What is SporcleBot

SporcleBot is a built-in bot that hangs out in your online friends box. SporcleBot is a chatbot but also the bot that drives Challenges and sets the bar for quizzes you play on Sporcle by showing up in your Friends’ Results on quizzes.

Here are a few ways you could use SporcleBot:

  • To find answers to your questions about Sporcle.
  • To find random quizzes.
  • To setup challenges.
  • To find fun badges to earn.

Note: If you do not want to see SporcleBot, you can disable it. Go to your settings page and uncheck Show SporcleBot in Online Friends list, save and then refresh your page.

Get answers to your questions about Sporcle

If you need help with how to do something on Sporcle, like How do I create a quiz? or What is Sporcle Live? just ask SporcleBot and it will do its best to help. SporcleBot uses Sporcle’s FAQ so if you don’t see your question answered, drop us a line and we can try to get it added.

Find quizzes and badges

SporcleBot can return a random quiz or if you want to get more specific it can give you a random quiz in category or subcategory.

As an example, you could type in Random Movies quiz and SporcleBot will give you a randomly selected quiz in Movies. If you like movies, but want to get more specific, you could ask for a quiz in a given subcategory, for example: Random James Bond Quiz.

Challenges and friend’s scores

Sporclebot shows up in the Friends’ Results on quizzes. SporcleBot is not actually “playing” the quizzes. The score you see there is simply a “target score” that SporcleBot uses for challenges. Note: the score may change if the average score on the quiz goes up or down. You can challenge SporcleBot to quizzes from the Challenge page or from within the chat window by clicking the menu and selecting Challenge.

We are adding more to SporcleBot to help with your Sporcle experience. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy.