Introducing Badge Levels!

As anyone who has been on Sporcle for any period of time will tell you, we absolutely LOVE badges. For over seven years, we’ve been releasing three new badges every week for our users to […]


Four Billion and Counting

Sporcle is nearing its four billionth quiz play, and there will be contests and prizes! Did you know it takes about 12 days for one million seconds to elapse, but almost 32 years for one […]


What is the Theme of the Month?

Virtual games occasionally feature one pop culture theme monthly that include an abundance of games about that topic, including a tournament with a cash prize and some of the most beloved reruns. Please note, due […]


Private Events FAQs

Thank you for reaching out about Sporcle’s Private Events! Below are some FAQs that we typically receive from event customers. Whether it is a virtual event or an in-person event, these events can be a […]