WestDo you Quiz your Momma with that mouth?JohnMonday
MichiganSundays @ Fraser's PubBetter Late Than Never (Detroit)JohnMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Coach’s CornerThe Ol' Mississippi StraddlePhilMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Grand TavernThe Iron CurtainToddMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Grand TavernThe MoopsJamesMonday
MichiganMondays @ Great Baraboo Brewing CompanyWizards of the twelfth realm of ephesiusTomMonday
MichiganMondays @ Hermann's Olde Town GrilleStep DadsBradMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ The Rumpus RoomClub BaseviewJoannaMonday
MichiganThursdays @ McShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarLess Is MoreMattMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Mr. B’s Food & SpiritsWhere's Anne?DanMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Mt. ChaletLaces OutWillMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Peterlin's Restaurant & BarOprahSarahMonday
MichiganThursdays @ SticksOne is the Loneliest NumberMikeMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ The Hub Sports BistroSharktopusEricMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Waldenburg BarExile IslandJeremyMonday
MichiganMondays @ Wolverine State Brewing CompanyEberwits featuring the No Talent Ass ClownsKevinMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Hideout Brewing Co....Is this on the test?DennisMonday
MichiganThursdays @ The Green TopSeekampN/AMonday
MichiganSaturdays @ Ashley'sOff Constantly (Ashley's).Monday
MichiganWednesdays @ Basement Burger BarOn The Edge Of GreatnessPamMonday
MichiganSaturdays @ Grand TavernBert Macklin, FBIJonMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Hermann's Olde Town GrilleDivorced And Loving ItJohnMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Wolverine State Brewing CompanyWhat the Shibboleth‽LynnMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Dan's Downtown TavernTanooki SuitsJayMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Stella's Black Dog TavernThe 3 Best Friends That Anyone Could HaveZachMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Johnny's Grill on the LakeSlick Rock RumbleMarkMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsThe Bullet ClubTimMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Moose MacGregor'sShooterRichardMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Basement Burger BarDavid's Number Is...ShaynaMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Freddy's BarMLK's Dream TeamAndrewMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Jamboozies Sports Bar and GrillBert Macklin, FBIJonMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Pete's PlaceCaptain's CrewJenniferMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Crunchy'sDark + Stormy DanielsDavidMonday
MichiganSaturdays @ Basement Burger BarKeerokRobMonday
MichiganWednesdays @ Hamlin CornerFanny Pack GuildAustinMonday
MichiganMondays @ Tios Mexican CafeLady BusinessAllisonMonday
MichiganTuesdays @ Territorial Brewing CompanyMcNamara's BandTonyMonday
MichiganThursdays @ B. Boomers Sports Bar & GrilleSuper Psychic ArcheologistsLouiseMonday
MichiganThursdays @ Ashley'sTbDJoshMonday
MichiganN/ABits by AshleyBrianTuesday
MichiganN/ATeam Epic!KathyTuesday
MichiganN/AWise QuackersNancyTuesday
MichiganN/AWe B GuessingAmyTuesday
MichiganN/AInsert Cool Team NameSarahTuesday
MichiganN/ATeam Extreme MediocrityJoeTuesday
MichiganN/AJakes FurCaseyTuesday
MichiganN/ATopical Team NameCorbinTuesday
MichiganN/ATeam RamrodCharlesTuesday
MichiganN/AIs it Jackal?ANDREWTuesday
MichiganN/ASuck My BabcockTomTuesday
MichiganN/Apoe poe brixKeithTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Rural Jurors (Jolly)AnnieTuesday
MichiganN/ADeath By PeppermintTimTuesday
MichiganN/ATrail of Beers (Crunchy's)BeerTuesday
MichiganN/ABrew Crew (Detroit)SarahTuesday
MichiganN/AHouse SoloStacieTuesday
MichiganN/AIt's what we doJohnTuesday
MichiganN/AGross CornN/ATuesday
MichiganN/AMaize and Blue BallersJordanTuesday
MichiganN/ASomething Clever (Homegrown)MelissaTuesday
MichiganN/AKardiac KidsTrevorTuesday
MichiganN/ASpooky MurderinosJessicaTuesday
MichiganN/AAlcoholics AnonymousJustinTuesday
MichiganN/AThe WombatsAngieTuesday
MichiganN/ATHE P.I.GREGTuesday
MichiganN/AHennessy & PunchTerynTuesday
MichiganN/AMerlot LivesJennaTuesday
MichiganN/AFantastic BeastsLisaTuesday
MichiganN/AThat's What She Said (Freddy's Wed)AlexTuesday
MichiganN/AWe TriedKellyTuesday
MichiganN/AShakes the ClownErikaTuesday
MichiganN/AAll Taxation is Theft (GT - Rochester)JoshuaTuesday
MichiganN/AQuiz LaqueefaKatieTuesday
MichiganN/ABlue Footed BoobiesDerekTuesday
MichiganN/AMolecular ThunderJenTuesday
MichiganN/ALast Place (Crow's Nest)GenevieveTuesday
MichiganN/ATrivia TitansTinaTuesday
MichiganN/AAlways give 100% unless you're giving blood or getting a divorceJohnTuesday
MichiganN/AFWI: Federal Wine InvestigatorsNikoleTuesday
MichiganN/ASelf DefenestratorsLewisTuesday
MichiganN/AAngry ChairsKyleTuesday
MichiganN/A"Africa" Is The Only Song By TotoMarkTuesday
MichiganN/AWolfpack (Brighton BWW)CharlesTuesday
MichiganN/ATrebek's RejectsJenTuesday
MichiganN/AIzzy & The PeepsLisaTuesday
MichiganN/AHung SoloMichaelTuesday
MichiganN/A4th PlaceTomTuesday
MichiganN/ASuck it Trebek (Territorial Brewing)JessicaTuesday
MichiganN/AJ-Web and the All-StarsRobTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Wet Dream CatchersKristinTuesday
MichiganN/AAverage JoesN/ATuesday
MichiganN/AJeffrey Dahmer's House of Ribs(Detroit)BradTuesday
MichiganN/AE For IdiotKyleTuesday
MichiganN/AFear Boners (Detroit)AllysonTuesday
MichiganN/ALarge Explosion HypothesisEricTuesday
MichiganN/ASecond Deck (WoB Woodhaven)KristyTuesday
MichiganN/AVoodoo EconomicsColbyTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Tick TurdsDennisTuesday
MichiganN/AEuchre-No It's TriviaJeanTuesday
MichiganN/APuddle Paddle BattleCaseyTuesday
MichiganN/ADante's NintendoMelanieTuesday
MichiganN/AChuck & Larry Happy HourKraigTuesday
MichiganN/AWe're Probably Going to LoseToddTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Humongous MelonheadsColinTuesday
MichiganN/ATwo Pump ChumpsAdamTuesday
MichiganN/ABlitz ball world championsAlexanderTuesday
MichiganN/AYour Trivia Name's Not FunnyJoshTuesday
MichiganN/ATequila MockingbirdDarlaTuesday
MichiganN/AWe TriedLisaTuesday
MichiganN/ALuckless OctopusMeredithTuesday
MichiganN/AMultiple Scoregasms (Augie's)ToddTuesday
MichiganN/ASt. Peter + BenjaminBenTuesday
MichiganN/ABamboozled AgainTimTuesday
MichiganN/ADaddy Wasn't There 🙁AmberTuesday
MichiganN/ATruth BombJoeTuesday
MichiganN/AI Thought This Was Speed DatingAaronTuesday
MichiganN/AMoon piesMorganTuesday
MichiganN/ABruce WillisCaseyTuesday
MichiganN/AWe're Just Guessing (WSBC)VanessaTuesday
MichiganN/ABob Loblaw's Law BlogMikeTuesday
MichiganN/AWild CardDanTuesday
MichiganN/AMad Dogs (Hamlin)JessicaTuesday
MichiganN/ASprinkles Are For WinnersRyanTuesday
MichiganN/A3 legged table dancersMarkTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Village Idiots (Detroit-Peterlin's)TeamTuesday
MichiganN/AWet Dream CatcherSteveTuesday
MichiganN/AChief Running with ScissorsJoshTuesday
MichiganN/AMilk Was A Bad ChoiceErikTuesday
MichiganN/ATom and the LawgineersJoshTuesday
MichiganN/AAnnie's College FundDanaTuesday
MichiganN/ATeach Me How To SnuggieMaxTuesday
MichiganN/ACeltic PrideJasonTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Flying BurritosN/ATuesday
MichiganN/AThe Gingers (Mr.B's)EmilyTuesday
MichiganN/AFish TacosPaulTuesday
MichiganN/ATeam SeaslugMeaganTuesday
MichiganN/ALiquid BreadMichelleTuesday
MichiganN/AAnd That's a GuessSarahTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Trivia Chainsaw MassacreDanaTuesday
MichiganN/ACome At Me BroCathyTuesday
MichiganN/AOur Stearn to WinRyanTuesday
MichiganN/AOne More Time for the People in the BackEmilyTuesday
MichiganN/AUpstairs Hotdog BarCarleeTuesday
MichiganN/ASarah Who?TimTuesday
MichiganN/AWayne "The Brain" MclainEricTuesday
MichiganN/AThe BuzzardsJohnTuesday
MichiganN/ASmarty Pints (patrick J's)TimTuesday
MichiganN/ASpring Time for HitlerSteveTuesday
MichiganN/APup 'n' SudsSeanTuesday
MichiganN/AWilliam Shatner FaceDanTuesday
MichiganN/ATest EaglePatrickTuesday
MichiganN/AAt Least We TriedAndrewTuesday
MichiganN/AHorses's AssZackTuesday
MichiganN/AGive Me A Ping, VasilyMikeTuesday
MichiganN/ADave Is Not The BossDaveTuesday
MichiganN/A3 blondes and a jenLanceTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Filthy NeutralsNathanTuesday
MichiganN/AEmpty Nesters Ann Arbor StyleJodyTuesday
MichiganN/AJet fuel can't melt steel beams (Detroit)JeffTuesday
MichiganN/ASwords for 400JenniferTuesday
MichiganN/AWho are you?CarolynTuesday
MichiganN/AThe no no’sDeniseTuesday
MichiganN/AMy Drinking Team Has A Trivia ProblemBlaineTuesday
MichiganN/AE=MC HammeredSmuckersTuesday
MichiganN/AW.E.B. Dem BoisJakeTuesday
MichiganN/AFire and FurySteveTuesday
MichiganN/ASteam RollersGaryTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Wolverines (BWW)RachelTuesday
MichiganN/APants Off Dance OffTyreeTuesday
MichiganN/AWhy is the rum always gone?HaleyTuesday
MichiganN/ADem IggsKatieTuesday
MichiganN/AEndless Tantric Lovemaking With Bob CostasMakenzieTuesday
MichiganN/AEdmund fitzgeraldJohnTuesday
MichiganN/ASabertooth Crotch CricketsMeghanTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Dropouts (CBW)ChrisTuesday
MichiganN/Alet get tropicaljerudTuesday
MichiganN/ASea CayersGrantTuesday
MichiganN/AWho CaresJesseTuesday
MichiganN/ADon't Forget To Strip Your BartenderNickTuesday
MichiganN/AAbsolute FirecrackersKevinTuesday
MichiganN/ABlaha's Moose KnuckleN/ATuesday
MichiganN/ASuper PantsDebTuesday
MichiganN/AYou're Killing Me SmallsElyseTuesday
MichiganN/AVandelay Industries WoodhavenBrianTuesday
MichiganN/AIf Trivia were easy, it'd be your momBradTuesday
MichiganN/ACanadian BeltbucklesMarkTuesday
MichiganN/ABros KnowsJoshTuesday
MichiganN/ACon ArtistsDrewTuesday
MichiganN/ATrivia Newton JohnMelissaTuesday
MichiganN/AJagged little pill poppersAshleyTuesday
MichiganN/AAmbien made me do itBillTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Baby BringersJaredTuesday
MichiganN/ADespite all my rage, I'm still not Nicholas CageCoreyTuesday
MichiganN/AThere's Pickle Juice in my butsChristineTuesday
MichiganN/ASpaceballs: The Trivia TeamJeremyTuesday
MichiganN/ATeam SmootBrandonTuesday
MichiganN/AKaelin Me SoftlyBillTuesday
MichiganN/AQueers 2 FearEmTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Polish Mafia (Moose MacGregor's)JasonTuesday
MichiganN/ATrebek's Rejects (Hermann's)KarenTuesday
MichiganN/AThe BallzMaTuesday
MichiganN/ARanking WreckersalexandraTuesday
MichiganN/AOff Constantly (Hard Rock Cafe)PeterTuesday
MichiganN/AA Few ShortKathyTuesday
MichiganN/ASuck It Trebek (WoB Canton)ChrisTuesday
MichiganN/ATeam TardigradeMattTuesday
MichiganN/AWin or Lose, We BoozeChrisTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Cat PeopleJoeTuesday
MichiganN/AThink TankTomTuesday
MichiganN/AA reverand, a rabbi, and an atheist walk into a barBradleyTuesday
MichiganN/AThey Fooled Me JerryJohnTuesday
MichiganN/AMy PerogatveRoseannTuesday
MichiganN/AWhat About BobBobTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Nightman Cometh?Tuesday
MichiganN/AYippee-Ki-Yay, Mother FaulknerFrankTuesday
MichiganN/AHug AddictsEdTuesday
MichiganN/AHere For The Beer (Patrick J's)CourtneyTuesday
MichiganN/AComfortably NumbChadTuesday
MichiganN/AWe Drink and We Know Things (JT's)TonyaTuesday
MichiganN/AHoof Hearted (Blarney)AnthonyTuesday
MichiganN/AVending Machine HookersAnnaTuesday
MichiganN/AMoney BadgersMattTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Old Village Idiots?Tuesday
MichiganN/AWise Beyond Our BeersN/ATuesday
MichiganN/AArmy of DrunknessAngelaTuesday
