1. Grandma Ellen’s clue tells us that Uncle Duncan and Niece Nicole traveled by Plane, because they are the only family members of their gender in their columns.

2. Niece Nicole’s clue tells us that Great-Granddad and Great-Grandma traveled by cab.

3. Great-Granddad’s clue tells us that Sister, Mother, and Grandpa all traveled by different modes of transportation. Since Sister Sally and Mother Pamela cannot arrive by plane, Grandpa Lester arrived by plane.

4. Erin, Taylor, Sam, and Sister Sally all took cabs. Grandpa’s clue tells us that they all used the same mode of transportation. Sally did not travel by plane, and Step-Mom Taylor is in the fourth row, which does not have any train riders.

5. This leaves the train for Mother Pamela.

6. Aunt Ashley and Sister-in-Law Tiff are now the only females in their column, therefore they took a plane.

7. Combining Uncle Duncan’s and Great-Grandma’s clue tells us that Cousin Carlos took a cab. Carlos could not have taken a plane, because Grandpa is in his column and flew. Both Cousin Frank and Cousin Oliver are in the top row, and one of them must be a train rider. This leaves a cab for Carlos.

8. Aunt Carol is the only corner left, so she took a train.

9. Aunt Emily took a cab, since we already know that Aunt Ashley took a plane and Aunt Carol took a train.

10. Combining Mother Pamela and Aunt Emily’s clue tells us that Dan took a cab. We already know that one of the cousins in the top row is a train rider, and cannot be adjacent train rider.

11. Since Uncle Ben is the only one left in his row, we know he took a train.

12. Because Oliver is adjacent to Uncle Ben, we know he did not take the train. That leaves a plane for Oliver and a train for Frank.

13. Uncle Joe Jr. is adjacent to Uncle Ben, so he did not ride a train. We can also deduce that he did not fly, since Grandpa Lester is in his column and flew. Therefore, he took a cab.

14. Father Peter is the only male left in his column, so he took a plane. 

15. Baby Matilda is the only female left in her column, so she took a plane.

16. Cousin Carlos tells us there are 5 total train riders, so we know that Juan or Kevin took a train. However, Juan is in the same row as Great-Grandma, and did not take a train. Therefore, we can deduce that Kevin took a train and Juan took a plane.