Homophones of letters of the alphabet: ewe/kay/pea

Rainbow colors: blue/green/orange

Items that Oz residents filled into the lyric ‘If I only had [a/the] ___’: Brain/Heart/Nerve

Don’t Be _____, Jailhouse _____, Love Me _____: Rock/Cruel/Tender

CREDINOTIS NO A SAMPCOS [Directions on a Compass]: east/north/west

Quick! Pick the anagrams of ARROGANT, BEARCAT, and COASTING: arrogant/bearcat/coasting

Sporcle categories: Holiday/Religion/Sports

Keyboard keys: alt/esc/tab

Three words that go between HEAD and FEET to make a word ladder: heat/meat/meet

Three words that can precede ‘word’ in compound words or phrases: pass/root/swear