MichiganN/AThe CompoundShaneTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Snails (Detroit)TheresaTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Nerd Herd (Detroit)AshleyTuesday
MichiganN/ATones & the RevolutionAnthonyTuesday
MichiganN/ATruffle Butter (FDBC)AmyTuesday
MichiganN/AEvelyn + Mia =2x the Shitty DiapersKristinTuesday
MichiganN/AWe Should Have Bet ZeroPaigeTuesday
MichiganN/ARobina's NestJosephTuesday
MichiganN/AExcellent EightMeganTuesday
MichiganN/AI thought this was speed datingStephenTuesday
MichiganN/AIs pepsi ok?TravisTuesday
MichiganN/ATeam Redundancy TeamMelindaTuesday
MichiganN/AThis was embarrassingKatieTuesday
MichiganN/AShit We Need a Team NameBenTuesday
MichiganN/ACunning LinguistsJaredTuesday
MichiganN/AMT NestersCoryTuesday
MichiganN/ASelewski Brewski'sCarlTuesday
MichiganN/AW.T.F.-Weird Trivia FriendsRyanTuesday
MichiganN/ATrivia SchmiviaEliTuesday
MichiganN/AThe QuizardsLizTuesday
MichiganN/APost Maloney'sBrandyTuesday
MichiganN/ASherlock H.O.M.E.S.AnnTuesday
MichiganN/AThe WrightiesJamesTuesday
MichiganN/AA Long Shot In The DarkVeronicaTuesday
MichiganN/AWinos (Detroit)AutumnTuesday
MichiganN/AVery Stable Geniuses (Jolly Pumpkin)GeorgeTuesday
MichiganN/ARM 15LeonTuesday
MichiganN/ASomething SpiffyPatrickTuesday
MichiganN/AHold my beer watch thisAJTuesday
MichiganN/AGuys Being DudesMitchTuesday
MichiganN/AOne MoreCarolineTuesday
MichiganN/AI'll Have AnotherKarenTuesday
MichiganN/AThe J Miller BandJoeTuesday
MichiganN/AFoxy McMuffintopsCoreyTuesday
MichiganN/ABread makes you fat?MeganTuesday
MichiganN/ABetter Late Than Pregnant (BWW).Tuesday
MichiganN/AWorld Series Bound TigersAnnelyseTuesday
MichiganN/AHot Mess Express (Ascension)LeanneTuesday
MichiganN/ATuesdays With MoreyChrisTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Geese FightersTammyTuesday
MichiganN/AKenny Loggins and the Danger ZonesMarcTuesday
MichiganN/AReady to RoltschJoshTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Lannister DebtsJasonTuesday
MichiganN/ATaylor Street KhanKristinTuesday
MichiganN/AMonica LewinskiJoeTuesday
MichiganN/AHighland Hit SquadPaisleyTuesday
MichiganN/AStop The Bus & Let My Friend Jack Off (Crow's Nest)MikeTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Good Not Greats!AmyTuesday
MichiganN/ANo Trumps (formerly Cwiakala)PatTuesday
MichiganN/AAbysmal FailuresJenTuesday
MichiganN/A2 Scoops of BoobsLaurenTuesday
MichiganN/AStay GoldenAndrewTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Brandon Inge Funk ExplosionLeeTuesday
MichiganN/AJerry's KidsDavidTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Well-Hung JurorsDonTuesday
MichiganN/ADetroit BeisbolcatsAmyTuesday
MichiganN/AComing Up MillhouseAllieTuesday
MichiganN/APainted TroutKevinTuesday
MichiganN/ARight On TargetJoshuaTuesday
MichiganN/ACalrissian RhapsodyMikeTuesday
MichiganN/AHoly SchlitzMelissaTuesday
MichiganN/ADebautchery aka Fetus GutJoeTuesday
MichiganN/ASparty On (Detroit)KimberlyTuesday
MichiganN/ASo You're Saying There's a ChanceLynseyTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Henry Ford HottiesNathanTuesday
MichiganN/AZombies of Carne EvilEdwardTuesday
MichiganN/ANo Guts, No GloryJeffTuesday
MichiganN/AWe Got SmurfedCarolTuesday
MichiganN/ABeer Makes Me SmartShawnaTuesday
MichiganN/AThree StoogesRyanTuesday
MichiganN/ARachael's Dancing QueensChristopherTuesday
MichiganN/AFlowers of romanceN/ATuesday
MichiganN/ATeam SevenKatieTuesday
MichiganN/AMenace ll Sobriety (WOB)BrandonTuesday
MichiganN/AOff in the CornerChelseaTuesday
MichiganN/AThis is Sparta!KyleTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Brain Quest PosseJayTuesday
MichiganN/APhlynders UnitedEricTuesday
MichiganN/AStephen Hawking's Football BootsJulieTuesday
MichiganN/ABurning SensationsHowardTuesday
MichiganN/ASweater PuppiesEleanorTuesday
MichiganN/AJason Pierre-Paul's Chicken Finger NibblersDougTuesday
MichiganN/ACaliber's CrewKimTuesday
MichiganN/ADad's Buyin'PaulTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Little Engine That Can't EvenAlexTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Slow Rebirth of the Unicorn WhaleBeckyTuesday
MichiganN/AJust Add BeerJoeTuesday
MichiganN/AJack Loves BritneyEricaTuesday
MichiganN/APapa Was A Rolling StoneKathyTuesday
MichiganN/AYour Little SisterMarkTuesday
MichiganN/AJ.R. Pressured Us Into ThisChadTuesday
MichiganN/AOld Spice GirlsRobinTuesday
MichiganN/ABobby ConnsIsaacTuesday
MichiganN/AGo GreenChadTuesday
MichiganN/AI Have Misplaced My PantsStephanieTuesday
MichiganN/AThe ClinkersPerryTuesday
MichiganN/ASgt. Pooper's Lonely Farts ClubBethTuesday
MichiganN/AEl ChupacabrasChaseTuesday
MichiganN/ABooze Knuckles ( patrick J's)DaveTuesday
MichiganN/ASarah's StalkersKellyTuesday
MichiganN/ABeers and BallsDeniseTuesday
MichiganN/AUmbrella PeopleAmyTuesday
MichiganN/AJoey TrivianiChrisTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Brewsual suspects (BAD Brewing)BethTuesday
MichiganN/ANot GearheadsChadTuesday
MichiganN/ATyler & The BoyzShaneTuesday
MichiganN/Aarguably offensiveGaryTuesday
MichiganN/APoto Ergo SumBrentonTuesday
MichiganN/AHey Diddle DiddleDanielleTuesday
MichiganN/AThe FrequencyCarolynTuesday
MichiganN/ADumb BlondesLauraTuesday
MichiganN/APost Grad DrunksMollyTuesday
MichiganN/AOut of Our Street SmartsCaryTuesday
MichiganN/ASpeaking of DicksNickTuesday
MichiganN/AToo Hot to HandlerBethTuesday
MichiganN/ATitanic Swim TeamMoniqueTuesday
MichiganN/AThe walkersMikeTuesday
MichiganN/ADecked OutKeithTuesday
MichiganN/AIdiots doing idiot things because they're idiots.SandersTuesday
MichiganN/AThinking Two HeartedMattTuesday
MichiganN/AMike Pence None the RicherJordanTuesday
MichiganN/ADirty Mike and the Boys(Sticks)AustinTuesday
MichiganN/AI'm With the Beer SnobChrisTuesday
MichiganN/AVeSTigial LimbsBaileyTuesday
MichiganN/AOff in the CornerWendyTuesday
MichiganN/ABoop TroopJessicaTuesday
MichiganN/Alos pollos hermanosAmandaTuesday
MichiganN/ASexual ChocolateJenTuesday
MichiganN/AThe NalepasHannahTuesday
MichiganN/ADumpster FireJeffTuesday
MichiganN/AWin Lose BananaTinaTuesday
MichiganN/AQueef CatchersThomasTuesday
MichiganN/APotent PotablesScottTuesday
MichiganN/AWhitmore Lake WizardsEdTuesday
MichiganN/AGroup W BenchGordonTuesday
MichiganN/AAll i's on Haley's RackDaveTuesday
MichiganN/AWeenie Hut Jr.NickTuesday
MichiganN/AConnor Peterson's Fishin' BuddiesBradTuesday
MichiganN/ADawg PoundKoreyTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Periodic Table Dancers (Ashley's)AlisonTuesday
MichiganN/AA Team Has No Name (Tios)MattTuesday
MichiganN/AWait...this isn't speed dating?XanderTuesday
MichiganN/AGeneration GapJillTuesday
MichiganN/ABorder ColliesGaryTuesday
MichiganN/ARighteous HooligansHannahTuesday
MichiganN/ALow Expectations (GBBC)EmilyTuesday
MichiganN/APuppy KissesJamesTuesday
MichiganN/AHarsha Harsha HarshaHarshaTuesday
MichiganN/ACrazy CruisersJeffTuesday
MichiganN/AReau the BoatBeauTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Macho NachosTomTuesday
MichiganN/ANick at Trivia Nite.Tuesday
MichiganN/AOur Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem(Rumkins)JakeTuesday
MichiganN/AWhat about Zoidberg?TheodoreTuesday
MichiganN/ASpooning Leads to Forking (WM)MarkTuesday
MichiganN/AShooting for PenultimateStuartTuesday
MichiganN/ANice Game Pretty BoyMatthewTuesday
MichiganN/AExceptional Night VisionScottTuesday
MichiganN/ASmarter Than We LookBeccaTuesday
MichiganN/AStreet Smarts!GregTuesday
MichiganN/ACaptain Bob & the Mean GirlsBobTuesday
MichiganN/AYou're A Quizzard, Harry (Hangar)MichaelTuesday
MichiganN/ABoston PubliqueMikeTuesday
MichiganN/AMy Dog Ate My Trivia SheetKaylaTuesday
MichiganN/AQuiz In My JortsNathanTuesday
MichiganN/APolish MafiaSamTuesday
MichiganN/AWe're Just Here For The Beer (Detroit)KatherineTuesday
MichiganN/AArm the childrenFrankTuesday
MichiganN/AThe Lucky 3 (TS Novi)BeckyTuesday
MichiganN/ABeef SupremeSteveTuesday
MichiganN/ATrivia And Relative Drinking In SpaceJessicaTuesday
MichiganN/AJam 'N' JellyTrevorTuesday
MichiganN/AA creative team nameNickTuesday
MichiganN/AWoefully UnpreparedN/ATuesday
MichiganN/AMoose KnucklesMarkWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Tawdry HepburnsKateWednesday
MichiganN/AI Honestly Don't CareRachelWednesday
MichiganN/AHang in there, KittyJenniferWednesday
MichiganN/ASuck it TrebekShaeWednesday
MichiganN/AGood to See You MichaelJessicaWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Kim'sKimWednesday
MichiganN/AThe SophistsStephenWednesday
MichiganN/AHathaway HacksCathyWednesday
MichiganN/AJust here for the beerAndrewWednesday
MichiganN/ABumble and the beesDenisWednesday
MichiganN/ADrew PeacocksRobinWednesday
MichiganN/A5000 candles in the windBeckyWednesday
MichiganN/AC's Get DegreesMichaelWednesday
MichiganN/Apeas above stickMichaelWednesday
MichiganN/AJal-ap-eño BusinessKenWednesday
MichiganN/AI, Too, Did Crimes With Paul ManafortSteveWednesday
MichiganN/AI Turened Myself Into a Pickle and 9/11 Was An Inside JobCraigWednesday
MichiganN/AWE ARE A TEAMNickWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Lauren TeamJeffWednesday
MichiganN/AFuckin Slayer BruhJustinWednesday
MichiganN/AMorgan's Free Men & WomenGraceWednesday
MichiganN/ADrewski's Brewski'sAndrewWednesday
MichiganN/AMoist FloppageMatthewWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Saryl'sSarahWednesday
MichiganN/ABarbra Barbra StreisandPatrickWednesday
MichiganN/AHo DawgsGraceWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam Awesome(BBB)?Wednesday
MichiganN/ADumb SkunksRichardWednesday
MichiganN/ASmart CookiesBrianWednesday
MichiganN/AMediocre at Best (W. Mich)JessWednesday
MichiganN/ATwo BoltRobinWednesday
MichiganN/AAll in the FamilyDawnWednesday
MichiganN/ASoulja Boi Owes Me $10TrevorWednesday
MichiganN/ABed PugsChelseaWednesday
MichiganN/ABulletproof nachosJamesWednesday
MichiganN/AIt's This Or Family TherapyJeffreyWednesday
MichiganN/AGuy's GuysRyanWednesday
MichiganN/AMy Coworkers Make Me DrinkJosephWednesday
MichiganN/AWho's Wine is it Anyway?JulieWednesday
MichiganN/AAfternoon DelightAmandaWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Motherfucking SorcersMadisonWednesday
MichiganN/ASuper EaglesChrisWednesday
MichiganN/ABorn To Runner-UpJackWednesday
MichiganN/AWe Know A LatteKarissaWednesday
MichiganN/ADirty DogsTomWednesday
MichiganN/AHolden's PhoniesJasonWednesday
MichiganN/AHey Where Ya Been?SamuelWednesday
MichiganN/AComo Esta, Bitches?!SuzanneWednesday
MichiganN/ALos HermanosPaulWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam Mott & OthersScottWednesday
MichiganN/AWe Drink and Sometimes We Know ThingsSandroWednesday
MichiganN/ASpring BrokeLukeWednesday
MichiganN/AF FestChrisWednesday
MichiganN/AWeenies (Shorty's)DonWednesday
MichiganN/AWe Drink & We Know ThingsKellyWednesday
MichiganN/AHabitual Line SteppersLaurenWednesday
MichiganN/AClydes Bait ShopGordonWednesday
MichiganN/Airon creek crusherstomWednesday
MichiganN/Ajive fiveashleyWednesday
MichiganN/ACell Phone BanditsBrittanyWednesday
MichiganN/AMy Couch Pulls Out But I Don't(Sticks)EricWednesday
MichiganN/ATequila Mockingbird (Claddagh)?Wednesday
MichiganN/AQuizinors of Azkaban.Wednesday
MichiganN/AQuizzin' on a PrayerKennyWednesday
MichiganN/AIll CommunicatorsSceamacWednesday
MichiganN/AThe loser squadJessicaWednesday
MichiganN/AThe SubmartingalesDanielWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Doob TrainJonWednesday
MichiganN/ARic Flair's Nature BoysAlexWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Maureen Ponderosa Wedding MassacreSunrilWednesday
MichiganN/ARiggity Riggity WreckedGregWednesday
MichiganN/AGo Blue x2SWednesday
MichiganN/AShake and Bake (Detroit)BrianWednesday
MichiganN/ASlap-a-da-Base- Mon-Beeg-Tyme!SethWednesday
MichiganN/AWhere's Trey?JodyWednesday
MichiganN/ALevel One DramaMaggieWednesday
MichiganN/ACompton CoolerSamWednesday
