Step 1

Fill in the given information from clues (4), (6), and (10).

(4) tells us that Nicholas bought no new outfits.

(6) tells us that Rachel has the lowest grade goal, which is 65% (from the game notes). It also tells us her favorite teacher is Mr Xue.

(10) tells us that the student whose favorite teacher is Mr Xue bought 3 outfits. This is Rachel, so Rachel bought 3 outfits.


Step 2

By clue (5), we know that at 8:00 there are 2 Math classes and 2 English classes.

By clue (7), we know that Travis shares no classes with anyone else. Therefore he is not one of the two boys in the 8:00 Math class. This means Sam must be be a boy, and that he and Nicholas are in Math at 8:00.

Since Sam is a boy, this means there are only two girls. Both Kate and Rachel are in the 8:00 English class.

Step 3

By (4), we know that Chemistry happens in-between the English classes of Nicholas and Travis. Since Nicholas cannot have English at 8:00 (that is his Math class), the order must be this:

9:00 – Nicholas’ English class
10:00 – Chemistry
11:00 – Travis’ English class.

We do not know who is taking Chemistry, so we leave that blank. We fill in the boys’ English classes.


Step 4

By (8), we know there is an 8:00 Physics class. The only student who can be in this is Travis, so we fill this in.

Additionally, we know that two students have a lower grade goal than Travis (8), and that two students have a higher grade goal than Travis (8). Thus Travis must have the middle goal, which is 75% (game notes).


Step 5

Everybody must have an English class (1), and English must occur at during every time slot (5). So far, the only student without an English class is Sam, and the only time-slot without an English class is 10:00.

Therefore Sam has English at 10:00.


Step 6

History occurs at 9:00, Music occurs at 10:00, and Gym occurs at 11:00 (2), since there are no more classes at 8:00. There are three students in History (1).

Also, Travis does not share a class with any other student (7).

Therefore Rachel, Kate, and Sam must all be in History at 9:00.

Step 7

There must be a Math class at 9:00 (3). Therefore Travis has Math at 9:00.


Step 8

Music takes place at 10:00 (2). Two students are in Music (1). Travis cannot be one of them (7).

By (8), we learn that the one with 3 new outfits (Rachel) is not one of the Music students [Rachel’s goal is below 75%, whereas both Music students’ goals are above 75%].

Therefore Nicholas and Kate are both in the 10:00 Music class. Consequently, their favorite teacher is Mr Brown (6).


Step 9

Nicholas and Kate both have goals higher than 75% (8). Since Nicholas bought no new outfits, he cannot have the highest goal (9).

Therefore Nicholas’ goal is 80%, Kate’s is 85%, and Kate bought the most new outfits: four. (9)

Additionally, Kate needs a Math class (1). Her only available time slot is 11:00, so she takes Math at 11:00. Rachel also needs a Math class, and it must be at 10:00 [There must be a Math class every hour, and Travis already has his Math class] (3).

Therefore Rachel has Math at 10:00 and Kate has Math at 11:00.


Step 10

Chemistry, recall, takes place at 10:00 (4). Therefore Travis has Chemistry at 10:00.

The Astronomy student is not the student who bought 3 new outfits (8); i.e., Rachel is not taking Astronomy.

The Music students are not taking Astronomy, either (8); i.e., Nicholas is not in Astronomy.

Therefore, Sam is taking Astronomy at 11:00. Consequently, the two Gym students (1) are Nicholas and Rachel, at 11:00.


Step 11

Since Sam is in Astronomy, he bought 2 outfits (8). Therefore his favorite teacher is Mrs Quayle (10).

Consequently, Travis bought one new outfit, and his favorite teacher is Mrs Sidhu (10).