Game Rules:

  • Each square is an “isle,” and the number is how many bridges touch it.
  • Bridges may not cross one another.
  • Bridges must connect 2 isles.
  • Bridges with dots should be clicked first.
  • All isles must be connected.
  • Once all of an isle’s bridges have been revealed, click on it to mark it complete.
  • There is only one solution. No guessing required.
  • Be careful! If you click on a bridge intersection, you might click the wrong bridge.


1. The isle in the top left corner has 4 bridges, and there are only 4 possible bridges connected to it. Therefore, those 4 bridges are all real. Click on the isle after creating those bridges, because it is finished.

2. The isle just to the right also has 4 bridges, 2 of which we have already built. The 2 potential bridges on its right cannot be real, because they end in nothingness. Therefore, the other 2 bridges must be the 2 below it. Draw these bridges, then mark the isle as finished.

3. The isle with the 1 on it cannot build any bridges to its left, right, or above it, because bridges cannot cross one another. Therefore, its 1 bridge is below it. Bridges with dots take priority, so the leftmost bottom bridge is the real one. Similarly, the remaining bridge for the 3 isle cannot cross another bridge, so it must be the leftmost (dotted) bridge below the 3 isle.

4. This center isle has 3 bridges, 2 of which have already been built above it. The remaining bridge cannot be to its left because it cannot cross the existing bridge there (and there are no more bridges allowed to the isle there anyway), and it cannot be below it, because those bridges end in nothingness. Therefore, the last bridge must be to its right, and the one above is dotted so it takes precedence.

5. Now jump down a bit to this 4 isle. It already has one bridge built, but the isle that bridge connects to is full, so it cannot have any more bridges there. It also cannot have any bridges on its left, because those end in nothingness. It has 3 bridges remaining to be built, and 4 possible spots for them. This means that both of the dotted bridges remaining have to be real. We cannot yet tell which will be the 4th bridge, but we can draw the 2nd and 3rd bridges to this isle.

6. Now look at the bottom middle isle, which has 2 bridges. Neither of those bridges can be above it, because they cannot cross an existing bridge. The isle to its right only has 1 bridge, and the isle to its left only has enough space for one more, because its other bridge is already built to the 4 isle. This means that the 2 bridges to this middle isle have to be split between its two neighboring isles. Click on the dotted bridges, because dotted bridges take precedence.

7. Now it is possible to finish the 4 isle from before. We know that it cannot have any bridges to its left (they end in nothingness), and there is no more room to build a bridge to the isles above or below it. Therefore, its 4th bridge must be a second bridge to its right.

8. Now look at this other 4 isle. It already has 2 bridges built, so it needs 2 more. It cannot have any bridges above it, because they cannot cross existing bridges. It also cannot have any bridges below it, because those bridges end in nothingness. Therefore, its remaining 2 bridges must be built to its right.

9. This 3 isle now has 2 bridges already built to it, meaning it needs 1 more. That 1 cannot be below it, because the isle down there is already full. This means its last bridge must be built above it, and the left bridge has the dots, so it gets precedence.

10. This 4 isle has 2 bridges already built, and it needs 2 more. Those 2 cannot be to its left or below it, because the isles on those sides are already full. Therefore, both of its remaining bridges must be above it.

11. Similarly, this 3 isle has 2 of its bridges built now, and needs 1 more. That 1 cannot be above it, because those bridges end in nothingness. Therefore, the remaining bridge must be on its left, and the top bridge there takes precedence because it has the dot.

12. Finally, we have these two last isles, which both need 2 bridges built. All other possible directions either end in nothingness, would require crossing existing bridges, or would have to connect to an isle that is already full, so they can only be built to each other. The puzzle is solved!