MichiganN/AThe SprocketsNicoleWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Well HungariansRickWednesday
MichiganN/AA Tribe Called QuestionNoahWednesday
MichiganN/APoo Poo Diaper BabiesDavidWednesday
MichiganN/ACan I Get A Beer In This Shitbox?AnthonyWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Goat (Detroit Burger Bar)AshleighWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam Discovery Channel (WOB)AdrianWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Beerstein BearsPamelaWednesday
MichiganN/AHey! What's That?KevinWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Spirit FingerKevinWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam PaceyMarkWednesday
MichiganN/AIrish CoyotesSueWednesday
MichiganN/AThe BrewskisChadWednesday
MichiganN/AHazeltucky TruckersJohnWednesday
MichiganN/AStephen M. RossKapilWednesday
MichiganN/AYou've Been Kris KlinedKrisWednesday
MichiganN/ATrey Likes Soft DessertsLizWednesday
MichiganN/ADown w/ Paul ReiserAlexWednesday
MichiganN/AThe trivia newton johnsDonaldWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Steadman'sJacobWednesday
MichiganN/AQuasi in RemjobCarleyWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam FinnBrianWednesday
MichiganN/ANic Cage and the BeesMeganWednesday
MichiganN/ATry AgainDavidWednesday
MichiganN/ASuck it Trebek (Woodhaven)EllenWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Roman EmpireJeffWednesday
MichiganN/AOn That Note...BrendanWednesday
MichiganN/AKony 2020KyleWednesday
MichiganN/ARamrod(Grand Tavern Farmington Hills)RobertWednesday
MichiganN/ADon't Chase the DragonAhmadWednesday
MichiganN/AQuizteama Aguilera(Detroit).Wednesday
MichiganN/AYer a Quizzard Harry!LakersWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Game of High DramaSteveWednesday
MichiganN/ASimple MindsClaireWednesday
MichiganN/ABuy Things Not PeopleSteveWednesday
MichiganN/ADan's ClanBrianWednesday
MichiganN/ABrain ChemistryKrystynaWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Ruff RydersStevenWednesday
MichiganN/AGoof TroopDanielWednesday
MichiganN/ALowered Expectations (WSBC)CatWednesday
MichiganN/APine GroveAleciaWednesday
MichiganN/APickleball FanaticsSarahWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Short Bus SuperstarsTannerWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Book ClubAbbyWednesday
MichiganN/AAssistants to the Regional ManagerMarthaWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam FlutterbyBeckyWednesday
MichiganN/AKaren I Miss the Kids Please Come Back I Love YouMikeWednesday
MichiganN/ASocially OddishVivianWednesday
MichiganN/AClear Minds, Full Beers, Can't LoseStaceyWednesday
MichiganN/AForget the Score, I'm Keeping the PenPhilWednesday
MichiganN/AEarl and Co.JimWednesday
MichiganN/AAndys Twisted SisterAndrewWednesday
MichiganN/AGargle mcbuttchugAdamWednesday
MichiganN/AEverybody Pants Now!DavidWednesday
MichiganN/ACool RunningsKateWednesday
MichiganN/AJust for FunAdamWednesday
MichiganN/A1.21 Jigga WattsN/AWednesday
MichiganN/ASexy UglyN/AWednesday
MichiganN/ACluster FluxIlseWednesday
MichiganN/AZebra AttackSeanWednesday
MichiganN/APepsi Dew BeerMikeWednesday
MichiganN/AWe Drink and We Know Things (Ypsi)LisaWednesday
MichiganN/AIce Cream AntisocialRandallWednesday
MichiganN/ADead Mans CurveDaveWednesday
MichiganN/AKatie's on the couch (C's Rejects)KatieWednesday
MichiganN/AMy BaronasJulieWednesday
MichiganN/AArt Thou Feeling it Now, Mr Krabs?MagicWednesday
MichiganN/APrune TracyShuffledWednesday
MichiganN/ADepartment Of Redundancy DepartmentKyleWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Drunken MonkeysCodyWednesday
MichiganN/AHey! You in the back!MadelineWednesday
MichiganN/AE=MC HammerKristiWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Traditionally AttractiveVictoriaWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Phenol CountdownKirstenWednesday
MichiganN/AWho CaresKristenWednesday
MichiganN/ANerd FarmJenniferWednesday
MichiganN/A4 Hundred & 20 MeatballsMarianneWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam QuizingtonBrianWednesday
MichiganN/ABeer NerdsVerbalWednesday
MichiganN/AI Thought That This Was Speed Dating (BBB)KevinWednesday
MichiganN/ADick Cheyney's Hunting ClubBenWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Control GroupAnnaWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam HaniAmyWednesday
MichiganN/AThe DopesCateWednesday
MichiganN/AJerry's BeardAndrewWednesday
MichiganN/AOne Black CoffeeJustinWednesday
MichiganN/A2 clapsmikeWednesday
MichiganN/AThe SibsLoriWednesday
MichiganN/AHawaii 5-0-NoChaseWednesday
MichiganN/AMenace II SocietyVictoriaWednesday
MichiganN/ADesignated DrinkersPatWednesday
MichiganN/ABeer Me FiveMichaelWednesday
MichiganN/ABuchanan FauxhawksJulietteWednesday
MichiganN/AKenosha Kickers(Fraser's)SeanWednesday
MichiganN/AGuaranteed BuybackSarahWednesday
MichiganN/ALegalize Ranch (Detroit)FirstWednesday
MichiganN/AMaisy's MobJoshWednesday
MichiganN/ADetroit FistonsJaceWednesday
MichiganN/ABring back that LeRoy Brown!EmilyWednesday
MichiganN/AThe KnackNickWednesday
MichiganN/AQuiz in my Pants (Freddy's)HollyWednesday
MichiganN/AMenace II SobrietyMenaceWednesday
MichiganN/A2 Science Guys and a Library LadyKristenWednesday
MichiganN/ATrivia Newton John (Mancino's)HannahWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Pen 15 Club (Grand Tavern Livonia)LucyWednesday
MichiganN/AFur FlabThomasWednesday
MichiganN/ASee You Next ... TriviaReneeWednesday
MichiganN/A9 Inch Males (Territorial)ScottWednesday
MichiganN/AWhat The Fork?KelseyWednesday
MichiganN/AJoe Buck YourselfJohnWednesday
MichiganN/AYour MomKyleWednesday
MichiganN/AIn first place with 5,000 pointsMatthewWednesday
MichiganN/AExtra MediumToddWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam 8TomWednesday
MichiganN/AAbove Below AverageKatWednesday
MichiganN/AIcy Hot Arthritis Rub All-StarsDeborahWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam Awesome (Brady's)JosephWednesday
MichiganN/AHappy DaysCarolynWednesday
MichiganN/AThe SimpsonsAnthonyWednesday
MichiganN/AFor Whomst'd've The Bell TollsNicholasWednesday
MichiganN/AMénage à TroisNicholasWednesday
MichiganN/AWhite People Renovating HousesAshleyWednesday
MichiganN/ADumb and DumberMarisaWednesday
MichiganN/AAnd in 1st PlaceJenniferWednesday
MichiganN/AKitten MittonsDarrenWednesday
MichiganN/ATrebek's RejectsElizabethWednesday
MichiganN/ATrivial Pursuit of DrinksTonyWednesday
MichiganN/ASalt N PepaJeremyWednesday
MichiganN/ACoup degrassi highRayWednesday
MichiganN/ALow Expectations (Ellison)ZachWednesday
MichiganN/APulling the Answers Out of Our AsshaleyWednesday
MichiganN/AThose Aren't PillowsDoeWednesday
MichiganN/AStormy KromersN/AWednesday
MichiganN/AFighting Mongooses(Jet's)DoeWednesday
MichiganN/ALola BombCarrieWednesday
MichiganN/ATeam FubarChuckWednesday
MichiganN/ALee Schauman: Professional Roller DancerMathewWednesday
MichiganN/AWe Drink and We Know ThingsEricWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Matt with the Dragon TattooMattWednesday
MichiganN/ABev & DottieJoeyWednesday
MichiganN/ATables Have TurnedTimWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Keno Guys & GalsMikeWednesday
MichiganN/ASteve Buscemi Fan ClubPaigeWednesday
MichiganN/A3 MusketbeersAlexWednesday
MichiganN/AFly on the WallEdWednesday
MichiganN/AAaron BurrTaylorWednesday
MichiganN/ABAMF (Ann Arbor)ScottWednesday
MichiganN/ADestinees ChildKevinWednesday
MichiganN/AThe help deskLoriWednesday
MichiganN/ABad Mom's (Brady's)RachelWednesday
MichiganN/AGuaranteed 8thKenWednesday
MichiganN/ANight OutJacobWednesday
MichiganN/AThe RU ScrewMarkWednesday
MichiganN/AThe WumbologistsJayWednesday
MichiganN/ADon't Ask Us We Just Work HereKimberlyWednesday
MichiganN/AThe Jar is Half FullSteveWednesday
MichiganN/AWe Don't Need A Team NameJoshWednesday
MichiganN/A2 ligit 2 quitjohnWednesday
MichiganN/AHump Day HeroesJoeWednesday
MichiganN/AFirst LosersCaseyWednesday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ Blue Door UniversitySixes At BestRobMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Wyatt's Twisted AmericanaKelRogKellyMonday
MinnesotaThursdays @ New Bohemia-UptownKneel Before ZodJennyMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ New BohemiaI Am Sparta-guessJohnMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ New Bohemia-UptownBeer, Brats, Battlestar GalacticaZachMonday
MinnesotaMondays @ Blue Door UniversitySixes At BestRobMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ New BohemiaThreat Level MidnightDavidMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Lago TacosPunk Ass Book JockeysJakeMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ HeadFlyer BrewingMystery Science Trivia 3000JimMonday
MinnesotaFridays @ New BohemiaToro RossoBrettMonday
MinnesotaFridays @ New BohemiaChristmas ApeLaurenMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ JJ's Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill...As is TraditionDanMonday
MinnesotaMondays @ Delicata PizzeriaNacho WinMikeMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Cherokee TavernThe Super BitchCyndiMonday
MinnesotaMondays @ Blue Door Lyn-LakeBatman and Rum(MN)JonathanMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ Blue Door Lyn-LakeQuizlamic State (New Bo Uptown)AugustMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Carbone's Kitchen & PubPav’s Epic DeuceDonMonday
MinnesotaMondays @ Town Hall BreweryJebediahBobMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Stray DogA Night to RememberBrentMonday
MinnesotaThursdays @ Cowboy Jack'sMystery Science Trivia 3000JimMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Rounders Sports Bar & GrillRoadKillMarcMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ Fulton BrewingReal Housewives of Minneapolis Featuring: RobSpruhaMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Back Channel Brewing CompanyIsland KidsIanMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ Urban Growler Brewing Co.Donkey Schlong CountryMarkMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Cargo Food AuthorityOld BohemiaJulieMonday
MinnesotaMondays @ Cargo Food AuthorityLast Week's WinnersEllenMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ Bus Stop Burgers & BrewhouseCan't Stop Us MeowDanMonday
MinnesotaThursdays @ Bus Stop Burgers & BrewhouseCan't Stop Us MeowDanMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Boathouse Brothers BrewingHouse Divided (Minnesota)BlakeMonday
MinnesotaMondays @ BlackStack BrewingDonkey Schlong CountryMarkMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ Blue Door LongfellowUngrateful Biotch HotlineErinMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ GroundswellThe Order of the PhoenixBeccaMonday
MinnesotaThursdays @ New Bohemia-NortheastRude BoisKenzieMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ Pub 55Skydiving GrandmasJohnMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ TGI Friday'sShiny Side UpCandyMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ McHugh's Public HouseMcHughie Lewis & The NewsdmhardziMonday
MinnesotaMondays @ Heartbreaker's Bar & GrillWe're Just Here For The BeerPaulMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Biff's Sports Bar & GrillI'm only here to establish my alibiMattMonday
MinnesotaTuesdays @ New Bohemia-Northeastmandatory phactcinationsAlexMonday
MinnesotaThursdays @ TGI Friday'sMAK AttackAmberMonday
MinnesotaMondays @ Shamrocks Irish Nookshim shamgeorgeMonday
MinnesotaWednesdays @ Office Pub & GrillWhat's a Queef?JeffMonday
MinnesotaMondays @ Outtakes Bar & GrillOh God, how did I get here? I'm bad at triviaAndreaMonday
MinnesotaThursdays @ New BohemiaIN DOG BEERS WE'VE ONLY HAD ONEAntonMonday
MinnesotaN/AGolden SnitchesTaraTuesday
MinnesotaN/AHere for the Beer (Minnesota)B.Tuesday
MinnesotaN/AThe UnknownCordtTuesday
MinnesotaN/AAlt. FactsWillTuesday
MinnesotaN/AJames and the SaltinesHannahTuesday
