1. Lavender is in D5, as she is the first person Ron ever snogged. (2/36)

2. Cho is in C5, being the Ravenclaw seeker who snogged Harry Potter. Hermione is in D1 as she is in the same row as Ron and the same column as Lavender. (4/36)

3. We know from Ron’s clue that Fred, George and Ginny are in corners. Hermione’s clue says anyone who has a twin is in the same row as their twin, therefore. Ginny is in F1. Also, since we know the Weasley twins are in Row 6 and we know from Hermione’s clue that no row has more than one set of twins, we know the Patil twins are not in Row 6. As Lavender is adjacent to Parvati and Padma is in the same row as Parvati, and every Ravenclaw in the quiz is in Column C, this means Padma must be in C4. (6/36)

4. Since Parvati is adjacent to both Padma and Lavender, she must be in D5. (7/36)

5. We know from Cho’s clue that Harry and Cedric are in B6 and D6, although we don’t know who is in which. However, Parvati’s clue tells us that everyone in Column D is in Gryffindor, so Cedric must be in B6 and Harry in D6. Ginny’s clue tells us that Harry and Michael are in the same row, and Cho’s tells us that all Ravenclaws are in Column C, therefore Michael Corner is in C6. (10/36)

6. Harry’s clue tells us that Angelina and Fred are adjacent to each other, and Cedric’s tells us that Angelina, Katie and Alicia are all in Column B. Therefore, Fred must be in A6, Angelina in B5, and George in F6. (13/36)

7. Angelina’s clue tells us that Pansy is adjacent to both Draco and Hermione. Since Column D is all Gryffindors and Column C is all Ravenclaws, this means Pansy must be in Column E. Since Fred’s clue tells us that Draco is not adjacent to Ginny, we know that Pansy is not in E1, because Draco (not being in Gryffindor) can’t be in D2, so if Pansy were in E1 he would have to be in E2 or F2, which would make him adjacent to Ginny. This leaves E2 as the only option for Pansy. (14/36)

8. As Pansy is adjacent to Draco and Draco is not adjacent to Ginny and Column D is only Gryffindors, this leaves only E3 and F3 as options for Draco. Pansy tells us that Draco is in between Crabbe and Goyle. This means Draco cannot be in E3, as Crabbe or Goyle, not being Gryffindors, can’t be in Column D. Also, Pansy tells us Luna is in Row 3, and we know already all Ravenclaws are in Column C, therefore Luna is in C3. (16/36)

9. Pansy’s clue tells us that Crabbe and Goyle are in F2 and F4 (although it doesn’t tell us which one is in which). However, Draco’s clue saying that everyone in row 4 has the same amount of letters in their surname shows that Crabbe is in F2 and Goyle is in F4. Also, Luna says she shares a diagonal with both Ron and Katie. Since we know from Cedric’s clue that Katie is in Column B, this puts Katie in B2 as that is the only way she can share a diagonal with both Luna and Ron. (19/36)

10. Katie is adjacent to people from three different Hogwarts houses. Since column C is all Ravenclaws, and Ron is in A1, this means A3 must be either a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin. Michael’s clue tells us that Ernie Macmillan is the only non-Gryffindor in Column A, therefore A3 is Ernie. (20/36)

11. Ernie share’s a diagonal with a fellow Hufflepuff from Dumbledore’s army. As column C is all Ravenclaws, this means the person in question must be in B4. As they must have five letters in their surname, this leaves Zacharias Smith and Susan Bones as the only options. Parvati’s clue tells us that Alicia is adjacent to both Zacharias Smith and Terry Boot. Alicia is in Column B, and we know from Ernie’s clue she’s not in B4, so she must be in B3 or B1. Terry is a Ravenclaw so must be in C1 or C2. Alicia cannot be in B1, because Zacharias can’t be in any of the squares adjacent to B1 as he is neither a Gryffindor nor a Ravenclaw. Therefore, Alicia is in B3, Zacharias is in B4 (can’t be in A4 as not a Gryffindor), and Terry is in C2. (23/36)

12. Zacharias tells us that every Ravenclaw in the DA apart from Marietta is in the quiz. That leaves six Ravenclaws, and we know they are all in Column C. Therefore, Anthony Goldstein is the only options for C1. (24/36)

13. Anthony says Oliver is adjacent to Marcus. As Marcus is a Slytherin and is not in Dumbledore’s Army, he cannot be adjacent to Terry, or in Column A. Alicia says Oliver’s not in Column E, therefore he must be in F5. (25/36)

14. As Flint is adjacent to Oliver, he must be in E4, E5 or E6. Combining George and Oliver’s clues ,we know that Bletchley is below Flint (Bletchley can’t be adjacent to Terry as not in DA, and can’t be in Column A as not a Gryffindor, so he must be in Column E). This means FLint is either in E4 or E5, therefore Bletchley is either in E5 or E6. Terry’s clue tells us Bletchley doesn’t share a diagonal with Katie, therefore Bletchley must be in E6. (26/36)

15. Bletchley says Nott is in the quiz. Nott, not being a Gryffindor or in the DA, must be in Column E. As he is alphabetically before Pansy, and after Flint, this means Nott is in either E3 or E4. Since his surname doesn’t have five letters, he can’t be in E4, so he is in E3. (27/36)

16. Terence Higgs, as a Slytherin, must be in Column E. Since he comes after Flint in the alphabet but before Nott, this puts Higgs in E4 and Flint in E5. As Higgs is adjacent to Colin, this puts Colin in D3. (30/36)

17. Flint says Dennis and Colin are adjacent to one another. This means Dennis is in D2. Also, Hannah can’t be in Column A as she is not a Gryffindor and can’t be in Column E as she is not a Slytherin, which leaves only B1. (32/36)

18. Bletchley tells us Neville is not adjacent to Cedric, therefore Neville is not in A5. He doesn’t have five letters in his surname, so he’s not in A4, and he’s not in Slytherin, so not in E1, therefore he must be in A2. This leaves A5 as the only option for Percy, since Draco tells us Percy is adjacent to one of his brothers. (34/36)

19. Neville tells us Peakes or Coote is in the quiz. As Gryffindors, they can’t be in E1, so whichever it is must be in A4. It’s Coote, because Peakes doesn’t have five letters in his surname. (35/36)

20. The only Slytherin in the Slug Club who is alphabetically after Pansy Parkinson is Blaise Zabini, which puts him in E1. (36/36)

All done!