Sporcle Events Newsletter Bonus Questions – Week of 5/8

Newsletter Bonus Questions
Week of 5/8/23

Monday 5/8 – Smiling Buddha was the code name of the first nuclear bomb test in what country?

Tuesday 5/9 – Ludo is another name for what board game in which the objective is for players to roll dice to move their pieces from the start position to their home base?

Wednesday 5/10 – An illustrated zombie-like character named Eddie appears on the covers of all of the albums by what heavy metal band?

Thursday 5/11 – Richard Harris, Michael Gambon, Jude Law, and Toby Regbo have all played what character on film?

Friday 5/12 – What American brand of salad dressing is named for the Kansas City restaurant where it was first made in 1945?

Saturday 5/13 – What chemical compound, commonly used as an anesthetic in surgery or dentistry, is also known as “laughing gas”?

Sunday 5/14 – What famous Russian jewelry firm is famous for the intricately decorated eggs made for royal households?

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