MinnesotaN/ATaylor Swift Kick to the Face!BrandonTuesday
MinnesotaN/AWater ScienceSteveTuesday
MinnesotaN/ACobra Kai Dojo (Biff's)HarleyTuesday
MinnesotaN/ASipper + A CrêpeAlexTuesday
MinnesotaN/AAxis of KnowledgeBrittTuesday
MinnesotaN/ARebel Scum (Minnesota)CraigTuesday
MinnesotaN/AHe Man Woman.... Respecters ClubJessicaTuesday
MinnesotaN/AThe Oneders(MN)KeithTuesday
MinnesotaN/AThe VibraslapsJohnTuesday
MinnesotaN/AMorgan Freeman’s Semen DemonsAngieTuesday
MinnesotaN/ARounders FloundersTheTuesday
MinnesotaN/AHappy AccidentsMartinTuesday
MinnesotaN/ADirate PiratesNoahTuesday
MinnesotaN/ASecond BreakfastBrentTuesday
MinnesotaN/ARabble RabbleFirstTuesday
MinnesotaN/AWhitney Houston We Have a ProblemEricTuesday
MinnesotaN/ANicole & Pink FlamingoBernadetteTuesday
MinnesotaN/AKid Can't Even ReadKellyTuesday
MinnesotaN/AAsk Us About Our CatsGabrielleTuesday
MinnesotaN/ATotes InnappropesSteveTuesday
MinnesotaN/AAverage JoesBryannaTuesday
MinnesotaN/AMentally AledKyleTuesday
MinnesotaN/ABetter Lucky than GoodGarrettTuesday
MinnesotaN/AYes I'm Serious and Don't Call Me ShirleyBryanTuesday
MinnesotaN/ATennis For DummiesJamesTuesday
MinnesotaN/ABed Bath & BeyonceBryanTuesday
MinnesotaN/AMonday Nights with KristinSaraTuesday
MinnesotaN/AWe're (Slightly Above) Average!KarlTuesday
MinnesotaN/ADirty Mary Crazy Larry and TomLarryTuesday
MinnesotaN/ASlop Trough!JoeTuesday
MinnesotaN/ATrebek's RejectsRyanTuesday
MinnesotaN/AQuiz and QuaffRileyTuesday
MinnesotaN/AMoon ButtsCailinTuesday
MinnesotaN/ATeam 6TianaTuesday
MinnesotaN/AYR FaceMichaelTuesday
MinnesotaN/APrairie Dog Fight ClubJackTuesday
MinnesotaN/ATaft Dat Ass: Big Willie StyleNickTuesday
MinnesotaN/ASmitty Bacall & The Smitty Bacall GangLouTuesday
MinnesotaN/AThe F.I. TeamMarlaTuesday
MinnesotaN/AHenry Rollings (He Will Be Missed)HenryTuesday
MinnesotaN/AThe GaysJoanTuesday
MinnesotaN/AI've Made A Terrible MistakeJonahTuesday
MinnesotaN/ASpy Kidz 3DNickTuesday
MinnesotaN/AQuizney PixarKTTuesday
MinnesotaN/AM & M (New Bohemia Roseville)MaryTuesday
MinnesotaN/ABrew Haus?Tuesday
MinnesotaN/AUno DosKristenTuesday
MinnesotaN/ABimbo SwagginsBrianTuesday
MinnesotaN/AThe Jammie DodgersDomTuesday
MinnesotaN/AOn the Next Episode of 64 Square FeetAshleyTuesday
MinnesotaN/AVegan Meat RaffleWillWednesday
MinnesotaN/A2008 Detroit LionsDanWednesday
MinnesotaN/AWe'll Have a Better Name Next WeekLanceWednesday
MinnesotaN/AQuarter Life CrisisNickWednesday
MinnesotaN/ALil Turkey MuffinsCrystalWednesday
MinnesotaN/ASnakes with Human TraitsMeganWednesday
MinnesotaN/ASummer CrushNatalieWednesday
MinnesotaN/ABrains and BabesLeahWednesday
MinnesotaN/ATeam VoldemortDanWednesday
MinnesotaN/AScott's Tots (New Bo)GavinWednesday
MinnesotaN/AE = MC HammeredTimWednesday
MinnesotaN/AScarecrow Boat (TGIF)NinoWednesday
MinnesotaN/AKnickers OpenBetsyWednesday
MinnesotaN/AMud HensGaryWednesday
MinnesotaN/ASteamed hamsEthanWednesday
MinnesotaN/AQuiz In My Pants(Shamrock's)emilyWednesday
MinnesotaN/AScott's TotsDerrickWednesday
MinnesotaN/ALow ExpectationsRachaelWednesday
MinnesotaN/AUptown GirlsAlexWednesday
MinnesotaN/ADeath by Pink SockSteveWednesday
MinnesotaN/AJesus, Party Of 12MaxWednesday
MinnesotaN/AWe're Probably CheatingZachWednesday
MinnesotaN/AThe Larrys (Minnesota)SamWednesday
MinnesotaN/AOh Henry's Fan ClubMarcyWednesday
MinnesotaN/A2 Girls & a BarElizabethWednesday
MinnesotaN/ALittle BusNicWednesday
MinnesotaN/AAcadia National ParkNickWednesday
MinnesotaN/AMouse RatJoshWednesday
MinnesotaN/AMinnesota MomsAprilWednesday
MinnesotaN/AThree Hodors DownPiyushWednesday
MinnesotaN/ABubble Butt BusterTimWednesday
MinnesotaN/ABoo BerriesTroyWednesday
MinnesotaN/AThe One-Eyed Wonder Weasels and Their Two BallsSamWednesday
MinnesotaN/AJack's GalsDonnaWednesday
MinnesotaN/ATornado RexKimberlyWednesday
MinnesotaN/ATeam 4 (Blue Door Longfellow)MaxWednesday
MinnesotaN/AA Team Has No NameJoAnnWednesday
MinnesotaN/AThe Glip GlopsMaxWednesday
MinnesotaN/Awhen I die, please delete my browser historyMikeWednesday
MinnesotaN/AFellowship of the WingsDanielWednesday
MinnesotaN/ATeam Name 2: Electric BoogalooJoeWednesday
MinnesotaN/AJake's TeamJakeyWednesday
MinnesotaN/AWe thought this was speed datingDevenyWednesday
MinnesotaN/AMatchies With BooRachelWednesday
MinnesotaN/AMy Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem (Blue Door U.)KatieWednesday
MinnesotaN/AAlternative FactsAllysonWednesday
MinnesotaN/AWho touched da butt?SarahWednesday
MinnesotaN/AWhat Happened to One RepublicKelWednesday
MinnesotaN/AComo CommandosJudyWednesday
MinnesotaN/AChillis CrewLeslieWednesday
MinnesotaN/ARocket MenReillyWednesday
MinnesotaN/AThe Yeti Education CommitteeHannahWednesday
MinnesotaN/ASigourney's Beaver (HeadFlyer)BrianWednesday
MinnesotaN/AIt Burns When I TriviaCoryWednesday
MinnesotaN/AT MoneyTylerWednesday
MinnesotaN/AAir BudweiserIanWednesday
New YorkWednesdays @ Doyle's CornerTeam DoogieSteveMonday
New YorkFridays @ Bridges Bar EastRunoverMaureenMonday
North CarolinaTuesdays @ The Pub at GatewayWe StinkJohnMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Endeavor Brewing CompanyMuggsy BoguesRyanMonday
OhioTuesdays @ TD's Tailgate GrillRattled & RecklessAliceMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsPortugal, The ArtichokeSteveMonday
OhioThursdays @ BrazenheadMeatloaf MafiaAnthonyMonday
OhioSaturdays @ Ralphie'sSmarty Pints (Ralphie's Toledo)ErikMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Harry BuffaloFOR TEN POINTSGREGMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Hamilton's PubA Team Has No Name (Hamilton's Pub)N/AMonday
OhioTuesdays @ The Blarney Stone TavernCheesdicksPhilipMonday
OhioTuesdays @ The WalrusTorgoRobertMonday
OhioThursdays @ The District PourHouseI did not have international relations with that countrySevilMonday
OhioThursdays @ Jed's Barbecue & BrewGreat Minds Drink AlikeLexiMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Jed's Barbecue & BrewTesla's Polar BearPhilMonday
OhioTuesdays @ On Tap Grille & BarScotty Doesn't KnowChadMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Game TimeBogartN/AMonday
OhioMondays @ The District PourHouseFling It Like A MonkeyJMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Maize Valley Winery & Craft BreweryTaxidermied CatsMeganMonday
OhioMondays @ Firehouse Grille & PubThe Polymath PangolinsNicoleMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Black Cloister Brewing Co.Loopdy LoopsJamesMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Doc'sBears, Beets, Battlestar GalacticaTimMonday
OhioThursdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsPortugal, The ArtichokeSteveMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Eddie J's GrilleNapoleon DynoMiteJeffMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Kevin O’Bryan’sParticipation Trophy WivesKaleMonday
OhioThursdays @ Ralphie'ssherlock homies (Ralphie's Galion)kellyMonday
OhioThursdays @ Twisted CitrusBig Red MachineHeatherMonday
OhioWednesdays @ The Noisy OysterWith OurselvesLexMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Barrel on High21 Pontius PilatesJonathanMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Pizza (216)Bastard Sons of Alex TrebekKyleMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Hooley House Sports Pub & GrilleMadden FactorLuAnneMonday
OhioTuesdays @ County Line Bar & GrillSheep R UsJeffMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsJust here 4 the beerRichardMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Sidelines Sports Eatery & PubEnnuiJosephMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Old 30 BBQCOOL CRABSLISAMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Happy Moose Bar & GrillDunder MifflinJarettMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Pretentious Barrel HouseThere's No I in DenialEricMonday
OhioSaturdays @ Route 64 Pub & GrubTalk Nerdy To Me(Toledo)LaurieMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Jed's BBQ & BrewPebbles on IcePhilMonday
OhioThursdays @ BOMBA Tacos & RumTHE MERE CATSLIAMMonday
OhioThursdays @ BOMBA Tacos & RumDeath to MingChrisMonday
OhioThursdays @ McArthur's Brew HouseThe Best Friends GangClaireMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsPluto is a planet.....JoshuaMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsIt’s Not Hoarding If It’s BooksMandyMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsUSA Curling TeamKevinMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Chives GrilleLlama sausage pickleLeeshaMonday
OhioWednesdays @ The Daily Growler German VillageThe Well Hung JuryCalvinMonday
OhioWednesdays @ The Daily Growler Upper ArlingtonFling It Like A MonkeyJMonday
OhioSundays @ Panini's Bar & GrillStu's CrewJohnMonday
OhioTuesdays @ RAM Restaurant & BreweryOhana Means FamilyDanMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Akronym BrewingBiff McGriffBeckyMonday
OhioWednesdays @ The Draft Roompurple monkey dishwasherChrisMonday
OhioThursdays @ Venice CafeBar NerdsDanMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Hooley House Sports Pub & GrilleThe Shit PuppetsMichaelMonday
OhioThursdays @ Baxter's BarDaily DoubleDerekMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Ignite Brewing CompanyTurd FergusonsAllisonMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Twin Oast BrewingMac HinesDougMonday
OhioThursdays @ Granite City Food & BreweryZip-Up HoodieBrianMonday
OhioThursdays @ The Casual PintGarden GnomesSaraMonday
OhioThursdays @ CleatsTribe of Thirsty PenguinsSteveMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Johnny J's Pub & GrilleA Bugs LifeJeffMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Johnny J's Pub & Grille - Portage LakesLes Quizerables(NEO)ChrisMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Johnny J's Pub & Grille - SpringfieldPink TrianglesPaitonMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Johnny J's Pub & Grille - ValleyNice Marmot (NEO)MatthewMonday
OhioMondays @ Danny BoysDirty MartinisRandyMonday
OhioThursdays @ Danny Boys (Broadview Heights)BeelzebubLauraMonday
OhioThursdays @ Canton Brewing CompanyBig Red MachineHeatherMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Prost Beer & Wine CafeBabes and the BrainAmyMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsFour Horns (ALbw3neo)wesMonday
OhioFridays @ The Original Steaks and HoagiesThe MavericksVictoriaMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Missing Falls BreweryTurd Ferguson(BWW Kent)SteffiMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Barrel & Boar BBQ GastropubThe MerchandiseKatieMonday
OhioThursdays @ BOMBA Tacos & RumPotter puppet palsCatherineMonday
OhioThursdays @ Rm. 727 GastropubScrew ASUDerekMonday
OhioFridays @ Spaghetti WarehouseTwo Scientists Walk Into a Bar (Game Time)RonMonday
OhioSundays @ The Casual PintA.J. CressAaronMonday
OhioTuesdays @ The Stubborn Brother Pizza BarYou're Killin Me ManJohnMonday
OhioSundays @ Dexter’sAmish Rake FightBradMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Meyers Landing Bar & Grill$600 PantsN/AMonday
OhioThursdays @ Jed'sThe Regulars (Bunker Bar)JeffMonday
OhioThursdays @ Eugene's CanteenMuggsy BoguesRyanMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsGym Class HerosBenMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsflyngblndEarlMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Buffalo Wild Wings$600 PantsN/AMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsFiesta at Frankie'sNickMonday
OhioThursdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsBill & Ted's Excellent Trivia TeamMikeMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsI am groot canalschrisMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsOldtimersN/AMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Harmon's PubBoat DrinksMattMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Harry BuffaloBearded LadiesDaveMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Dano's Lakeside PubCari CrewCariMonday
