Because the three squares around every corner always add up to more than 50 cents (Ava’s clue) and Sofia is not adjacent to either of the two half dollars (Sofia’s clue), both Yolanda and Tomas must have quarters.

Together, Nora, Dave and Jean’s coins add up to Leah’s (Tomas’ clue). This means that Leah must be quarter, as none of the values of the other coins can be reached with exactly three coins. This means that Nora, Dave and Jean have two dimes and nickel, in some order.   

Iona must be a half dollar, since the squares around each corner always add up to more than 50 cents. (Ava’s clue) Regardless of if Dave and Jean have a nickel and a dime, or two dimes, a half dollar is need to push the total over 50 cents.

The coins around Iona total 30 cents. (Iona’s clue) We know that Dave, Jean and Nora’s coins add up to 25 cents, so that means that the other five people surrounding Iona- Corey, Emelia, Hannah, Matteo and Olaf – must have pennies.

Leah told us there are two nickels in her row – by process of elimination, this must be Kendra and Nora. This means that both Dave and Jean have dimes.

Pat, Vicky and Rhonda all have the same coin (Hannah’s clue) – this can not be a quarter, since there is only one quarter in row four (Nora’s clue). It can not be a half dollar, since there are only two. (Sofia’s clue).This means that Quinton must have a half dollar, as that is the only way the squares around the bottom left corner will total more than 50 cents.

Quinton tells us that column two totals $1.10. We already have 75cents worth of coins, so Vicky’s, Blake’s and Gavin’s together must total 35cents. This can be done with a quarter and two nickels. We already deduced that Vicky can not be a quarter, so she (and Pat and Rhonda) must be nickels.

Blake and Gavin are a nickel and a quarter in some order, so Finley must be a quarter, in order to get the total of the squares around the upper left corner to be more than 50 cents.

Vicky tells us that one row has one of every coin. This must be one of the rows with the half dollars. The fourth row is completely filled in, so it must be the second row. It is missing a nickel, so Gavin must be a nickel. This leaves Blake as the quarter.

Dave’s clue tells us that Warren’s coin is worth more than double the value of the rest of his column (which is 8 cents). Since we have already placed the two half dollars, he must have a quarter.

There are four dimes (Finley’s clue), and we have only placed two so far, so both Zeke and Una must have dimes.