Intro to New Quiz Creation Tools

Today we’ve released v1.0 of our Quiz Creation Tools, and below you fill find some tips and images to help you get started in finding and working with a few of the new features.


Help Center

If you have questions about features or functionality at any point during your quiz creation experience, simply click the Help Center icon at the bottom of all quiz creation pages. This will slide up a series of tips and explanatory text about features in the tools for your reference.










Save Changes

In Sporcle’s old quiz tools, changes to the quiz data table were automatically saved as soon as you finished changing a row.  Now all changes when editing quizzes must be saved with the ‘Save Changes’ button, shown here.  If your quiz requires large-scale changes (including redrawing of shapes for Map or Picture Click quizzes), this allows your changes to be made in one shot without the quiz ever existing in a broken state for players midway through your updates.


Add a Quiz Icon

If you’d like to upload an icon to display on your quiz page, simply click the button indicated in the image shown below.









Classic Quiz Style Preview

When designing a Classic quiz, if you’d like to see how your font and background colors will look during quiz play, simply flip on the Preview toggle and you’ll see the colors & sizes updated directly on your data grid!



Right-Click Context Menus in the Data Grid

For all quiz types (except Grid type), the Data & Style tab contains a variety of right-click context menus to help you complete common quiz editing tasks (as well as some brand new features). A few of these features are outlined below.  Please note that the ‘Copy Row(s)’, ‘Copy Column(s)’, and ‘Copy Tables’ features are available only to Orange subscribers.

Adding, Moving, Deleting, and Clearing Rows

(Hold shift or control to multi-select rows in order to delete or clear many at once.)


Sorting, Clearing, and Swapping Columns

(Hold shift or control to multi-select columns in order to swap them, or clear multiple at once.)


Clearing or Deleting the Entire Data Table


Importing Styles from Another Quiz

On your Data & Style tab, click the icon indicated below to import the styles from any other Sporcle quiz of the same type.


Importing Advanced Options from Another Quiz

On your Advanced tab, click the icon indicated below to import the options from any other Sporcle quiz of the same type.  This can be extremely useful if you’re trying to replicate the play-style of another quiz you’ve seen, but aren’t quite sure which combination of settings would need to be used to achieve that quiz’s behavior.


Table View for Multiple Choice Quizzes

In the past, Multiple Choice quizzes have only been editable through ‘Form’ view, interacting with one question at a time.  Form view is still available, but we’ve also added a new toggle (shown here) to access Table view with the ability to edit all questions and answers at once.  Are you making a Get the Picture quiz and looking to update one of the image URLs across 24 individual questions?  Just switch to Table view, clear the column, and paste in your new URL to all the rows in a matter of seconds!


Enhanced Map Layout Functionality (Map & Picture Click Quizzes)

We’ve added a lot of new functionality to the Layout page for Map & Picture Click quizzes.  A few of those features are outlined here.

Zooming to Draw Map Shapes

Need to draw some tiny shapes around small countries?  Just zoom in with the layout tool, all the way up to 600% and edit with precision!

Editing Individual Map Coordinates

By selecting a label or map shape, you can now edit its coordinates manually to ensure exactly placed text, precise shapes, perfectly drawn rectangles, and more.









Improved Snap-to-Grid Functionality

Not only will the tool now remember your previous snap settings, it’s also now possible to snap drawn shape points to the grid when dragging an existing point with snap turned on. Snap also gives you live feedback of the snap position while you drag labels around the image.



This is just a sampling of features available in the quiz tools. With its modernized code base, this new quiz editing version allows us the flexibility to build upon, fix, improve, and enhance the tools in line with web technologies for years to come. Mobile Web quiz editing is coming soon, and we’ll also continue to enhance and upgrade quiz tools with new features and adjustments based on your feedback (which can be shared in this thread). We hope you like what you see!