Easily create quizzes by copying and modifying published quizzes.

Below is a list of quizzes that are pre-formatted and available to duplicate. There are two veins of quizzes that we aimed to help with on this list: map-based quizzes and specialty format varieties. By choosing to copy and modify these published quizzes, you will retain the linked map or special formatting used in them.

To copy a quiz, click the three dots near the bookmark button. You will be taken to the game editing tab of the newly copied quiz where you can modify the quiz information. Watch our tutorial video for more detailed instructions.

Map Quizzes:

For map-based quizzes, there are often similar maps that can be used repeatedly for different quiz concepts. By copying one of the quizzes below, you start with a quality map with preset markers and/or border outlines that can be edited to fit your quiz idea.


On a Map: Africa
On a Map: Asia
On a Map: Europe
On a Map: North America
On a Map: Oceania
On a Map: South America
Countries of the World
Capitals of the World
US States


Find the Countries of the World
Find the Countries of Africa 
Find the Countries of Asia 
Find the Countries of Europe
Find the Countries of North America
Find the Countries of Oceania
Find the Countries of South America
Find the US States
Find the US State Capitals

Venn Diagram:

European Countries Venn Diagram

Special Formatting:

A few Sporcle quiz varieties are simply permutations of the Classic and Clickable quiz types. They rely on specific formatting options to create their own variety of quiz. Rather than tinkering with the game options each time one of these is made, you can copy the quizzes below and have a jumping-off point for specialty quizzes.


Geography Bunker


Criteria Characters: Lord of the Rings

Grouped Answers:

Fruit Producers (Classic)
Pick the James Bond Actor (Clickable)

Logic Puzzle:

The Classroom: A Logic Puzzle


Fifty Famous Figures

Sorting Gallery:

Disney Sorting Gallery

Variable Colors in One Column:

Word Ladder: 6 Anagram Rungs

Slot Machine:

Song Title Slot Machine

Other Quiz Types:

Multiple Choice:

Sporcle Category-a-thon
Get the Picture: Tom or Jerry


9×9 Easy Sudoku
Basic Crossword Puzzle