Solutions for ‘Bluffing Cards’ quiz:


4 of Clubs – Clubs are not properly arranged. They’re in a straight line instead of in a box.

9 of Clubs – Only eight Clubs are displayed.


2 of Spades – The bottom-center Spade is upside down. It should face away from the top-center Spade, not toward it.

9 of Spades – The bottom-right 9 is upside down. It reads the same way as a 6.

Queen of Spades – Displays image of King.

King of Spades – Displays image of Queen.


4 of Hearts – Displays Diamond symbol in corners instead of Hearts.

6 of Hearts – Hearts are not properly sized. Center Hearts appear shrunken.


10 of Diamonds – Displays eleven Diamonds.

Jack of Diamonds – Missing Diamonds inside box. There should be Diamonds within the black-line outlined box.