Book Genre Logic Puzzle

Isabelle’s clue tells us that Polly wrote politics, and Ruby wrote romance.  Ruby’s clue tells us that Betty wrote non-fiction. She can not have written a biography (Isabelle’s clue), nor could she have written true crime (Polly’s clue). Therefore, she wrote politics.

Betty tells us that two people in the fourth column wrote sci-fi. This can not be Sabrina (Isabelle’s clue), or Nora (Ruby’s clue), so it must be Xander and Derek.

Xander tells us that Queenie, Sabrina and Meredith wrote true crime, mystery and fantasy in some order. Since no one who wrote mystery is adjacent to someone who wrote crime, Meredith could not have written either of those two genres, so she wrote fantasy.

Meredith tells us that Claudie and Howard both wrote fiction, and both Meredith and Ruby also wrote fiction. Since there is at least one nonfiction author in each column (Astrid’s clue), Winston must have written nonfiction. He is adjacent to both Queenie and Sabrina, one of whom wrote mystery, so he could not have written crime (Polly’s clue). No one in the fifth row wrote politics (Derek’s clue), so Winston must have written biography.

Winston tells us that he is adjacent to two true crime writers. Since no one who wrote crime is adjacent to someone who wrote mystery (Polly’s clue) and since either Queenie or Sabrina wrote mystery (Xander’s clue), the only way this is possible is if both Queenie and Vincent wrote crime. This means Sabrina wrote mystery.

Since every column must have at least one fiction book (Astrid’s clue), and Greg wrote nonfiction (Ruby’s clue), Lucy must have written fiction. We know from Queenie’s clue that Lucy and Katia wrote biography and fantasy in some order, so Lucy must have written fantasy, and Katia biography.

Nora wrote non-fiction (Ruby’s clue), but could not have written crime since she is adjacent to Sabrina. We know from Sabrina’s clue that no row has more than one person who wrote a biography, and either Katia or Lucy wrote a biography (Queenie’s clue). Therefore, no else in the third row did. By process of elimination, Nora must have written about politics. Since Nora wrote about politics, Oliver wrote romance (Lucy’s clue).

Greg wrote a biography. He is the only person who could be the third biography author. Erik, Yvette, Felicity, Howard and Claudie all wrote fiction (Oliver and Meredith’s clues), and Joy and Terrance wrote the same genre (Katia’s clue) and so could not have written biographies (as there were only three biography authors, and two have already been identified). Ursula shares a column with Katia, and so could not have been the biography author (Sabrina’s clue), leaving only Greg.

Joy and Terrance both the same genre (Katia’s clue), which must be non-fiction. Every column must have at least one person who wrote nonfiction, and we know Eric, Oliver and Yvette all wrote fiction. They cannot have written biography, nor crime (since Terrence is adjacent to Sabrina, who wrote mystery). Therefore, they both wrote politics.

The same amount of people wrote sci-fi as fantasy (Greg’s clue). There are currently two authors in each genre identified. We also know that Claudie and Howard both wrote sci-fi or fantasy (Meredith’s clue), so there must be two other authors who wrote the other genre. They are Felicity and Ursula. We know that Felicity wrote fiction, but it can not be romance, because everyone in the second row wrote in a different genre (Nora’s clue), and it can not be mystery as either Erik or Yvette has to be mystery (Joy’s clue). Therefore, it must be fantasy or sci-fi. Since Nora, Howard, Erik and Yvette all wrote in different genres the only other person left to have written scifi or fantasy is Ursula.

Ursula did not write fantasy (Terrence’s clue), so she wrote science fiction. This means that Howard and Claudie both wrote fantasy, and Felicity wrote science fiction. No one in the fifth row wrote romance (Ursula’s clue), so Yvette wrote mystery, and Erik wrote romance.