Marta picked two baskets. We know this because it’s the only even number (Liam’s clue) that someone could have picked more than two times the amount of (Fiona’s clue).

From Marta, we know Gideon picked three baskets.

Gideon tells us that everyone in a corner picked the same amount of baskets as the total of everyone adjacent to them. With this, we can determine that Sam picked five baskets, Yasmin and Todd each picked one basket, and Zoe picked seven baskets. (We know from Fiona’s clue that Sam picked at least five baskets. Knowing that, the only way that Zoe could pick the same amount as the total of everyone adjacent to her is this distribution).

Yasmin tells us that Kylie picked more than Quinn, who picked more than Wesley. We also know that Kylie picked an even number (Liam’s clue), and that she couldn’t have picked six baskets (Gideon’s clue). This means Kylie must have picked four baskets. Isaac picked the same as Kylie (Sam’s clue), so he also picked four baskets.

Isaac tells us that he is adjacent to people who picked every amount of baskets. Camilla must have picked three baskets, since she was the only person adjacent to him who was able to do so. (Neal and Oliver are even (Liam’s clue), Harry and Jeanne didn’t pick three baskets (Marta’s clue), and since Eliza picked the same as the total of the people surrounding her, neither she nor Daniel could have picked three baskets).

Using similar logic, we can now see that Harry must have picked five baskets (since everyone else is even or would cause the totals around the corners to be wrong), and then that Eliza must have picked seven baskets.

Since Eliza picked seven baskets, this means Jeanne and Daniel picked one and two baskets, in some order.  We know from Todd that Daniel picked an odd number, so he picked one basket and Jeanne picked two.

For Isaac to be adjacent to every amount, Neal and Oliver must have picked four and six baskets, in some order. Oliver picked double the amount Wesley did (Eliza’s clue), and we can determine from Yasmin’s clue that Wesley picked either one or two baskets (since we already determined Kylie picked four). This means that Wesley must have picked two baskets and Oliver picked four baskets, which in turn means Neal picked six baskets and Quinn picked three.

Camilla tells us that Ursula picked either one less or one more than Oliver. Since Oliver picked four, she must have picked five (or else it would be impossible for her adjacent squares to equal her baskets, since we already know Quinn picked three). This then means Peter and Victoria each picked one basket.

Zoe tells us that one row has three people who only picked one basket. We can now see that the only possible place this could be is row 4, meaning Rodney picked one basket.

Beth picked either double or half the amount of Rodney (Quinn’s clue), so she picked two baskets, meaning Abigail must have picked six baskets.