OhioTuesdays @ On TapInebriatiKatieMonday
OhioMondays @ TD's Tailgate GrillGlitterBrianMonday
OhioMondays @ Blarney Irish PubThe Under AchieversZachMonday
OhioThursdays @ Doc Watson’sOne of America's Great Trivia TeamsRachelMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Dorr St CafeDennis and the City BoyzRegisMonday
OhioWednesdays @ El Camino RealBrew MastersPatrickMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Home Slice PizzaPopeyeDanMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Next Door Pub & GrubGreat Minds Drink AlikeLexiMonday
OhioThursdays @ Ralphie'sDong VolumeEricMonday
OhioSaturdays @ Ralphie'sAA (Toledo)MikeMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Ralphie'sNice Marmot(Toledo)JamieMonday
OhioFridays @ Ralphie'sShoot First, Ask Christian SlaterB.Monday
OhioTuesdays @ Sidelines IIFrank Venner's All StarsBradMonday
OhioWednesdays @ SidelinesJust Here For The CamaraderieRyanMonday
OhioMondays @ SwigFinancial PanthersDavidMonday
OhioThursdays @ Great Black Swamp BrewingYes! Yes! Yes!DaveMonday
OhioTuesdays @ The Stones ThrowWhat would Brian Boytano Do?MikeMonday
OhioFridays @ SidelinesThe Jizz Free FicuslisaMonday
OhioSundays @ The Stones ThrowBEERS FOR FEARSMarlenaMonday
OhioThursdays @ The Stones ThrowBad SportsRobMonday
OhioWednesdays @ On TapTeam Poopy Butt ScratchDMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Paddy JacksLittle MadnessMarkMonday
OhioTuesdays @ Mulligan's TavernNation of DominationChrisMonday
OhioMondays @ Great Black Swamp BrewingBEERS FOR FEARSMarlenaMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Buffalo Wild WingsTrouser TrollsCharlesMonday
OhioSaturdays @ On TapI'm Not Crazy, My Mother Had Me Tested!MichelleMonday
OhioThursdays @ Local ThymeT Squared (Toledo)SusanMonday
OhioThursdays @ Cleats#teamfruitJennyMonday
OhioThursdays @ J. Dublin's Pour HouseProgressively DrunkerWilliamMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Burgers 2 BeerZimsRichardMonday
OhioWednesdays @ Bellacino's Pizza & GrindersBlue Barracudas(Bellacino's)MelissaMonday
OhioThursdays @ Black Cloister Brewing Co.The Under AchieversZachMonday
OhioN/APretentious IdiotsJeremiahTuesday
OhioN/ANon Critical ThinkersStevenTuesday
OhioN/AFish in the TowerSpencerTuesday
OhioN/ATeam ARMRyanTuesday
OhioN/ASporcs & KnivesSusanTuesday
OhioN/AThe ConundrumsBob and JenTuesday
OhioN/AFeelin' DangerousKerriTuesday
OhioN/AThe MinionsMikeyTuesday
OhioN/ADon’t Stump Me NowRyanTuesday
OhioN/AThis is Howie do itSaundraTuesday
OhioN/AI.P. FreelyMikeTuesday
OhioN/AHan & ChewieBrianTuesday
OhioN/A8 BallJasonTuesday
OhioN/A3 Idiots (NEO)JeremyTuesday
OhioN/ADrink Apple Juice. OJ Will Kill YouWillTuesday
OhioN/AUnhappy CampersDanTuesday
OhioN/AThe GlassmenJamesTuesday
OhioN/ATonsil PaintAdamTuesday
OhioN/ARunnin' on MTtomTuesday
OhioN/AMy Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem (Toledo-HomeSlice)AndrewTuesday
OhioN/ABreakfast and ColeslawCalebTuesday
OhioN/APlease Sit With UsNateTuesday
OhioN/AThe Brad Pitt Book ClubColleenTuesday
OhioN/AK2 (Squared)KTuesday
OhioN/Amax betbradTuesday
OhioN/ATale of Two TablesKathrynTuesday
OhioN/ATo Be FairBobTuesday
OhioN/AThe Inebriated GentlemenChuckTuesday
OhioN/ATrivial HirsuiteShaneTuesday
OhioN/AIs Mayonnaise an Instrument?MoonTuesday
OhioN/ASo You're Saying There's a ChanceCalebTuesday
OhioN/ABooshay LatteBrandonTuesday
OhioN/AProgressivly DrunkerTomTuesday
OhioN/ATeam AteTylerTuesday
OhioN/AAmigos, Win or LoseBobTuesday
OhioN/ATwo Broads, A Boy, & A BabyStaciTuesday
OhioN/AThat's What She Said (Mulligan's)HeatherTuesday
OhioN/AWe Suck at KenoJamieTuesday
OhioN/AHere 4 the Beer (Canton)RachaelTuesday
OhioN/ADas KnutsakJonTuesday
OhioN/AThe Loners?Tuesday
OhioN/AWe Thought This Was Speed Dating (Cleats)MelissaTuesday
OhioN/AFrack Ditches, Make MoneyMartinTuesday
OhioN/AVery Stable Geniuses (Ralphie's)AaronTuesday
OhioN/A21 Hump StreetTonyTuesday
OhioN/AStone Cold Pack of WeirdosLexiTuesday
OhioN/ASenor Mylo & The IgnoratiSteveTuesday
OhioN/ABalls to the Wall (Toledo)JohnTuesday
OhioN/AChewbacca couldn't make itkiraleeTuesday
OhioN/ADude, where's Deacon?MeghanTuesday
OhioN/AB64 ReloadedDanielTuesday
OhioN/AOff TapsCathyTuesday
OhioN/AScott’s TotsRebeccaTuesday
OhioN/AOut Of TownersJeffreyTuesday
OhioN/ATeam WinAndyTuesday
OhioN/AThe Jovial 25YasminaTuesday
OhioN/ATitanic Swim TeamBarryTuesday
OhioN/A2 Broke Girls (BWW Cleveland Hts.)KarliTuesday
OhioN/ABowling Green GlassersJoshuaTuesday
OhioN/APiper Down Ray QwellChristopherTuesday
OhioN/AToo Dumb CrewDanicaTuesday
OhioN/APrestige Worldwide wide wideStephTuesday
OhioN/AThe Team Formerly Known As Meme Dream TeamSebastianTuesday
OhioN/AYaaas KweenKathleenTuesday
OhioN/AWe don't give a crapAnthonyTuesday
OhioN/ATeam DuplexMeganTuesday
OhioN/ARosie and the rivetersRosettaTuesday
OhioN/ABota BoxKattieTuesday
OhioN/AFour Score & Seven Beers AgoLauraTuesday
OhioN/AGabe CPWTSalexTuesday
OhioN/ALibby and the RippersAcusanoTuesday
OhioN/AAlternaquiz FactsElaineTuesday
OhioN/APeriodic Table DancersAdamTuesday
OhioN/AHashtag SupN/ATuesday
OhioN/ATeam Turtle (Firehouse)SebrinaTuesday
OhioN/AI Love My WindowsKesiTuesday
OhioN/AThreat Level Midnight (On Tap)DougTuesday
OhioN/AAnal Bum Covers (NEO)JamesTuesday
OhioN/AFeta CheeseBobTuesday
OhioN/AShark Punchers (Toledo)GregTuesday
OhioN/AWe're Done HereRachelTuesday
OhioN/AJohn TrivialtaN/ATuesday
OhioN/ATom's HoneysMarcyTuesday
OhioN/AElf On Your ShelfTTuesday
OhioN/AWe Don't Boo Ed Sheeran In This BarCourtneyTuesday
OhioN/AGolden GirlsIuliaTuesday
OhioN/ATeam Frog LegsFrogTuesday
OhioN/AEveryone Welcome KatieValTuesday
OhioN/ACan We Use A LifelineChristinaTuesday
OhioN/ABuckeye NationDonTuesday
OhioN/AWe TriedNancyTuesday
OhioN/AThe Quizards (BWW Kent)JustinTuesday
OhioN/AWe're skipping Hoarders for thisJuliaTuesday
OhioN/ATeam IndiaJasonTuesday
OhioN/AMendoza Line (Brazenhead)TylerTuesday
OhioN/AGrandpa's Cheese BarnSarahTuesday
OhioN/AHareesh and His White FriendsHareeshTuesday
OhioN/ABoats and HoesjacobTuesday
OhioN/AJack's KidsChadTuesday
OhioN/AQuiztopher WobbinLanetteTuesday
OhioN/AEmpty Nester'sBethTuesday
OhioN/AJar Jar DrinksDamianTuesday
OhioN/AMama Wants a Pizza DaddyBillTuesday
OhioN/AHeath BarsColinTuesday
OhioN/AKyle SucksKyleTuesday
OhioN/AOxy moronsRonTuesday
OhioN/AGCS 16JasonTuesday
OhioN/AThe AlcoholicsAlTuesday
OhioN/ABG Sharpe ShootersDCTuesday
OhioN/AHold Onto Your ButtsChristieTuesday
OhioN/ASweet Teams are Made of ThisLethaTuesday
OhioN/ADo Not Try to Escape or You Will Be Obliterated! May I Take Your Coat?JackTuesday
OhioN/AXtra Xtra CrispySteveTuesday
OhioN/AImpersonating TurtlesN/ATuesday
OhioN/AA House Divided (Dorr St)TraceyTuesday
OhioN/AJulio's Green CardChrisTuesday
OhioN/ASporcle StanJasonTuesday
OhioN/AYour Mother's Favorite TeamWyattTuesday
OhioN/AWings & Brew (Game Time)MikeTuesday
OhioN/AStill Thinking(NEO)KristineTuesday
OhioN/AGeorge H.W. Bush LeagueSarahTuesday
OhioN/AThe Beer BurpsSherryTuesday
OhioN/AHey, I'm Here For The OrgyDawnTuesday
OhioN/AThe PlaidiatorsBradTuesday
OhioN/AHenson (NEO)valerieTuesday
OhioN/AMom and DadAdamTuesday
OhioN/ATyrell CorporationPaulTuesday
OhioN/ABaba Booey (Bellacino's)EdmundTuesday
OhioN/AThe WindbreakersJenniferTuesday
OhioN/ATiki MongersJeremyTuesday
OhioN/AThe Foo FoosMaryTuesday
OhioN/Atequila mockingbird (Columbus)jakeTuesday
OhioN/ASquare on the LipsMarenTuesday
OhioN/AWhat's Your Vector VictorJanetTuesday
OhioN/ABeers for TearsDanTuesday
OhioN/ASacks and RacksZachTuesday
OhioN/ABed, Bath, and Your MomSarahTuesday
OhioN/ADave's HereDavidTuesday
OhioN/ADavis’s AngelsDavisTuesday
OhioN/AChocolate LabsKatrinaTuesday
OhioN/AThinkin' And Drinkin' (NEO)SusanTuesday
OhioN/ARum Ham (Harry Buffalo Westerville)MeghanTuesday
OhioN/AWatty's Golden LocksJoeTuesday
OhioN/ASylvania RecCollinTuesday
OhioN/AKyle Korver Fan ClubJonathonTuesday
OhioN/Aartificial intelligencelindaTuesday
OhioN/ACaptain Kirk and Mr. SporcleMatthewTuesday
OhioN/ANashville Hot DaddiesJohnnyTuesday
OhioN/ABob Vance. Vance RefrigerationJamesTuesday
OhioN/ALotta LegsNateTuesday
OhioN/APen 15[First]Tuesday
OhioN/AAnother Day at the OfficeSeanTuesday
OhioN/ATeam Redundancy Team (NEO)MadelineTuesday
OhioN/ASeven Twenty SixRonald MarkTuesday
OhioN/AIf You Ain't 1st, You're Last(BWW Canton)RobTuesday
OhioN/AHondo 17N/ATuesday
OhioN/AConsistently Inconsistent (NEO)BrianTuesday
OhioN/AOingo BoingoTravisTuesday
OhioN/AMinds of MinutiaeTeenyTuesday
OhioN/ANot Really SureJimTuesday
OhioN/AEducated GuessersLaurenTuesday
OhioN/AWe Used to Come A Lot MoreJasonTuesday
OhioN/AKnights Who Say Ni(On Tap)DavidTuesday
OhioN/AShenanigans (NEO)LauraTuesday
OhioN/AIt's Always Sunny In Bowling GreenJamesTuesday
OhioN/A4 Score and 7 Beers Ago (NEO)JASONTuesday
OhioN/ATeam NightmareDanielleTuesday
OhioN/AIn Dog Beers (NEO)michaelTuesday
OhioN/ASensational SixNickTuesday
OhioN/AStates That End in "Hampshire"AshleyTuesday
OhioN/ATeam RipleyTuckerTuesday
OhioN/AAnybody's GuessErikTuesday
OhioN/AClueless CrewBobTuesday
OhioN/AMan, I Love Those LadiesConnieTuesday
OhioN/APeter Skeeter's RevengeNicholasTuesday
OhioN/AYou Can't Sit With Us (On Tap)AllyTuesday
OhioN/AToo Sexy for Sesame StreetBobTuesday
OhioN/AVandalay Industries, We are your latex suppliercarryTuesday
OhioN/AThe Big GreenClayTuesday
OhioN/ASofa King AwesomeTomTuesday
OhioN/AFoo FightersJessicaTuesday
OhioN/ALaugh BombsStephanieTuesday
OhioN/AThe Old StylesGrantTuesday
OhioN/ABlood, Sweat & BeersBethTuesday
OhioN/APremature Ejubilation (Kent B-Dubs)JohnTuesday
OhioN/AGirly GeeksBetsyTuesday
OhioN/A20 or Die!MarkTuesday
OhioN/Aour drinking team has a trivia problemSehulTuesday
OhioN/AHot Sauce in Our BagRockyTuesday
OhioN/AQuiz In My PantsMikeTuesday
OhioN/AOur Puppy Misses UsDavidTuesday
OhioN/ALaura & her bar wenchLauraTuesday
OhioN/ATeam yubyubJamesTuesday
OhioN/AAlpha OneBradTuesday
OhioN/ADon't Know JackCoreyTuesday
OhioN/Abuds and sudsrobertTuesday
OhioN/ABierly CompententDanielTuesday
OhioN/AThe Team of Extraordinary GuessersRobTuesday
OhioN/AFuzzy BunniesDoeTuesday
OhioN/ATrivia WizardsJulieTuesday
OhioN/AJerks & SquirtsChrisTuesday
OhioN/AWork Hard Twerk HardNeetuTuesday
OhioN/ARef's Night OffLisaTuesday
OhioN/AQuizalmic ExtremistsSeanTuesday
OhioN/AKylo Ren and StimpyLouisaTuesday
OhioN/ASimple Minds (NEO)TeriTuesday
OhioN/AWell Hung JurorsLyndseyTuesday
OhioN/AWindians (Bellacino's)EdTuesday
OhioN/AHot WingsBeckieTuesday
OhioN/AHokee MonstersDebbieTuesday
OhioN/AChalupa Batman (Harry Buffalo)BridgetTuesday
OhioN/AThe RenegadesKrissaTuesday
OhioN/ABooze On 1stMichelleTuesday
OhioN/ACoitus InteruptusScottTuesday
OhioN/ADouble G'sShaunTuesday
OhioN/ATeam Cleveland (Mulligan's)JonTuesday
OhioN/AWits End (NEO)CTuesday
OhioN/Ateam AA (Hamilton's)RachelTuesday
OhioN/ADicomunist BlocKatherineTuesday
OhioN/ASalty PretzelsJohnTuesday
OhioN/AJersey’s In The HouseCathleenTuesday
OhioN/APeruvian Puff PeppersArielTuesday
OhioN/AI Cause Learning (Mentor)NatalieTuesday
OhioN/AHouse of PainTheaTuesday
OhioN/AThe Defenestration of PragueTJTuesday
OhioN/AKakuna RattataTiaTuesday
OhioN/AMaking Trivia Great AgainNateTuesday
OhioN/AWe Thought This Was AANickTuesday
OhioN/ASomewhat Fantastic 5AustinTuesday
OhioN/ABlowing Chances Inc1Tuesday
OhioN/AThe Potent PotablesBessTuesday
OhioN/AJust usJulieTuesday
OhioN/ACosmic DebrisRTuesday
OhioN/ALadies Night Crew (NEO)JeffTuesday
OhioN/AThe Lannisters of Castlery RockDustinTuesday
OhioN/ATrivial ParadoxesCheyanneTuesday
OhioN/AWe Tried To LoseJacquelynnTuesday
OhioN/AMeet Me Up ScottyCristinTuesday
OhioN/AChuck daddiesJordanTuesday
OhioN/AThe Complaint DepartmentTraceyTuesday
OhioN/Ablack widowsmaryTuesday
OhioN/ADyslexic 96CarolTuesday
OhioN/AMr Peabody (NEO-2)JosephTuesday
OhioN/ASafeword PineappleTheTuesday
OhioN/AI Thought This Was BingoDavidTuesday
