Sporcle Events Newsletter Bonus Questions – Week of 5/22

Newsletter Bonus Questions
Week of 5/22/23

Monday 5/22 – The comic book series The Umbrella Academy was created and written by the lead vocalist of what alternative-rock band?

Tuesday 5/23Due to its appearance in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a common sailor’s superstition says that it is bad luck to kill what kind of bird?

Wednesday 5/24 – With the longest running cosmetics contract of any model in history, Christie Brinkley spent 25 years as the face of what cosmetics company?

Thursday 5/25 – The Swiss Guard is a small military unit established in 1506 that most-prominently serves to protect what world leader?

Friday 5/26 – What semi-soft white fat from pigs is often used in cooking as a substitute for shortening or butter?

Saturday 5/27 – What type of sleeveless undergarment for women gets its name from the French meaning “shirt”?

Sunday 5/28 – Louie, an unusually colored polar bear, has served as the mascot of which NHL team since 2007?

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