SporcleCon 2024: Introducing The Mystery Rounds!

SporcleCon 2024: Introducing The Mystery Rounds!

Welcome to SporcleCon 2024, the ultimate gathering for trivia enthusiasts, puzzle solvers, and fun-seekers! 

SporcleCon has been a beacon of trivia fun for the past couple of years, drawing in crowds from all walks of life. It’s not just about answering questions; it’s about experiencing a community of curious minds, sharing laughs, and creating memories. Whether you’re a trivia veteran or a newbie, SporcleCon is the place to be!

This year, we’re bringing back a much-loved game that combines wits, knowledge, and laughter into a fantastic blend – The Mystery Rounds. It’s not just a game; it’s a rollercoaster of brain-tickling challenges that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Welcome to the Mystery Rounds

If you’ve ever attended a Sporcle Event, then you are probably familiar with what we call “Mystery Rounds”. In a typical Pub Quiz game, Mystery Rounds are mini-themed rounds where each correct answer is worth 2 points. 

At SporcleCon, we’ve taken some of our favorite Mystery Rounds and combined them into one 8 round game. Expect Before & Afters, Anagrams, Twisted Titles, and more.

Last year’s Mystery Rounds were a blast! Take a look below and see for yourself.

Flashback to Last Year

Here are a few selected Mystery Round questions from last year’s event. How many of these answers do you know? (You can check your answers at the bottom of the post.)

1Also a Disney Princess  The correct answer to each clue is also the name of a Disney princess.  

1. Third-most populous city in Colorado, after Denver and Colorado Springs  

2. Word that completes the name of an indie pop band: _____ and Sebastian  

3. Variety of rice grown in Southeast Asia  

4. First name of the actress with the last name Winter, who starred on Modern Family
2Director Quickfire  For this mystery round, your team can give four answers and can put them in any order you choose. Teams will receive two points for each correct answer.

Name the four films for which Stanley Kubrick earned a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Director. Those films were released in 1964, 1968, 1971, and 1975.
3Before and After  Combine the two clues to form a single answer.

Answers may share a word, part of a word, or a syllable.

For example, if given “Capital of Utah AND 1991 Western comedy film starring Billy Crystal,” you would answer, “Salt Lake City Slickers.”

1. Generic name for Vaseline AND main setting for Yogi Bear cartoons

2. TV series that produced the spin-off series Torchwood AND hit song by the Baha Men that was released in 2000

3. Most recent addition to the U.S. Supreme Court AND artist whose works include the 1950 painting Autumn Rhythm

4. U.S. president who succeeded James A. Garfield AND tennis player for whom the main stadium of the U.S. Open is named
4First Capitals  Name the U.S. state based on the first city that served as that state’s capital.

Note: “First city” refers to the capital at the time the state entered the Union.

1. San Jose (1849–1851)

2. Huntsville (1819–1820)

3. New Bern (1789–1792)

4. Kaskaskia (1818–1820)
5Twisted Titles  The correct response to each part is a song that peaked in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1988 with just ONE letter changed. Give the new title based on the description.

For example, if given “Eric Carmen’s ode to the ravenous females in a flock of sheep,” you would say “Hungry Ewes,” which is one letter different from “Hungry Eyes.”

1. Robert Palmer gets feelings like he’s never felt before despite his love’s unfortunate acne problem

2. Michael Jackson sees the reflection of a Chrysler Pacifica while deciding to make a change for once in his life

3. Tracy Chapman wonders if your clenched hand vehicle is speedy enough to fly away

4. Guns N’ Roses is reminded of childhood memories by a young person born during an icy rainstorm
6Book Title Mash-up  Name the author based on the mash-up of book titles.

1. The Grapes of Cannery Row

2. Gregor and the Code of Mockingjay

3. The Bonesetter’s Joy Luck Wife

4. The Runaway Pelican Brief
7Initials to Elements  Name the element on the periodic table with a two-letter symbol that is the same as the initials of the person described in each clue.

Give the full name of the element, NOT the person’s name or initials!

For example: If given “Singer who, according to the title of his 1987 hit song, is ‘Never Gonna Give You Up,’” you would answer, “Radium,” because Rick Astley = Ra = Radium.

1. Host of the PBS show The Joy of Painting from 1983 to 1994

2. Singer known for the songs “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and “Let’s Get It On,” among others

3. Milwaukee Bucks player nicknamed “The Greek Freak”

4. Actress whose main roles on TV include the title character on Felicity and Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans
8TV Debuts in Order  For this mystery round, there are four answers, and they must be placed in the correct order. Teams will receive two points for each answer that is in the correct spot 1–4.

Place the following Apple TV+ original programs in order according to when they debuted, beginning with the earliest.

Ted Lasso
The Morning Show

SporcleCon 2024 is Calling!

SporcleCon is more than just a trivia event; it’s a festival of fun and camaraderie. With special guests, surprise events, and fantastic prizes, there’s something for everyone!

The 2024 version will bring a mentally stimulating weekend to Detroit from August 16-18, 2024. Trivia events for individuals and teams of every skill level will be held all along Woodward Avenue, including at The Fillmore, The Madison, and One Campus Martius.

Ready to dive into the world of trivia and fun? 


Answers – The Mystery Rounds

1Also a Disney Princess  1. Aurora
(from Sleeping Beauty)

2. Belle
(from Beauty and the Beast)

3. Jasmine
(from Aladdin)

4. Ariel
(from The Little Mermaid)
2Director Quickfire  Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

2001: A Space Odyssey

A Clockwork Orange

Barry Lyndon
3Before and After  1. Petroleum Jellystone Park
(Petroleum Jelly + Jellystone Park)

2. Doctor Who Let the Dogs Out
(Doctor Who + “Who Let the Dogs Out”)

3. Ketanji Brown Jackson Pollock
(Ketanji Brown Jackson + Jackson Pollock)

4. Chester A. Arthur Ashe
(Chester A. Arthur + Arthur Ashe)
4First Capitals  1. California

2. Alabama

3. North Carolina

4. Illinois
5Twisted Titles  1. Pimply Irresistible
(“Simply Irresistible”)

2. Van in the Mirror
(“Man in the Mirror”)

3. “Fist Car”
(“Fast Car”)

4. “Sleet Child o’ Mine”
(“Sweet Child o’ Mine”)
6Book Title Mash-up  1. John Steinbeck
(The Grapes of Wrath + Cannery Row)

2. Suzanne Collins
(Gregor and the Code of Claw + Mockingjay)

3. Amy Tan
(The Bonesetter’s Daughter + The Joy Luck Club + The Kitchen God’s Wife)

4. John Grisham
(The Runaway Jury + The Pelican Brief)
7Initials to Elements  1. Bromine
(Bob Ross = Br = Bromine)

2. Magnesium
(Marvin Gaye = Mg = Magnesium)

3. Gallium
(Giannis Antetokounmpo = Ga = Gallium)

4. Krypton
(Keri Russell = Kr = Krypton)
8TV Debuts in Order  1. The Morning Show
(November 2019)

2. Ted Lasso
(August 2020)

3. Schmigadoon!
(July 2021)

4. Severance
(February 2022)