“Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future” -John F. Kennedy

In early 2020, Sporcle acquired Stump! Trivia and OpinioNation from NTN Buzztime. And while that acquisition has gone well, the understatement of the decade is that 2020 ended up with its fair share of challenges. But here we are in 2021 and trying our hardest to come out of this pandemic. As we relaunch, some changes are in store.

Time for a change…

Sporcle Live has been both a game format and a brand. We now have multiple games for people to play – Sporcle Live, Stump!, OpinioNation, Mishmash, Trivia Hunt, Virtual Trivia, and more on the way. With all these games in the fold it is time for a change. Therefore, we’ve created a new division called Sporcle Events. Going forward all our event-based experiences will be presented by Sporcle Events.

We are merging our trivia games. Sporcle Live and Stump! have many similarities. So much so that it makes the most sense to turn them into the same game. We want to be able to provide a consistent, high-quality experience for our players and partnered venues. Running one trivia game, using the same rules and content, is the best way to do so. We took what players loved the most about Stump! and what they loved the most about Sporcle Live and combined them.

Starting on Tuesday, September 7th, all of our trivia shows will be called Stump! Trivia Quiz (presented by Sporcle Events).

How it works:

The game format will be updated as follows:

  • Two one-hour games will be played each night. (Virtual games will continue to be one-game only)
  • The regular round will have eight questions, with the point values 1-8 being available for each question. You can use each point value once per game.
  • After the 4th and 8th questions, there will be a Mystery Round. Mystery Rounds will continue to be four questions worth two points each.
  • Each game ends with the Call Your Shot Final Question. Teams can wager up to 15 points on this question based on their confidence in the category.

At a high level, here are some other things we are actively working on, which you can expect to see soon.

  • Post Game Recaps – if you are a registered team or provide your email in our digital answering service, you’ll receive a quick recap of the game the next day in your inbox. This includes venue ranks, state ranks, total scores, and more.
  • League Play Returning – We are currently targeting the new year for a return to league play. This will include venue tournaments and a “cash tour” with games around the country that have larger cash prizes. Previously, Stump! and OpinioNation shows didn’t have a league, but that will no longer be the case. In the meantime, you can play in our 10 for 10 Trivia Challenge.
  • Team Pages – All registered teams have their own page on sporcle.com currently. We are working on making some cool enhancements to these that will recognize certain milestones your team achieves.

In closing:

More than anything we wanted to say thank you to our players and partners. Whether you played in our virtual shows (which you still can), tried Trivia Hunt, or played quizzes on our site, we are so grateful for sticking with us during these challenging times. We believe that our trivia events are more than just showing off knowledge and winning prizes. Our events build community and bring people together and we are incredibly thankful for all the folks that come out each night and play.

Sporcle Events is ready to take you all on whichever mentally stimulating diversion you choose. Sporcle On!

-The Sporcle Events Team