Badge of the Week: Ding Dong Ditch

Note: Sporcle does not condone ringing doorbells and running away.

Ding Dong Ditch: We’re honoring longtime user senordingdong and are genuinely hoping you don’t hit a whammy while playing these quizzes in his honor! He’s a master of Multiple Choice quizzes, so we thought this format was only fitting! Play 25 Multiple Choice quizzes by senordingdong in a single day.

We have TWO date specific badges for you to win this week:

Let the Wookiee Win: This Thursday is Star Wars Day, which means this is your chance to go to a galaxy far, far away and earn this badge! We have hope that you’ll strike back and earn this badge! Play Star Wars EpisodesStar Wars Crawl, and Star Wars Planets on May the Fourth.

Cinco de Mayo: This Friday is Cinco de Mayo, and we’ve updated our badge art for you to enjoy! Earn the badge and admire the beautiful updated art while celebrating Mexico’s culture, history, heritage, and food! Get 50% or more on Mexican Food by ImageCinco de Mayo, and Mexico by Sporcle Category on May 5th.

Time is running out for you to earn the Billionaire Club badge! Get it now or you’re going to wait for six billion!

Billionaire Club: We’re in the home stretch for our five billionth play! That means this is your last chance to earn Billionaire Club until we’re really close to six billion! You’ve only got a few weeks, so hurry and earn this now! Before we hit five billion plays, get 100% on 5 quizzes in each category you haven’t played before.

And here’s a random badge from the vault!

Tree Spree: We love Katie_Wandering’s Trees Logic Puzzles so much, that we felt the series needed a badge! Earn this outside under a real tree while you logic out where the digital ones go on these grids! Get 100% on 25 quizzes from the Trees Logic Puzzles playlist.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.