Countdown to Five Billion: Wrap-Up

Countdown to Five Billion: Wrap-Up

Five Billion Quiz Plays and Counting!

Hey Sporclers! Our Countdown to 5 Billion has officially come to an end. We are happy to announce that Sporcle surpassed 5 billion quiz plays on Wednesday, May 3rd, at 5:51:08 PM (PDT)! Thank you to all of our devoted users who have helped us reach this monumental achievement. From the early days of Sporcle to now, our users have been at the heart of our success. We are grateful for your loyalty and dedication to our little trivia site.

If you’ve been on the Homepage, hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out Quest 3: Find The Florins which was unlocked upon hitting 5 billion. Quests are a fun way for us to say “thank you” to the Sporcle community as we offer a slightly different kind of challenge on our site.

Of course, as we celebrate this milestone we also want to recognize the winners of our various contests and challenges leading up to this moment. Your participation and enthusiasm have made this journey even more fun and exciting for us, and we hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did!

Five Billion Winners

The Five Billionth Quiz Play Sweepstakes

The rules for our Five Billionth Quiz Play Sweepstakes were simple, but winning was no easy task – play the five billionth quiz and win a $500 American Express Gift Card.

A massive congratulations goes out to archman for being the lucky quiz player! Their play on Pick 5 in 15: Meryl Streep was number 5 billion.

In addition to securing a spot in the Sporcle history books, they also get an Oscar nomination just for being near that quiz.

5-5-5 Quiz Play Giveaway

The 5-5-5 Quiz Play Giveaway was an easy way for everyone to get involved in the Five Billion Celebration. Users were encouraged to play as many different quizzes as they could between April 1st and our five billionth quiz play. The more unique quizzes played during that time frame, the higher prize level that player entered.

We randomly selected FIVE players from each of the three levels to win prizes. Congrats to the following Sporclers!

Level 1
Play 5 Unique Quizzes and win 100 FlorinsMirkwoodMirage, gastly, Flake, GastonLagaffe, and jenniferyan

Level 2
Play 55 Unique Quizzes and win a Month of Orange and 200 Florinsstrahinelijah, Wigbold, AstronoMae, Ehhhhhh, and blahquabats

Level 3
Play 555 Unique Quizzes and win a $20 Amazon Card, a Month of Orange, and 500 FlorinsC26mps, bmccutchanjr, amaranth23, InTheLifeAnyway, and jennag16

Five Badg-illion Badge Making Contest

For the Five Badg-illion Badge Making Contest, participants had to create a playlist of exactly five quizzes, all tied together by a common theme, and give it a name. Then our staff voted on our favorite. Congratulations to Doctor_Arzt and their binge-worthy badge – Family Viewing, which requires getting 50% or more on a set of 5 family TV quizzes.

Not only will they see this badge actually made and become earnable on Sporcle, but they’ll also receive a Month of Orange and 500 Florins. 

Gimme Five Quiz Making Contest

We don’t reach five billion quiz plays without having fun, educational, and interesting quizzes, so we thought a quiz creation competition seemed appropriate. The main the main criteria in the Gimme Five Quiz Making Contest was that quizzes must contain either the word Jupiter or the names of at least one of the five Jovians (Ruckus, Ayanna, Sploosh, Hinata, or Keith) somewhere within it — either as an answer or in a question.

rae_cat was the big winner of this contest. Our staff really enjoyed playing through their winning quiz, Cats as the Solar System. It’s hard to beat cats in meow-ter space!

For this prize, we’re awarding a Month of Orange, 500 Florins, and we’ll also be featuring the quiz on the Sporcle Homepage in the coming week!

The Haiku Game

The Haiku Game was a forum game in Sporcle Groups where players were asked take the last line of the haiku before them, and use it as the first line in creating their own haiku. The winner of the contest was the user with the most up-voted haiku. Congrats to Tom_the_Terrible and your winning poem!

It is almost time!
For me to eat my dinner.
Hmm – fish or tacos?

We also selected one other random user who commented in the thread for a prize, and that was Leftcontact

Congrats to you both! You’ll receive a Month of Orange and 200 Florins. And now we’re hungry.

Five Letter Frenzy

Five Letter Frenzy was our other forum game. Players were given 5 letters by the player before them, and they had to create an acronym by saying what those letters stand for. Like with The Haiku Game, we had two winners – the user with the most up-voted acronym, and one other person who was randomly selected. 

A round of applause to Dragonhoff and your winning acronym for Y.E.P.P.A – Y’all, Everybody Prepare Precious Acronyms! With almost 1,000 comments in this forum game, it’s clear that everybody did in fact prepare precious acronyms. 

And a tip of the cap to Terryisawesome for being our other lucky winner. You’ll both receive a Month of Orange and 200 Florins!

Find Five Jovians Mini-Quest

We were thrilled this time around to be able to create an actual landing page for our Billions celebration, and people quickly noticed that with it came a mini-quest. We sent users searching around the site for our five friends from Jupiter. 3,937 users were able to find all five Jovians, and we randomly selected one of them for a prize.

Congratulations to tobiasofia. You were our mini-quest winner, and have won a Month of Orange and 200 Florins!

Unfortunately, you now have 5 alien beings in your care. Remember, don’t put the Jovians near bright light, don’t get them wet, and don’t feed them after midnight!

Thanks to all that participated!