Roald Dahl Title Characters

Jambs (James)

Dandy (Danny)

Batilda (Matilda)

Mr. Box (Mr. Fox)


Members of the Fellowship of the Ring

Jerry (Merry)

Pipkin (Pippin)

Ham (Sam)

Gigli (Gimli)


Shakespearean Tragedy Title Characters

Julien (Juliet)

Rodeo (Romeo)

Timor (Timon)

Haslet (Hamlet)


Pevensie Children in The Chronicles of Narnia

Sudan (Susan)

Emmund (Edmund)

Lacy (Lucy)

Pater (Peter)


March Sisters from Little Women

Both (Beth)

Any (Amy)

Go (Jo)

Mug (Meg)


Stark Children from A Song of Ice and Fire

Reckon (Rickon)

Santa (Sansa)

Anya (Arya)

Robe (Robb)