OhioN/ADaily Double TroubleJulieTuesday
OhioN/ACool WhipsN/ATuesday
OhioN/AMulti-Generational JuggernautTonyTuesday
OhioN/AGolden BuckeyesSteveTuesday
OhioN/AGotcha'sThe Got-ChasTuesday
OhioN/AI.P. Yay!EricTuesday
OhioN/ALucky ChuckCharlesTuesday
OhioN/AYour MomCarrieTuesday
OhioN/AGamers (Doc's)MathewTuesday
OhioN/AAtrivial InfarctionLaneTuesday
OhioN/APRESTIGE WORLDWIDE(South End Grille)katyTuesday
OhioN/ADon't Ask Me...TaraTuesday
OhioN/ANine Inch Males(Toledo)RonTuesday
OhioN/AHow much can't could a white girl can't if a white girl literally couldn't even?RachelTuesday
OhioN/ABuster MuffinTomTuesday
OhioN/AThe Adderall Advantage (Toledo)PhillipTuesday
OhioN/AE=McHammered(TD's Tailgate)MTuesday
OhioN/AThe BS'ersShawnTuesday
OhioN/AMachoke On My SquirtleSamanthaTuesday
OhioN/ACleveland Awesome TriviaAndrewTuesday
OhioN/AFisted SisterChrisTuesday
OhioN/AActresses in the OutfieldBeckyTuesday
OhioN/AEternal Struggle Btwn Blackness of Shane's Soul & Pure Whiteness of Shane's BumGiulioTuesday
OhioN/AWe are a second round teamJasonTuesday
OhioN/ATri Force of AwesomenessLoganWednesday
OhioN/ABrace for ImpactMegWednesday
OhioN/ARed RoomDevenWednesday
OhioN/ALittle OnesKatherineWednesday
OhioN/ASatellite of LoveCristenWednesday
OhioN/AMonkeys with CrayonsTonyWednesday
OhioN/ATrebek's RejectsDustinWednesday
OhioN/AOne and DoneMWednesday
OhioN/AThe Three Must Get BeersMattWednesday
OhioN/AThe Free RadicalsAmyWednesday
OhioN/AOld F's + 2JoyWednesday
OhioN/ADon't know SquatsBrianWednesday
OhioN/ABad RAMeNSNicoleWednesday
OhioN/ACorner BarTerryWednesday
OhioN/AJess (Venice Cafe)NathanWednesday
OhioN/ADazed & ConfusedJenWednesday
OhioN/AJoey TrivianiBrianWednesday
OhioN/AShiny CobrasShinyWednesday
OhioN/ABuck & WinnieHelenWednesday
OhioN/AAu Pied du CochonMatthewWednesday
OhioN/ATeam EekErinnWednesday
OhioN/AF MadeaTimWednesday
OhioN/AChanges WeeklyKellyWednesday
OhioN/APugs Not DrugsDakotaWednesday
OhioN/ACheeky MonkeysJimWednesday
OhioN/AAbsolutely UnsureGregoryWednesday
OhioN/AMan Bear PigLouWednesday
OhioN/AMilk Steak and Jelly BeansAlexWednesday
OhioN/ASNES CouncilDavidWednesday
OhioN/ABazinga (Toledo)RadarWednesday
OhioN/AMcLovin (Blarney)AngeWednesday
OhioN/AE=MC Hammered (BWW Ontario)ZackWednesday
OhioN/ALittle Lebowski: Urban Achievers(NEO)ChrisWednesday
OhioN/AMatty and his queensMeganWednesday
OhioN/ALamb ChopsMattWednesday
OhioN/APast My Bed TimeTWednesday
OhioN/AGet Yo Feet Off The Couch, Kelly AnneDanielWednesday
OhioN/AAlpha Kenny BodyTravisWednesday
OhioN/ASwag More; Bark LessEileenWednesday
OhioN/AThe Drunk GuysJasonWednesday
OhioN/AThe Misfits (Toledo)KelliWednesday
OhioN/AMufasa's not dead, he's on a farm somewhereNicholeWednesday
OhioN/AGame, BlousesN/AWednesday
OhioN/AWe are GrootAmyWednesday
OhioN/AThe Patrons (On Tap, Cuy Falls)NickWednesday
OhioN/AMisfit ToysMs.Wednesday
OhioN/ABig DogsJoeWednesday
OhioN/ASix Jerks & a SquirtTerryWednesday
OhioN/AFlying SquirrelsZachWednesday
OhioN/ADr Who in this Mother FuckerJustinWednesday
OhioN/ACat Head EagleDaveWednesday
OhioN/AUPS YoursKellyWednesday
OhioN/ABeer's Law SocietyMickeyWednesday
OhioN/ATrebek's RejectsDominicWednesday
OhioN/AHand SoloScottWednesday
OhioN/AWe Otter Be In BedLWednesday
OhioN/ATrebeks RejectsDeannaWednesday
OhioN/AVape DadzCoreyWednesday
OhioN/ATeam FrankieFrankieWednesday
OhioN/ASave FerrisLindayWednesday
OhioN/AThe Smarty Pints (On Tap)RachelWednesday
OhioN/AMargarita MadamsKathyWednesday
OhioN/AThe LandAmandaWednesday
OhioN/AHouse TargaryenJackWednesday
OhioN/AViagra FallsAbbeyWednesday
OhioN/AUptown GirlsJenniferWednesday
OhioN/AThe Cunning StuntsMollyWednesday
OhioN/AStrictly SillyLauraWednesday
OhioN/ACaptain Crunch and the Cereal KillersMikeWednesday
OhioN/APlanet Express (BWW)AleksaWednesday
OhioN/AMmmmm DonutsBryndenWednesday
OhioN/AFat LightningStevenWednesday
OhioN/ASoft PretzelChristineWednesday
OhioN/ASoft 6, Hard 7, Eager 8MichaelWednesday
OhioN/ATree Stumps V. 2GordonWednesday
OhioN/AMulva 2.0ChadWednesday
OhioN/AThinkin' 'n Drinkin'SteveWednesday
OhioN/ATeam Number 5FeliciaWednesday
OhioN/AI'm Ron Burgundy?LandonWednesday
OhioN/AThe HoodMiaWednesday
OhioN/AIs the Pizza $5?ToebbenWednesday
OhioN/ABetter Late Than PregnantN/AWednesday
OhioN/ASnap Snap HissDanielleWednesday
OhioN/ATable TalkTomWednesday
OhioN/AWe can do better than thatClayWednesday
OhioN/AJudge FudgeFrankWednesday
OhioN/AHitched HikersMandyWednesday
OhioN/ABed Bath & Your MomJoeWednesday
OhioN/AWild WadeWadeWednesday
OhioN/AAbby NormalBillWednesday
OhioN/ASam's SuperstarsSharonWednesday
OhioN/ATitanic Swim TeamTrevorWednesday
OhioN/AThe Double D’s.DartWednesday
OhioN/AJV All StarsN/AWednesday
OhioN/AQuiz All Over MeEricWednesday
OhioN/AJamaican Me CrazyGeorgeWednesday
OhioN/AQuizzly BearsScottWednesday
OhioN/AToo Much TunaLoganWednesday
OhioN/Asenor frog and onionDianaWednesday
OhioN/AHunter's Hollow HooligansDianeWednesday
OhioN/AJet Set BluesAleksanderWednesday
OhioN/ALiquor in front, poker in backNickWednesday
OhioN/AHigh School Backseat HandjobLeahWednesday
OhioN/AHairy Bald EaglesJasonWednesday
OhioN/ANowhere But Up!CelineWednesday
OhioN/ASmarty Pints (Ralphie's NEO)GeorgeWednesday
OhioN/AWinos (Game Time)LoriWednesday
OhioN/AIndiscriminate DildosEthanWednesday
OhioN/AHoney Badgers (NEO)JustinWednesday
OhioN/AThe Cones of Dunshire?Wednesday
OhioN/AA Reptile DysfunctionCourtneyWednesday
OhioN/AForgotten Bun ToastZachWednesday
OhioN/AOne is the Loneliest NumberJodyWednesday
OhioN/AStalkers & Co.KristiWednesday
OhioN/ABattlesquad FamaticaLWednesday
OhioN/ATeen DadsTylerWednesday
OhioN/ADoctor Who's On FirstPaulWednesday
OhioN/ACitizen DickDougWednesday
OhioN/AThe Fear BonersGillianWednesday
OhioN/AThe Ruth-less Bader GinsburgsNathanWednesday
OhioN/AThe Polar VortexGregWednesday
OhioN/AWe Like To Come From BehindJoeWednesday
OhioN/ASTAGE BOYZDevlinWednesday
OhioN/AOld Age & TreacheryAnnWednesday
OhioN/AKiller BsAdamWednesday
OhioN/AMaybe Next YearCliffWednesday
OhioN/AQuiz in my Pants (Columbus)MattWednesday
OhioN/ATeam Discovery ChannelErikWednesday
OhioN/AKnights Who Say NiDannyWednesday
OhioN/AAriana Nachos Bell GrandeMichaelWednesday
OhioN/AGlasses GangJohnWednesday
OhioN/AThe Wolf Pack (Cleats)MariaWednesday
OhioN/AThe Wolfpack (Akron)BrianWednesday
OhioN/AQuizzard Of OddsMichaelWednesday
OhioN/ATeamless WonderMarkWednesday
OhioN/AOur Couch Pulls Out , But We Don't (Ralphie's NEO)TerranceWednesday
OhioN/AOff In A CornerKyleWednesday
OhioN/AField BetsN/AWednesday
OhioN/AThe Howling Wolf PackBrendaWednesday
OhioN/AMad Math and the ThunderdomesBrettWednesday
OhioN/AThat's Right Other BarryJohnWednesday
OhioN/Aquiz-tel methdanWednesday
OhioN/AThe Lazy Cats (b2bsolneo)jayWednesday
OhioN/ASix PackIgniteWednesday
OhioN/ABeatlejuice, Beatlejuice, BeatlejuiceAbbyWednesday
OhioN/ACome From BehindJJWednesday
OhioN/AVince MVinceWednesday
OhioN/AU Wanna Pizza Us?!AbbyWednesday
OhioN/ASharcks with Frickin' Laser Beams!MarkWednesday
OhioN/AOne Black CoffeeMikeWednesday
OhioN/ADragon SlayersJonWednesday
OhioN/AThats What She SaidRachaelWednesday
OhioN/AGivem the Heater Ricky!DavidWednesday
OhioN/AButt, Sweat & Tears.Wednesday
OhioN/ABuckeye BallzRickWednesday
OhioN/ASickity Doo Dah, Sickety AJDWednesday
OhioN/AWe're a Game 2 Kind of TeamJonathanWednesday
OhioN/APit MastersDWednesday
OhioN/AMillenial FalconsAlexWednesday
OhioN/ARole Playing ChemistsMarcianoWednesday
OhioN/AI Don't Know DoggScottWednesday
OhioN/ATeam RaeCarlyWednesday
OhioN/ATouched By An Uncle (NEO)MattWednesday
OhioN/APrincess Consuela BananahammockReneeWednesday
OhioN/AJR Doesn't Live Here AnymoreBethWednesday
OhioN/AMilk Milk Lemonade Around the Corner Fudge is MadeEricWednesday
OhioN/ABears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica (Ohio)LindsayWednesday
OhioN/ATeam Eight (Massillon)MWednesday
OhioN/AThe Babcock MethodMariaWednesday
OhioN/AUnindicted Co-conspiratorsDanWednesday
OhioN/AThe Church of Bob RossCarynWednesday
OhioN/A70% of The Time We Win Every TimeAndrewWednesday
OhioN/AThe DinksJohnWednesday
OhioN/ARum HamMartinWednesday
OregonWednesdays @ Big Al'sCacher In The WhyMikeMonday
OregonTuesdays @ CI Bar & GrillThe Wayback BoysJacobMonday
OregonMondays @ Thirsty Lion Gastropub & GrillJehovah Witness Protection ProgramDanaMonday
OregonTuesdays @ Lightning Will Bar & GrillNacho FriendsBrittonMonday
OregonTuesdays @ Portland Cider HouseJoggers of the American RevolutionAngelaMonday
OregonMondays @ Portland Cider Co. Clackamas Pub & EateryRyker Roo & The Funky BunchDavidMonday
OregonWednesdays @ Burnside Brewing CompanyNacho FriendsBrittonMonday
OregonTuesdays @ Midway Firehouse PizzaTeam PenguinBruceMonday
OregonN/AWe’d Rather Be Punching NazisSethTuesday
OregonN/AScarf WeatherAshleyTuesday
OregonN/ATwo Man Group and FriendsErikTuesday
OregonN/ATeam Redundancy TeamEdenTuesday
OregonN/AApt 35AndrewWednesday
OregonN/A50 Shades of Grey GooseTrudyWednesday
OregonN/AGrandpa's LapTheresaWednesday
OregonN/AHere for BeerTylerWednesday
PennsylvaniaTuesdays @ Sharp Edge BistroBazinga (Sharp Edge)TracyMonday
PennsylvaniaWednesdays @ Elwood's PubFire 100MelissaMonday
PennsylvaniaWednesdays @ Forbes TavernErst Denken, Dann TrinkenDerekMonday
PennsylvaniaN/AWesley Crushers (Pittsburgh)JeffTuesday
PennsylvaniaN/AFamily Game NightEdmundWednesday
PennsylvaniaN/AThe Professor & Mary AnneKristenWednesday
PennsylvaniaN/AThe Fabulous FieldersHeatherWednesday
PennsylvaniaN/ATeam SparksMichelleWednesday
PennsylvaniaN/ADJ & BelleSusanWednesday
South CarolinaThursdays @ Vinny's Pizzeria Bar and GrillForgetChris & TheresaMonday
TexasMondays @ Braindead BrewingBeyond a reasonable StoutDavidMonday
TexasWednesdays @ Mule BarnBack That Pass UpChrisMonday
TexasTuesdays @ The QuarterYellow VestsBobMonday
TexasWednesdays @ The Common TablePlayers to be Named Later and Other Cash ConsiderationsMichaelMonday
TexasWednesdays @ Old Chicago Pizza & TaproomNancy's gently used mattressNickMonday
TexasTuesdays @ Old Chicago Pizza & TaproomTeam GSDKrisMonday
TexasWednesdays @ Bronco's Sports Bar and GrillSunny BoysChadMonday
TexasThursdays @ II Brothers Grill & BarSpam on RyeLyndonMonday
TexasSundays @ The Common TableLook to the CookieZSMMonday
TexasWednesdays @ The Common TableORUsMatthewMonday
TexasSundays @ The Common TableGame of JonesDustinMonday
TexasThursdays @ Buzzbrews Kitchen (Lakewood)maximillonDeeMonday
TexasSaturdays @ HalcyonDR AWKWARDHowardMonday
TexasWednesdays @ PhDI thought were speed datingTravisMonday
TexasThursdays @ Little Elm Craft HouseWe Drink and We know things (Dallas)ClintonMonday
TexasMondays @ Keller TavernBird Brains(Dallas)JohnMonday
TexasTuesdays @ HalcyonDwayne Johnon Fan ClubCallenMonday
TexasMondays @ Big Al's Down the HatchThe DahlsAllisonMonday
TexasMondays @ Ill Minster PubBlusterousBZMonday
TexasTuesdays @ HalcyonYeet N' YoinkSamanthaMonday
TexasWednesdays @ Steam Theory Brewing CompanyI Am GrootAshleyMonday
TexasWednesdays @ Freetail Brewing Co. Tasting RoomAngry PopsMarkMonday
TexasTuesdays @ Bru City StadiumBird Brains(Dallas)JohnMonday
TexasThursdays @ Miller Tavern & Beer GardenFunyansLynnMonday
TexasThursdays @ Sideliners GrillNitzerDouglasMonday
TexasThursdays @ Halcyon - MuellerDwayne Johnon Fan ClubCallenMonday
TexasTuesdays @ White Rock Alehouse and BreweryDaddy WarholKelseyMonday
TexasWednesdays @ The Station Patio IceHouseBird Brains(Dallas)JohnMonday
TexasN/AMy drinking Team has a Trivia ProblemJaceTuesday
TexasN/AOld, Blind & DeafJustinTuesday
TexasN/ADexter WingmanAlTuesday
TexasN/AThere is no Spork...SethTuesday
TexasN/ATactile DysfunctionBenTuesday
TexasN/ATeam WinklerEmilyTuesday
TexasN/AParkside PlayazJordanTuesday
TexasN/AQuizzaners of AzkabanJordanTuesday
TexasN/AThe Great CrumpkinMattTuesday
TexasN/AStray CatsSabrinaTuesday
TexasN/A50 Shades of Greyer MatterLisaTuesday
TexasN/AInternational Convention of Drunken LawyersHannahTuesday
TexasN/APeriodic Table Dancers (Dallas)JaredTuesday
