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The Sporcleverse is Taking Over Our Twitter

After fifteen years, one thing is true about Sporcle. A robust community of people uses it to provide themselves with mentally stimulating diversions, both online and offline. And when we hear stories about our users and events players, we get really excited.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Being Sweden when the Swedish Institute let a different Swede run the country’s official Twitter account each week for a solid seven years. Or perhaps you know Being Ulti the ultimate frisbee “social experiment” that does the same thing? 

That got us to thinking. What if we could hear from a different member of our greater quizzing community every week? We are legitimately fascinated by what makes every one of you tick. Either way, this idea intrigues us, so beginning May 2nd, 2022, Sporcle on Twitter will get turned over to a new guest every week.

So, we are inviting you (yes, you) to run Sporcle’s Twitter account for one week. You can post about whatever you’re passionate about. Things like your day job, trips you’ve taken, your dog, why Taylor Swift rocks, etc. Of course, we’d love to hear about how you use or play Sporcle, but that’s never a requirement. There are (almost) no rules. The social media floor is yours.

We can’t wait to get you started! Fill out the form below to apply:

If selected, you will be provided simple rules, a timeslot, and of course, the limited-time password!

Past Guest Bios:

Week of May 2, 2022: Derek Pharr

Week of May 9, 2022: Jason Sterlacci

Week of May 16, 2022: Vivian Piña

Week of May 23, 2022: Patrick

Week of May 30, 2022: Mark Adams

Week of June 6, 2022: Max Littman

Week of June 13, 2022: HaiDang Feiler