Game Rules:

  • Each square is an “isle,” and the number is how many bridges touch it.
  • Bridges may not cross one another.
  • Bridges must connect 2 isles.
  • Bridges with dots should be clicked first.
  • All isles must be connected.
  • Once all of an isle’s bridges have been revealed, click on it to mark it complete.
  • There is only one solution. No guessing required.
  • Be careful! If you click on a bridge intersection, you might click the wrong bridge.


1. The isle with five connected bridges has 6 possible solutions, 2 towards each connected isle. This means that it must be connected to all three, with at least one bridge. Since dotted bridges are always first choice, you can safely click them.

2. Next, focus on the isle marked in the image above. It can only be connected to the isles to its left and its right, and to both of them. Again, use the dotted bridges.

3. Now take a look at the marked isle to the left of the puzzle. As the bridges to the right aren’t connected, and the bridge in the top left corner only needs one more bridge, there’s only one group of three bridges possible, as shown on the image above. Once you click the bridges, make sure to click on the two finished isles as well.

4. It doesn’t slow down from here. As shown above, the bottom left isle needs another bridge, with only one possible option (the dotted one), and this leads to the conclusion that the landing isle can only complete its set with another bridge to the 5-bridged isle. Click them, and the finished isles.

5. Due to the rule that doesn’t allow bridges to cross, the marked 1-bridged isle can only be connected to the isle above it. This leads to straightforward solution for multiple isles as shown below.

6. The bottom and the right side of the puzzle allow no doubt on how to continue. Once you click on the bridges marked above, you’ll be only one bridge away from the final solution: