Avada Kedavra Logic Puzzle

  1. Since Bellatrix was killed by Molly Weasley, Molly is in B3. (2/25)
  2. Everyone in Row C taught Harry DADA, therefore the options for Row C are Quirrell, Lockhart, Lupin, Crouch Jr, Umbridge, and Snape (note: Moody is not an option because, though appointed to the post of DADA teacher, he never actually taught the subject). Everyone in the diagonal from E1-A5 was killed by the same person; this includes C3, which must be a DADA teacher. Snape, Lupin, and Quirrell all die during the course of the series. Lupin was killed by Dolohov, and Snape and (kind of) Quirrell by Voldemort. Molly tells us Quirrell is not in C3. We don’t know of five people who were killed by Dolohov, so the people in that diagonal must have all been killed by Voldemort. Therefore, Snape is in C3. (3/25)
  3. Snape says a Death Eater is in C1. We already know it’s either Quirrell, Lockhart, Lupin, Crouch Jr, or Umbridge. The only one of those who was a Death Eater was Crouch, so it’s him. (4/25)
  4. Bellatrix’s clue tells us the death of E3 was ordered by Voldemort, and Crouch tells us that he didn’t kill E3 but was instrumental in bringing about his death. The only person who fits this clue is Cedric Diggory, therefore Cedric is in E3. (5/25)
  5. Bellatrix killed D5, and Cedric says D5 is a house-elf. Therefore, D5 is Dobby. (6/25)
  6. Dobby says D2 is Bellatrix’s cousin, and Snape says D2 is a Death Eater. The only one of Bellatrix’s cousins that we know was a Death Eater was Regulus Black, so he goes in D2. (7/25)
  7. Kreacher is the Elf Regulus gave to Voldemort, so he goes in D1. Also, Regulus tells us that D2 is a member of the House of Black, and Crouch Jr says that there are three Gryffindors in Column 3. Since two of the people already in Column 3 are not Gryffindors, this means D3 must be both a Gryffindor and a Black, i.e. Sirius.(9/25)
  8. Kreacher’s clue tells us that E4 is Voldemort. Sirius and Bellatrix’s clues combined tell us that B4 was a Muggle killed by Voldemort (i.e. either Frank Bryce or a member of the Riddle family). This, coupled with Barty Crouch Jr’s clue, tells us that B4 is Voldemort’s father, and A2 is Crouch Jr’s father. Therefore, B4 is Tom Riddle, and A2 is Barty Crouch Sr. (12/25)
  9. Voldemort says he possessed three people in Column 2 at some point. We know a DADA teacher is in C2, and Quirrell is the only one Voldemort possessed, therefore Quirrell is in C2. We know from Barty Crouch Sr’s clue that a Weasley child is in B2, and Ginny is the only one of them Voldemort possessed, so she is in B2. Lastly, Voldemort says he attacked E2 and A5 on the same night but only managed to kill one of them. The only person Voldemort failed to kill was Harry, therefore one of those is Harry and the other is one of his parents. Since Voldemort never possessed either Lily or James, Harry must be in E2. (15/25)
  10. Ginny says the two Professors of Muggle Studies during her time at Hogwarts are in Column 1. These are Charity Burbage and Alecto Carrow. Bellatrix’s clue tells us E1 was killed by Voldemort, therefore Burbage is in E1 and Carrow in B1. Also, Quirrell says that only one person in Column 3 lived to see Voldemort’s death. We know from Crouch Sr’s clue that A3 is a Weasley child. Molly lived to see Voldemort’s death, therefore A3 didn’t, so A3 must be Fred. (18/25)
  11. Carrow says Umbridge is not in this quiz, therefore Lupin and Lockhart are the two remaining DADA teachers (C4 and C5). Carrow also says a married couple can be found in B5 and C5. As Lockhart was not (as far as we know) married, this means Lockhart is in C4, Lupin is in C5, and Tonks is in B5. Fred says he’s not adjacent to his twin, but we know he’s adjacent to either George or Ron from Barty Crouch Sr’s clue, therefore Ron must be in A4. (22/25)
  12. Tonks says her parents are both in the quiz. We already know that either Lily or James Potter is in A5, so the only remaining spaces are D4 and E5. Lockhart says there’s only one female in Row E, and Burbage is already there, therefore Andromeda can’t be in Row E, so Andromeda is in D4 and Ted in E5. (24/25)
  13. Ted says Tonks is not adjacent to Harry’s mother (Lily). Since the one remaining space is adjacent to Tonks and is occupied by either Lily or James, this means it must be James. (25/25)