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Harry Potter Logic Puzzle – WALKTHROUGH





Mcgonagall is in D3 and Moody is in B5.



Ginny is in column A, and the 4 Weasleys in the quiz are all in the corners, so Ginny must be in A5.3


Ron’s brother who is 4 years older than him is Percy. Percy shares a diagonal with Ron, and since Percy is a Weasley he must be in a corner tile, so is in E5.4


Harry is in the same diagonal as Percy and Ron according to Ginny’s clue, so he is in either B2, C3 or D4. Since Luna is adjacent to both Harry and Ginny, she must be in B4 and Harry must be in C3. This means that Remus is in B2 as he must be adjacent to both Ron and Harry.5


According to B2, Bellatrix is adjacent to Minerva, but not Remus. She is also adjacent to all 4 Triwizard champions, so must be adjacent to Harry, meaning Bellatrix is either in D2, D4 or C4. Column D is alphabetical, so Bellatrix cannot be in D4 as ‘B’ is before ‘M’. Hermione is also in column D, and so Bellatrix cannot be in D2 as then Hermione could not be in D in alphabetical order, so Bellatrix is in C4.6


Bellatrix is adjacent to 4 empty boxes, which must include Fleur, Cedric and Viktor. Neither Fleur nor Cedric can go in either D4 or D5 as this would violate the clue that says column D is alphabetical, so Cedric and Fleur must occupy B3 and C5 in some order. C4 says that Hagrid is in column B, and the only square remaining in B is B1, so Hagrid goes there. He is adjacent to a female Dursley, which is Marge, since by C3, Lily’s sister (Petunia) is not in the quiz. Ginny is the only female in column A, and Hagrid’s clue implies that C2, D3 and E4 are all Hogwarts teachers, so Marge is in C1.7


Neville is adjacent to Harry, but cannot be in B3 as we have already established that Fleur or Cedric is there. Neville also cannot be in C2 as Neville is not a professor from Harry’s education, and cannot be in D2 due to D being in alphabetical order. This leaves Neville in D4.8


By Neville’s clue, Sirius and Voldemort are in row 3. B3 is still taken by either Fleur or Cedric. E1 has a Weasley, and since no Weasley has a name beginning with ‘S’ (not one mentioned in the books anyway) E2, E3 and E4 must all have names starting with ‘S’, as 3 in column E must have this according to Luna’s clue. This means Sirius is in E3 and Voldemort is in A3.9


Cedric and Fleur are in B3 and C5 in some order which leaves Viktor in D5 as it is the only free square around Bellatrix. His clue states that Cedric is adjacent to Draco, and since Draco cannot be adjacent to C5, as their are no empty squares, Cedric must be in B3 and so Fleur is left in C5.10


According to D5, Kingsley is in this quiz, but is not adjacent to Cedric, so is not in A2, A4 or C2. Kingsley does not begin with ‘S’ and he is not a Weasley, so he cannot go anywhere in column E. This leaves either D1 or D2. By Harry’s clue in C3, Hermione is in column D, and since the column is in alphabetical order, Kingsley must be in D2 and Hermione in D1.11


According to D2 there are 2 Dursleys in the quiz. Marge is already present, and we know from Harry’s clue that neither Petunia nor Dudley are in it. This leaves Vernon as the other Dursley, and he cannot be in column E (not being a Weasley or having a name starting with ‘S’). C5 states that if Vernon is in the quiz, which we now know he is, he is in a diagonal with Dumbledore. If Vernon was in A2, he couldn’t be in a diagonal with Dumbledore. This leaves Vernon in A4, and Dumbledore in C2.12


By B3, we know that Draco shares a row with the human divination teacher (Trelawney), and we know Draco is adjacent to Cedric (clue D5). Therefore, Draco is in A2, and Sybill Trelawney is in E2.13


By clue A3, we know that Snape is in the quiz, as he was a Hogwarts headmaster during the books. Snape is not a Weasley so must be in E4. The clue in E2 says that only 2 in column E survive the series. Percy and Trelawney both survive, so we now know that E1 is a Weasley who does not survive, leaving E1 being Fred. 14


Congratulations, you’re finished!