This is a walk through for the Evil, Neutral and Good Logic Puzzle.


  • Enter E (evil), N (neutral), or G (good) for each cell.
  • “Adjacent” includes diagonally.
  • All hints in evil cells are lies.

1.) A1 tells you that D3 and E5 are both evil.

2.) According to C3, B3 must be evil.

3.) A1 tells you that the remaining two corners are good and neutral. B3 tells you that A3 and E1 are the same. E1 is a corner, so it must be good or neutral. A3 cannot be neutral, according to C3. Therefore, since A3 and E1 are the same, they must both be good.

4.) C3 now tells you that E3 must be good.

5.) A1 now tells you that A5 is neutral.

6.) E1 now tells you that Row 5 has no good. C3 tells you that Column C has no evil. Therefore C5 is neutral.

7.) E1 now tells you that Row 5 has no good. This means that one of the goods adjacent to C5 (A3’s clue) must be C4, so that the 2 goods adjacent to C5 can be adjacent to each other.

8.) According to C3, C1 must be neutral.

9.) According to C3, C2 must be good.

10.) According to C4, B5 must be evil.

11.) Since Row 1 already has two goods and E1 tells you that Row 5 has no goods, you know from C2 that the only remaining good(s) is/are in Row 4. This means that according to C4, B1 and D1 are both evil.

12.) Since the only good(s) remaining is/are in Row 4, you know E3 is talking about A5 or E5. Only corners are adjacent to exactly three cells, and you know that the upper corners are not adjacent to a good. Now according to B5, A4 or B4 or both is evil and D4 or E4 or both is evil. This means that E3 is definitely talking about E5. So E5 is adjacent to an evil in Row 4, as well as a good and a neutral somewhere. According to E1, there’s no good in Row 5, so D5 must be neutral.

13.) As established, there are at least two evils in Row 4 according to B5. D3 tells you there cannot be exactly two, so there must be more than two. E5 must be adjacent to a good, so you know that A4 and B4 are both evil.

14.) A3 now tells you that D4 is good.

15.) E3 now tells you that E4 is evil.

16.) D4 tells you that B2 is not evil. You know from C2 that B2 is not good, so it is neutral.

17.) C4 tells you that A2 must be evil.

18.) A4 tells you that not every column has a neutral. Right now Columns A-D have at least one neutral, so Column E cannot. C2 tells you E2 is not good, so it must be evil.

19.) E2 tells you that at least three rows are symmetric. Row 1 and Row 3 are symmetric. Row 4 and Row 5 are not. So Row 3 must be symmetric. So D2 is neutral.