For starters, the following lists and information will come in handy:

• Largest and smallest countries of a continent: ⟶ ASIA (Russia, Maldives)….EUROPE (Russia, Vatican City)….AFRICA (Algeria, Seychelles)…. SOUTH AMERICA (Brazil, Suriname)…..NORTH AMERICA (Canada, Saint Kitts and Nevis)

• Island countries in Europe (5): ⟶ Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Malta, Cyprus

• North American countries starting with ‘B’ (3): ⟶ Belize, Barbados, Bahamas

• Countries starting with ‘J’ (3): ⟶ Japan, Jamaica, Jordan • Largest lake in the world: ⟶ Caspian Sea

• Countries in Asia bordering exactly 1 country (4): ⟶ South Korea, Qatar, Brunei, Timor-Leste

• Largest island countries (in order): ⟶ Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Malaysia

• Countries containing the Himalayas (5): ⟶ India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan


Here we go:

1. (gets D2). A1’s Clue tells us that D2 is the largest country in the Americas. D2 is CANADA.

2. (gets C2 and A3). From the previous clue, C2 is MALDIVES….and A3 is ZAMBIA.



3. (gets B4). We know that Column 4 countries are in Asia, and Row B countries are in Europe. Therefore B4 must be in both Europe and Asia. As per the instructions, Turkey and Russia are part of both Europe & Asia. A3’s Clue rules out Turkey. Therefore, B4 must be RUSSIA.

4. (gets B2) Since Row B is in Europe, B2 can either be the smallest or largest country in Europe (either Russia or Vatican City). Russia is already used in B4. Therefore, B2 must be the smallest European country….B2 is VATICAN CITY

5. (gets B5) We already knew that Column 5 has island nations (Clue C2) and Row B is in Europe. Now we know that B5 starts with ‘C’. Of the five island countries in Europe, the only one starting with ‘C’ is Cyprus….Therefore B5 must be CYPRUS.

6. (gets C1) B5’s Clue tells us that C1 is BRAZIL.


7. (gets A2). We know that A2 is in Africa and borders Libya (B5’s Clue), and we know that A2 can either be the smallest or largest country on the continent (Algeria or Seychelles) from B4’s Clue. Since Algeria borders Libya and Seychelles does not, A2 must be ALGERIA.

8. (gets E2) By elimination, E2 must be in South America (Oceania is ruled out by Clue C1, and the other four continents are already used Column 2). From B4’s Clue, E2 can be either Brazil (largest country) or Suriname (smallest country). Brazil is already used in C1…So E2 must be SURINAME.

9. (gets B3) Brazil was formerly a colony of Portugal. A2’s Clue tells us that B3 is PORTUGAL.


**We now can figure out most of Row D:**

• D4 is in Asia… therefore D1, D2, D3, D5 are all in North America (from Clue E2).

• D3 starts with letter ‘C’ (Clue B2) and D2 is already filled… and so the three remaining open countries in the row (D1, D4, and D5) must all start with ‘B’. As a result:

• D4 is an Asian country starting with ‘B’

• D5 is an island country starting with ‘B’ in North America.

• D1 is in North America and starts with ‘B’.

• D3 is in North America, starts with C, and borders two oceans.

10. (gets D3). The only ‘C’ countries in North America bordering at least 2 oceans are Costa Rica and Canada. Since Canada is already used, D3 must be COSTA RICA.

11. (gets D5). The two ‘B’ island countries in North America are Bahamas and Barbados. Clue E2 rules out Barbados. So D5 must be BAHAMAS.

12. (gets D1). Since Barbados is excluded and Bahamas is used in D5, the only remaining ‘B’ country in North America is Belize….D1 must be BELIZE. **Now from Clue D3, we learn that D4 borders only 1 country.**

13. (gets D4). Of the 4 Asian countries bordering exactly one other country (Qatar, Brunei, South Korea, Timor-Leste), only 1 starts with ‘B’ ….D4 must be BRUNEI.

14. (gets A4). 3 countries border both Russia and China (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and North Korea). A4 is the smallest of the three…. A4 must be North Korea.


15. (gets E5). —We already knew that E5 starts with ‘J’ and is an island nation (Clues C2 and B3): it is either Jamaica or Japan. —Now from Clue A4, we know that E5 cannot border the Atlantic Ocean….Therefore, E5 must be JAPAN.

**We can now determine that E1 and E3 are in South America (from Clues D1 & A1).**

16. (gets E1). From B3’s Clue, E1 starts with ‘U’….E1 must be URUGUAY

17. (gets A5 and C5). The two largest island countries are Indonesia and Madagascar. Since 4 countries in Row A must be in Africa (Clue D4), then A5 is in Africa….A5 is MADAGASCAR ….and so C5 must be INDONESIA.


18. (gets E4). The Caspian Sea is the world’s largest lake. From C5’s Clue, E4 is the country bordering both the Caspian Sea and Indian Ocean…. E4 must be IRAN.

19. (gets C3). From C1’s Clue, we already know that C3 borders two oceans. Now from E4’s Clue we know it is in Africa. Only 2 African countries border two oceans (South Africa and Egypt). D4’s Clue ruled out Egypt…So C3 must be SOUTH AFRICA.

20 (gets C4). C4 is the only remaining unfilled country in Column 4. —From Clue C3, we know that the Himalayas passes through C4 because it doesn’t pass through any of the other countries in the column. From Clue A5, we know that C4 must be landlocked. — Out of the 5 countries containing the Himalayas (Bhutan, Nepal, China, India, Pakistan), only Nepal and Bhutan are landlocked. — Clue E1 rules out Bhutan… C4 must be NEPAL.


The only remaining cells are E3 and B1. We know E3 must be in South America and B1 in Europe.

21. (gets E3). From C4’s Clue, the quiz contains 1 ‘E’ country. —The only European country starting with ‘E’ is Estonia, which is ruled out by Clue D3. —So the ‘E’ country must be in South America…E3 must be ECUADOR.

22. (gets B1). From E3’s clue, B1 borders both Germany and Spain….B1 must be FRANCE


Congratulations— you finished!