TexasN/AThe Four HumoursBrittanyTuesday
TexasN/AYour MomMaryTuesday
TexasN/AWreckin CrewJesseTuesday
TexasN/ANellie BelliesBryanTuesday
TexasN/ASoft Pore CornAdamTuesday
TexasN/AYou Can't Handle The TruthBarbTuesday
TexasN/AI had to, it's vodkaZackTuesday
TexasN/AChannel 4 News TeamMichaelaTuesday
TexasN/ADoctor What?JohnTuesday
TexasN/ANigel with the BrieKaylaWednesday
TexasN/ASpace CowboysBrandonWednesday
TexasN/ABed, Bath, and Beyonce (Old Chicago)AaronWednesday
TexasN/AOur MIllenial is a MoronBrandonWednesday
TexasN/ABeer and Pizza Make Us SmartAngelaWednesday
TexasN/AWhat Can Brown Do For You?PaigeWednesday
TexasN/A3 AMIGOS +1DAVIDWednesday
TexasN/AFrog IPAKevinWednesday
TexasN/AClitty Clitty Bang BangDannieWednesday
TexasN/AThinkin' n' Drinkin' (Dallas)MitchellWednesday
TexasN/ASuite 214MaddieWednesday
TexasN/AMike From CalgaryMeaganWednesday
TexasN/APomp & Circus PantsKashWednesday
TexasN/ACut Throat FinchesAndrewWednesday
TexasN/AMatt is FriendzonedStuaryWednesday
TexasN/AJust The Facts SirJimWednesday
TexasN/AWasted PotentialJackieWednesday
TexasN/AKindred SpiritsAdamWednesday
TexasN/APragmatic ChickensCalebWednesday
VirginiaWednesdays @ Bull & Bones BrewhausPool RunningBrittanyMonday
VirginiaThursdays @ The Hof GardenEverlasting GnobgobblersNicholasMonday
VirginiaThursdays @ Canon & Draw Brewing Company3-EDerekMonday
VirginiaWednesdays @ ShipLock BrewingChonky CheeseScripplesMonday
VirginiaMondays @ F.W. Sullivan'ssansa in 6zachMonday
WashingtonThursdays @ The Hop GardenBrain TrustRMonday
WashingtonThursdays @ Earl's on the Ave.Flancrest EnterprisesAndyMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ Elliott Bay Pizza and PubTake Care of Your ShoesChuckMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ A Pizza Mart (Belltown)Not Sure (A Pizza Mart)RossMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ Brewmaster's TaproomSporcle Live with AlanVinceMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ The Lodge Sports Grille (West Seattle)Pepper, PhDEdwinMonday
WashingtonMondays @ Tim's TavernMud HutsNicoleMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ Apogee Pub & EateryLudwigGaryMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ BackyardHair of the DogAdrianMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ A Pizza Mart (First Hill)Team 510NatalieMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ CRFT BeersWitty and Slighty Suggestive Team NameRuthMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ The Brick Pub & GrillThe Sporcle at DelphiLauraMonday
WashingtonSundays @ Pike Brewing CompanyFlancrest EnterprisesAndyMonday
WashingtonThursdays @ Great American Diner & BarComma ToastAaronMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ Pony Keg Grill & BarDrinks Well With OthersJimMonday
WashingtonThursdays @ Pecado BuenoTeam RocketTeamMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ Elysian Brewing - TangletownHubrisLucasMonday
WashingtonSundays @ Earl's on the Ave.TrogdorRobertMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ The Lodge Sports Grille (Greenwood)Moist Chocolate LadlesMatthewMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ A Pizza Mart (Capitol Hill)Pinky and the BrainJustinMonday
WashingtonMondays @ The ToledoMud HutsNicoleMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ Flatstick PubTOTs: Trivia-Oriented TeensMaryKylieMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ Costello's Bar & EateryAre You There God, It's Me MargaritaKelsiMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ Pecado BuenoLegion of SloopPepperMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ NW Peaks BreweryGrandma's Chlamydia GardenLeaMonday
WashingtonThursdays @ Burger BrawlerVoldemort Cried. He is an Egg.KarenMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ Flatstick Pub-Pioneer SquareFollow Tank C the Dog on InstagramAlexMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ Bad Albert's Tap & GrillThe Chudley CannonsRyanMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ Angry BeaverEnumclaw Equestrian SocietyBenMonday
WashingtonMondays @ A Pizza Mart (U District)Defeat is AssuredjohnMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ Captain BlacksMom's SpaghettiBobbyMonday
WashingtonThursdays @ Tim's TavernCobra Kai Yay!ChrisMonday
WashingtonSundays @ The Atlantic CrossingBob Lawblaw's Law BlogRaymondMonday
WashingtonMondays @ Red Star Taco BarFlancrest EnterprisesAndyMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ The Dock Sports Bar & GrillSediment TrapHausSashaMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ JJ Mahoney's Irish PubEnzoBrianMonday
WashingtonTuesdays @ Watershed Pub & KitchenHot Ham WaterMarkMonday
WashingtonWednesdays @ Palmers EastLindaJillianMonday
WashingtonN/ASomething BrilliantHeatherTuesday
WashingtonN/ADB CooperDeeTuesday
WashingtonN/ABrooks Ninja WarriorsToddTuesday
WashingtonN/AGame of SconesUnknownTuesday
WashingtonN/AWe Who must Not Be NamedMichelleTuesday
WashingtonN/ATeam FourAnthonyTuesday
WashingtonN/AJust THREE Single GuysSamuelTuesday
WashingtonN/A12 StepsAndreaTuesday
WashingtonN/APutin on the RitzWilliamTuesday
WashingtonN/AThe BarDevonTuesday
WashingtonN/APride of the PrairieMaddyTuesday
WashingtonN/ARabid HuskiesJeffTuesday
WashingtonN/AStanley Good BoyBronsonTuesday
WashingtonN/ALiger Style!UnknownTuesday
WashingtonN/ABudget Sex ToysAbbasTuesday
WashingtonN/APapa Squat and the Doo Doo’sStephanieTuesday
WashingtonN/APhilly SpecialTimTuesday
WashingtonN/AThere’s Always Money in the Banana Stand(Brewmaster's)LoganTuesday
WashingtonN/ASmart AssLindaTuesday
WashingtonN/AChurch of JoeLaurenTuesday
WashingtonN/ABring it on Down to Quiz-it-villeNicholeTuesday
WashingtonN/AToo many kidsTerryTuesday
WashingtonN/AMutually Absurd DestructionSamieTuesday
WashingtonN/ADanger noodlesroseTuesday
WashingtonN/AUseless FAQsShawhienTuesday
WashingtonN/AThe Nevernudes (Seattle)KaylaTuesday
WashingtonN/ALord of the Fruit FliesMaddyTuesday
WashingtonN/ABest Thing Since Sliced BradKennethTuesday
WashingtonN/ACleveland Against the WorldHollyTuesday
WashingtonN/AGood RiddanceDavidTuesday
WashingtonN/AThe GurtsJennaTuesday
WashingtonN/AAlpha Wolf SquadronCaseyTuesday
WashingtonN/AOtter CoupleTinaTuesday
WashingtonN/AHans Zimmer FansNathanTuesday
WashingtonN/AAreola GrandeChaseTuesday
WashingtonN/ADon't Tell Our Parents We Met on TinderjordanTuesday
WashingtonN/AThe Prusha WitAnnTuesday
WashingtonN/ABFB-Beer For BrainsClayTuesday
WashingtonN/AThreat Level Midnight (CRFT Beers)BenjaminTuesday
WashingtonN/AThe FlutterfeetTonyTuesday
WashingtonN/AMoth MouthMatthewTuesday
WashingtonN/AI Found MollieStephenTuesday
WashingtonN/AUntamed Shrews (Seattle)KarissaTuesday
WashingtonN/ASo You're Telling Me There's A Chance (Atlantic Crossing)CadyWednesday
WashingtonN/AWe're Going To HamiltonSarahWednesday
WashingtonN/AIDK, Google ItBrianWednesday
WashingtonN/ATequila Mockingbird (Seattle)KatherineWednesday
WashingtonN/APorn SlayersEvanWednesday
WashingtonN/AMoore Puns PleaseKelseyWednesday
WashingtonN/AScuba SteveBrianWednesday
WashingtonN/AUnderground GossipMariaWednesday
WashingtonN/APrincess Kitty (Seattle)KaitlynWednesday
WashingtonN/ATed Danson on the CeilingJeremyWednesday
WashingtonN/ASportz NutzMaxWednesday
WashingtonN/ATeam 3 has ballsMikeWednesday
WashingtonN/Asquids in the hallpeterWednesday
WashingtonN/AFairy Not FerryLillianWednesday
WashingtonN/ABryan Wu’s New FriendsRachelWednesday
WashingtonN/AKnifey SpoonyAaronWednesday
WashingtonN/ALast Week's AnswerJedWednesday
WashingtonN/ATeam SixMaxWednesday
WashingtonN/AInappropriate sundressBarbaraWednesday
WashingtonN/APearl Street OystersJorieWednesday
WashingtonN/ARainbow Unicorn MastermindsDylanWednesday
WashingtonN/ADouble D’sDebiWednesday
WashingtonN/ACorgi ButtsLoreeWednesday
WashingtonN/AThe People Person’s Paper PeopleShelbyWednesday
WashingtonN/AThe Mouthfeels, Eh?GregWednesday
WashingtonN/ACold Hotdog WaterAlexWednesday
WashingtonN/ABeer Me Up, Scotty!ZacharyWednesday
WashingtonN/AShia LaBouf''s CareerSethWednesday
WashingtonN/AThe Trump Special aka Terd SandoBethWednesday
WashingtonN/ATequila MockingbirdKarenWednesday
WashingtonN/ABoot + RallyTamiWednesday
WashingtonN/ASugar Phil GangLindsayWednesday
WashingtonN/ACats off to YouLindseyWednesday
WashingtonN/ADonny and MarieLisaWednesday
WisconsinWednesdays @ Brewtown EateryFearsome Foursome (Milwaukee)KarlMonday
WisconsinTuesdays @ Brass MonkeyDiamond is the AnswerPattiMonday
WisconsinWednesdays @ Mulligan's Irish Pub & GrillRavenclaw QuizardsKathleenMonday
WisconsinWednesdays @ O'Brien's Pub'mericaBrianMonday
WisconsinWednesdays @ Bo's N MineWubba Lubba Dub DubJoelMonday
WisconsinThursdays @ Kelly's BleachersEase & BeesAmandaMonday
WisconsinThursdays @ Tap House 138I am the WalrusJoshuaMonday
WisconsinSundays @ Kelly's BleachersThe Matt Hamilton Fan ClubCaryMonday
WisconsinTuesdays @ Mainstream Bar & Grill'mericaBrianMonday
WisconsinN/AR & RMarthaTuesday
WisconsinN/AThe IntrovertsJanaTuesday
WisconsinN/AI'm the Goddamn BatmanChristopherTuesday
WisconsinN/AWe Like TurtlesEarlTuesday
WisconsinN/AThe No Names (Kelly's Bleachers)KyleTuesday
WisconsinN/ATeam Covfefe (Tap House)LeighTuesday
WisconsinN/AAlpha Betas (Brewtown)KathyTuesday
WisconsinN/ADankey Kang GangSamanthaTuesday
WisconsinN/AThree Musketeers (Dugout 54)HannahTuesday
WisconsinN/AThe Donner PartyKelseyTuesday
WisconsinN/AFool PigeonsOwenTuesday
WisconsinN/AAlbert BeersteinMikeTuesday
WisconsinN/AWhere's the CandyAshleyTuesday
WisconsinN/AThe Three "M"igosMattTuesday
WisconsinN/ATeam TobyWendieTuesday
WisconsinN/AThe A Team (Tap House 138)PatWednesday
WisconsinN/AErv's ThugzTamaraWednesday
WisconsinN/AWhiskey BellesStaceyWednesday
WisconsinN/ALogan and Kyle for a Thousand YearsKyleWednesday
WisconsinN/ANacho Mamas & Big PapiKristinWednesday
WisconsinN/ASuck It TrebekLukeWednesday
WisconsinN/ARochelle! Rochelle! Rochelle!RichardWednesday
WisconsinN/AFean & FriendsFeanWednesday
WisconsinN/AWednesday WarriorsJoshuaWednesday
WisconsinN/ATeam Number Three (MN)SamWednesday
Current through 6/4/19

Semi-Final Games
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Pick Your State

Illinois – RSVP on your given day using the RSVP form

Curragh Irish Pub – Glenview – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
The Original Stupid Sexy Flanders The B Sharps
Nutella Fitzgerald Double J and Fred
That’s What She Said Hockey Moms
Let’s Get Quizzical We Drink and We Know Things
Little Chocolate Donuts Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke
Underwear Labradors Wine, Dine, 69
Eberhart TBD
Kincade’s Bar & Grill – Chicago – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Next Week For Sure You ARE The Father
Third Podium The Stinkers
The Inebriati Borises
Buy Us A Shot Dronez
HYPE No. You Buy Us A Shot
Special Socks Ninja Turtles
Sluggo Is Lit Knee High Elephants
Mo Dailey’s Pub & Grille – Chicago – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
The Oxymorons Cooler By The Lake
The Lone Rangers Jim’s B Team
Court Jesters Honey Badgers
Hairy Hokey Miller Time
I Need Someone To Look For Me Team Heavy
Old Republic Kitchen & Bar – Elgin – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Here For The Reubens Pork Chop Express
Five Young Cannonballs The Chumps
Sherman Hemsley Firey Flamingos
Triviaholics Mo-Mads
Two Broke Girls Urban Polevaulters
Ten Pints for Gryffindor TBD

Michigan – RSVP on your given day using the RSVP form

5 Lakes Brewing Company – Dorr – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Fellowship of the Wrong Team One
Wallin Woodies Chinstraps
Meow Mix 2151 Jump Street
The Baby Bringers BoatLamp
los pollos hermanos You’re a Quizzard, Harry
Tyler & the Boyz 3 legged table dancers
Vending Machine Hookers Fictional Dog
Topical Team Name Decked Out
The Little Engine That Can’t Even Bring back that LeRoy Brown!
