Surnames of Members of Queen or The Beatles

Tailor (Taylor)

Beacon (Deacon)

Garrison (Harrison)

Lennox (Lennon)

Stair (Starr)


Genres Recognized at the Grammy Awards

Pip (Pop)

New Ape (New Age)

Rack (Rock)

Reggie (Reggae)

Rip (Rap)


Mononymous Artists with a 2010s Billboard #1

Addle (Adele)

Drape (Drake)

Horde (Lorde)

Pitball (Pitbull)

Rizzo (Lizzo)


Spice Girls Nicknames

Babs (Baby)

Scarf (Scary)

Linger (Ginger)

Mosh (Posh)

Shorty (Sporty)


Brass Instruments

Crumpet (Trumpet)

Tuna (Tuba)

Corset (Cornet)

Bogle (Bugle)

French Corn (French Horn)