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Syllable Guide:

April – 2

Brian – 2

Chloe – 2

Danny – 2

Ellen – 2

Frank – 1

Greta – 2

Henry – 2

Irina – 3

Jacob – 2

Kayla – 2

Linus – 2

Monty – 2

Naomi – 3

Oscar – 2

Paige – 1

Rhett- 1

Stacy- 2

Tobin – 2

Vicky – 2

Waldo – 2

Xandi – 2

Yusuf – 2

Zooey – 2



1) April’s clue indicates that Irina and Naomi are safe.

2) Irina’s clue tells us that Danny, Ellen, Rhett, and Zooey are all safe.

3) Combining Danny’s and Ellen’s clues, we can determine that anyone with a Y in their name who is not on the perimeter of grid is neither the mastermind nor a victim, and is therefore safe. The only two people who fit both categories are Henry and Kayla, so they are safe.

4) Right now, the fifth column contains three safe people. Henry’s clue tells us it must have at least one victim, which can only be Yusuf.

Since Yusuf is a victim, according to Naomi’s clue, Brian must also be a victim.

5) According to Kayla’s clue, either Rhett or Henry is adjacent to the mastermind. Waldo is not touching either one, so he cannot be the mastermind. Since Waldo is not the mastermind, per Brian’s clue, Xandi must be a victim.

6) There are three people whose name ends in A: Greta, Irina, and Kayla. Xandi tells us that at least one of them is a prank victim; since Irina and Kayla are safe, Greta must be the victim.

7) Since Greta is a prank victim, we know that (per Yusuf’s clue) Linus is not. However, we don’t know if Linus is safe or the mastermind.

Right now, there is one victim and one safe person in the fourth column. According to Greta’s clue, there are fewer than three prank victims in that column, meaning that Jacob and Paige are not both victims.

Rhett states that he is adjacent to four victims; he is currently adjacent to two who are known (Xandi and Yusuf). We know that Linus is not a victim, and that Jacob and Paige are not both victims. In order for Rhett’s clue to be true, Stacy must be a victim. (One of Jacob and Paige must also be a victim, but we don’t know which one.)

8) Stacy tells us that Oscar and Chloe are both safe. Since the third column must contain at least one prank victim (Henry’s clue), Waldo must be a victim.

9) We know that one of Jacob and Paige is a victim; according to Danny’s clue, the other one is not the mastermind and must be safe. Suppose Jacob is a victim. In that case, Paige is safe. However, Jacob would then be adjacent to eight safe people, violating Waldo’s clue. Therefore Paige must be a victim, and Jacob is safe.

There are three people on the board with one-syllable names: Frank, Paige, and Rhett. According to Zooey’s clue, less than half of them (one or zero) are victims. Since Paige is a victim, Rhett (whose status we know already) and Frank must not be victims. Frank cannot be the mastermind since he is not adjacent to Rhett or Henry (Kayla’s clue), so he is safe.

10) Jacob tells us that half the corners were pranked. Right now there is one victim and two safe, so the remaining corner (Tobin) must be a victim.

With Tobin a victim, the first column has three victims. Per Paige’s clue, the remaining person in that column, Monty, must be safe.

11) Kayla tells us that the mastermind is adjacent to either Rhett or Henry. Everyone adjacent to Henry has their status accounted for, so the mastermind must be the remaining person touching Rhett – Linus.

12) Linus tells us that Vicky is safe.

13) Congratulations! Now follow the instructions from Vicky’s clue….