Born to Runner-Up Righteous Hooligans
Fantastic Beasts Dirty Mike and the Boys
Augie’s Bar & Grill – Madison Heights – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Where’s Anne? #AnOcelotOfBoozers
Farm Fresh Eggs Turtle
You’re a quizard, Harry Starz
The 4 Stooges The C in the Box
Lab Rats The Moops
Fanny Pack Guild Let’s Get Quizzical
2nd Guessers Moby Grape
Once a Cat Mom Always a Cat Mom Rhymes W/Asia
The spooky mulders Jomar
K TYPE Dawg Pound
Eternity Brewing Co. – Howell – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Michael Scott The Soda Pops
Touchdown My Pants Uncles With Benefits
Keerok JFKFC
Mother Puckers Crumbums
Dark + Stormy Daniels Wizards of the twelfth realm of ephesius
The Squints Do you Quiz your Momma with that mouth?
SWAT Team Mateen Cleavage
Bros Knows A Team Has No Name
The Lannister Debts Spaceballs: The Trivia Team
Funderland We Tried
Freddy’s Bar – Clinton Township – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Moscow Mule Mafia Too Cool For School
Benson & Stabler MLK’s Dream Team
Exile Island The Joe’s
Bert Macklin, FBI Sax N Rax
Sharktopus Iron Pancreas
Mike Pence None the Richer Maize and Blue Ballers
Voodoo Economics The Potent Potables
Wise Beyond Our Beers Hamilton
It’s what we do Dumpster Fire
Nick at Trivia Nite A creative team name
OHANA Holy Schlitz
Wise Quackers Debauchery aka Fetus Gut
Exceptional Night Vision
Grand Tavern – Livonia – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Tesla Coyles The Ol’ Mississippi Straddle
The Winos The Credible Hulks
The Aristocrats Richard Fitzwell & Associates
Q-Team Gary Puckett & The Union Gap
Carpenter Bees The Iron Curtain
Hot Tay Mollys Perfect Use of a Team Name
Mix Pack Paul Ryan Wears Uggs
The Last, Best Hope For Humanity 280 Characters of Stupidity
Gift Cards are for Closers Off Constantly
What the Rock is Cooking Divorced and Loving It
Step Dads Beard Wagons
Canton Brew Jerks Damn You, Paul Anka
On The Edge Of Greatness Notorious Q.U.I.Z.
That’s What She Said
Haymaker Public House – Ann Arbor – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Suffering Bastards Club Baseview
What the Shibboleth‽ Eberwits featuring the No Talent Ass Clowns
… and in Last Place Tanooki Suits
Seven Year Bitches Vandalay Industries
Michael and the Cripples You’re Resume Sucks
Glass to mouth Beefsquatch
Money Badgers House Solo
Ennui The Humongous Melonheads
The Wet Dream Catchers Shooting for Penultimate
Quiz in my Jorts The Periodic Table Dancers
Mission Test Eagle
Street smarts Sabertooth Crotch Crickets
Team Ramrod Boston Publique
Primanti Bros. Restaurant & Bar – Taylor – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Ribbon Farm Hops Goats and Kidds
Captain’s Crew Shooter
Less Is More The Bullet Club
Yippee! Beer Makes Me Happy
David’s Number Is… Better Late Than Never
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers THE Society of Intellectual Idiots
Gold Team Rules! Dumb Blondes
Sparty On
Ypsi Alehouse – Ypsilanti – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
More Beer Less Pants Teamy McTeamface
Lady Business Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods
Let’s Get It Team Bunchicken
One is the Loneliest Number The Mellows
Jesus Greg Kinnear Homoerotic Trivia Montage
Greenhills Chess Club Here for the Beer
Slick Rock Rumble But Where Did The Lighter Fluid Come From?
Muzzle Punch

Minnesota – RSVP on your given day using the RSVP form

Carbone’s Kitchen & Pub – Cottage Grove – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Skydiving Grandmas What’s a Queef?
The Gays Quizney Pixar
Totes Innappropes Michaelangelo
On the Next Episode of 64 Square Feet mandatory phactcinations
Brew Haus Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and Tom
Grackle Morgan Freeman’s Semen Demons
Yes I’m Serious and Don’t Call Me Shirley Henry Rollings (He Will Be Missed)
Uno Dos Taft Dat Ass: Big Willie Style
The One-Eyed Wonder Weasels and Their Two Balls Team Voldemort
Cobra Kai Dojo Pav’s Epic Deuce
Quiz and Quaff TBD
Fulton Brewing – Minneapolis – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Punk Ass Book Jockeys Mystery Science Trivia 3000
Can’t Stop Us Meow Real Housewives of Minneapolis Featuring: Rob
House Divided Jebediah
Quizlamic State I’m only here to establish my alibi
Batman and Rum Beer, Brats, Battlestar Galactica
Sixes at Best Donkey Schlong Country
A Night to Remember 2 Guys, A Guy, and a Trivia Place
Nacho Win
McHughie Lewis & the News Toro Rosso
KelRog Shiny Side Up
Threat Level Midnight Ungrateful Biotch Hotline
Christmas Ape The Order of the Phoenix
shim sham Vagenius
Sipper + A Crêpe Happy Accidents

Ohio – RSVP on your given day using the RSVP form

Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders – Stow – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
The Best Friends Gang THE MERE CATS
I’m Not Crazy, My Mother Had Me Tested! #teamfruit
Madden Factor With Ourselves
The Polymath Pangolins Blue Barracudas
Cari Crew Progressively Drunker
Team Poopy Butt Scratch It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Books
Bar Nerds Bill & Ted’s Excellent Trivia Team
Nice Marmot Les Quizerables
Buffalo Wild Wings – Cleveland Heights – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Turd Fergusons Bastard Sons of Alex Trebek
Nation of Domination A Bugs Life
Portugal, The Artichoke Trouser Trolls
Scotty Doesn’t Know GCS 16
Guessn’ Team Nightmare
Work Hard Twerk Hard Team Cleveland
The Jovial 25 Mr Peabody
Threat Level Midnight Llama sausage pickle
Dave’s Here Just a Bit Outside
Kyle Korver Fan Club Hogburg
House Targaryen TBD
Buffalo Wild Wings – Fairview Park – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Death to Ming Fiesta at Frankie’s
Just here 4 the beer Zims
Stu’s Crew The Shit Puppets
Cleveland Awesome Trivia Chalupa Batman
I Cause Learning Prestige Worldwide wide wide
Chalupa Batman Quizalmic Extremists
Fire 100 Your Mother’s Favorite Team
Kylo Ren and Stimpy Doctor Who’s On First
Dragon Slayers Loopdy Loops
Game Time – Canton – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar The Daily Double
Rattled & Reckless Big Red Machine
Bogart $600 Pants
Dirty Martinis Glitter
Boat Drinks Seven Twenty Six
Peruvian Puff Peppers Gotcha’s
If You Ain’t 1st, You’re Last The Potent Potables
Your Mom Anybody’s Guess
Machoke On My Squirtle Dreamwolves
The Inebriated Gentlemen Tiki Mongers
Piper Down Ray Qwell WTF!
Participation Trophy Wives Making Trivia Great Again
Buckeye Nation Team ARM
Team yubyub
The District PourHouse – Columbus – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Fling It Like A Monkey Torgo
Meatloaf Mafia There’s No I in Denial
The Well Hung Jury 8 Ball
Bears I Love My Windows
Four Score & Seven Beers Ago Sporcs & Knives
Hareesh and His White Friends Fish in the Tower
Rum Ham Mom and Dad
The Draft Room – Westerville – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
purple monkey dishwasher Muggsy Bogues
Cheesdicks 21 Pontius Pilates
Actresses in the Outfield Breakfast and Coleslaw
We’re skipping Hoarders for this Multi-Generational Juggernaut
Kakuna Rattata Team Ate
Our Puppy Misses Us
Jed’s BBQ & Brew – Findlay – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Bad Sports T Squared
Dong Volume Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica
BEERS FOR FEARS What Would Brian Boitano Do?
Pebbles on Ice Lucky Chuck
The Gamers MGDK
Trivial Hirsuite The Old Styles
Very Stable Geniuses Sloth
Quiztopher Wobbin
Ralphie’s – Holland – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Brew Masters Great Minds Drink Alike
Zip-Up Hoodie Talk Nerdy To Me
Popeye You’re Killin Me Man
Yes! Yes! Yes! Smarty Pints
Nice Marmot AA
One of America’s Great Trivia Teams Tesla’s Polar Bear
Four Horns Financial Panthers
Ennui Frank Venner’s All Stars
The Regulars Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater
Little Madness The Under Achievers
Just Here for the Camaraderie A.J. Cress
Amish Rake Fight

Texas – RSVP on your given day using the RSVP form

II Brothers Grill & Bar – Plano – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Team GSD Spam on Rye
ORUs You Can’t Handle The Truth
Periodic Table Dancers Wreckin Crew
We Drink and We know things 50 Shades of Greyer Matter
There is no Spork… TBD
Halcyon – Dallas – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Players to be Named Later and Cash Considerations Funyans
DR AWKWARD Bird Brains
My drinking Team has a Trivia Problem Nigel with the Brie
Kindred Spirits TBD
Steam Theory Brewing Company – Dallas – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
I Am Groot Beyond a reasonable Stout
The Dahls Stray Cats
Parkside Playaz Back That Pass Up
White Rock Alehouse and Brewery – Dallas – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
maximillon Nancy’s gently used mattress
Daddy Warhol Doctor What?
Thinkin’ n’ Drinkin’ The Four Humours
Look to the Cookie What Can Brown Do For You?

Washington – RSVP on your given day using the RSVP form

Brewmaster’s Taproom – Renton – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Ludwig Sporcle Live with Alan
The Sporcle at Delphi Brain Trust
Untamed Shrews Game of Scones
The Prusha Wit There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand
Rabid Huskies 12 Steps
Areola Grande
The Dock Sports Bar & Grill – Seattle – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Team 510 Flancrest Enterprises
TOTs: Trivia-Oriented Teens Enumclaw Equestrian Society
Are You There God, It’s Me Margarita Hot Ham Water
The Chudley Cannons Trogdor
Mud Huts Bob Lawblaw’s Law Blog
Sediment TrapHaus Witty and Slightly Suggestive Team Name
Cobra Kai Yay! Hubris
Defeat is Assured Not Sure
Statisticuffs Brooks Ninja Warrior
Last Week’s Answer The Gurts
JJ Mahoney’s Irish Pub – Redmond – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Take Care of Your Shoes Linda
Team Rocket Enzo
BFB – Beer for Brains Too many kids
Just THREE Single Guys We Who Must Not Be Named
Voldemort Cried. He is an egg. TBD
The Lodge Sports Grille – West Seattle – 6/8/19 at 1:00pm
Mom’s Spaghetti Moist Chocolate Ladles
Hair of the Dog Pepper, PhD
Don’t Tell Our Parents We Met on Tinder Philly Special
Budget Sex Toys Something Brilliant
Good Riddance Punctuality