25 More Weird Animal Trivia Facts

Every now and then you just need a random fact to drop into a conversation to keep things moving. We get it, we know how the break room gets awkward like that sometimes. Either that or you were forced to do some really weird icebreaker that involved odd facts, and something animal-related seemed kind of like a safe bet because who doesn’t like animals? Anyway here are some weird animal trivia facts to keep in your back pocket for your next lunch break. Maybe it’ll be relevant at your next trivia night too.

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More Weird Animal Trivia Facts

1. Polar bear fur isn’t actually white. For the most part, their fur is hollow and transparent. Their undercoats aren’t hollow, but still remain colorless. 

2. Woodpeckers have weird tongues. They actually wrap around their skulls. This is so their tongues make a functional helmet so they don’t give themselves constant concussions whenever they bang their beaks against trees.

3. Either that or woodpeckers are just constantly concussed.

4. Dolphins get high on pufferfish.

5. The nine-banded armadillo always gives birth to quadruplets. 

6. Pooping is one of the most dangerous activities a sloth does. They poop on the ground, and as we know sloths are quite slow. So they’re extra vulnerable. It’s one of the only times they leave their tree perches. You are probably unsurprised to learn that they poop like… only once per week. Anyway next time your friend says they were fighting for their life in the bathroom, remind them at least they aren’t a sloth.

7. Some wild koala populations have a 100% infection rate for chlamydia.

8. Ostrich eyes are bigger than their brains.

9. Kiwis can’t eat for a few days before they lay their eggs. This is because there is literally no room in their bodies for food. The egg takes up like 15-20% of the kiwi’s total mass. 

10. Almost every mammal’s heart beats about 1 billion times throughout its lifetime. From rats to blue whales to humans. 

11. The Ogre-faced netcaster is a spider with eyes so sensitive they can’t use their eyes during the day. To solve this problem, the spider digests its retina during the day, and then they regrow their retinas every evening.

12. When George Murray Levick was studying penguin behavior for the first time between 1910 and 1913, he found that their mating rituals were so depraved he recorded everything in Greek so less people could read it. When his broader findings were published in English, the mating ritual stuff was deemed so shocking it got removed to “preserve decency.” 

13. Opossums have a body temperature so low they’re almost immune to rabies.

14. Blue whale fart bubbles are so big you could maybe fit a horse inside them. This, however, is hotly debated. What is not debated is that blue whales fart regularly.

15. Many marine mammals like dolphins and seals have finger bones.

16. Grasshoppers predate grass by about 184 million years. They came about around 250 million years ago. Modern grass dates back about 66 million.

17. Time for less heinous mating rituals, geese mate for life.

18. Sea bunnies are kinda cute. That’s it, that’s the fact.

19. Scallops have like 200 eyes.

20. There has never been a documented case of a naked mole rat getting cancer as of 2023.

21. This isn’t really an animal fact, it’s more a legal fact but a parrot could testify against you in court. 

22. Some turtles can breathe through their butts.

23. Lionesses can and have grown manes.

24. Dragonflies kill 95% of the things they go after. Also, they catch like everything in midair, so it’s not like they’re just waiting around to ambush something.

25. Cicada emergence cycles are always on prime numbers so they don’t interfere with other broods. So cicadas are probably better at math than you. 

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