Badges of the Week: Game On and First Course

It’s a double dose of badges this week!

Game On: We love a good game, whether it’s the classic board game, the challenging card game, or an always fun video game! Roll the dice and try your luck in earning this week’s badge…and if you don’t, you’ll be Sorry! Play 5 quizzes in each Gaming subcategory you haven’t played before.

First Course: This is an opening meal fit for any Sporcler! This is the perfect badge for those who love our most popular categories, and for new users just starting out! Catch the badge bug…while eating mozzarella sticks! Play one Geography, one Sports, one Just For Fun, one Movies, and one Miscellaneous quiz.

There are TWO date specifics badge to earn this week:

FIFA World Badge: The Women’s World Cup begins this week, and we’re super excited to cheer on the US Women’s Team…as well as a whole bunch of other squads (what can we say, we’re homers?)! Root for your nation and earn this badge! Play at least 50 World Cup quizzes during the FIFA Men’s or Women’s World Cup (July 20 – August 20, 2023).

One Small Step: This Thursday celebrates the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing! Take one giant leap into badgekind and earn this badge! You can even moonwalk to celebrate! Get 50% or more on To the Moon!Neil Armstrong’s Moon Landing Quote, and Moon Walkers on July 20 (Date of the Moon Landing).

And here’s a random badge from the vault!

Smarter Than the Average Badge: Not earning this badge would be a real boo-boo! Earn this badge, whether or not you need a Scooby Snack! Get 50% or more on Pick the Hanna-Barbera CartoonsHanna-Barbera Cartoon Characters, and Hanna-Barbera Character Match-Up.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.