Step 1

With Jordan’s clue, we know the other J children are boys: Justice, Jaime and Jayden are boys.

Step 2

With Jayden’s clue, we learn that there must be 3 boys among Angel, Ashton and Rowan. With Jaime’s clue, we know that all the children with the same initial belong to the same gender, except Avery. Consequently, Angel and Ashton must be boys and Avery a girl. The other A children are boys too: Alexis and Amari.

Step 3

The last corner, Rowan, has to be a girl, consequently. What’s more, with Avery’s clue, we learn that Dakota is a boy and London is a girl.

Step 4

Using Jaime’s clue, we can say that Riley is a girl as Rowan, and Logan a girl as London.

Step 5

Logan’s clue tells us she’s adjacent to 6 boys. She’s already adjacent to 5 boys: Justice, Jaime, Jayden, Dakota and Amari. Remain Casey, Skyler and Sawyer. Among them, one only boy. With Jaime’s clue, we know the two S children belong to the same gender. So Skyler and Sawyer are girls and Casey is a boy.

Step 6

Casey is a boy and there are two other C children: Cameron and Charlie who have to be boys too.

Step 7

We can use Riley’s clue, now. Charlie shares a diagonal with exactly two girls. It can’t be the diagonal where are Alexis, Dakota and Quinn since there are already two boys there and no enough empty boxes to put two girls. So it is the other. In this one, we have already two girls: Skyler and London. So the child who remains, Hayden, is a boy.

Step 8

We can use Justice’s clue for row 2 and column A: Taylor and Peyton have to be girls.

Step 9

We use Peyton’s clue. Two rows have already more boys than girls: rows 2 and 3. So rows 1, 4 and 5 have to contain more girls and Emerson, Quinn and Blake are necessarily girls. You win!