Sporcle Events Newsletter Bonus Questions – Week of 4/3

Newsletter Bonus Questions
Week of 4/3/23

Monday 4/3 – A 2019 version of what board game, subtitled Socialism: Winning is for Capitalists, includes spaces named “Together We Rise Bakery” and “Common Comforts Hotel”?

Tuesday 4/4 – Bada Bing! is the name of the strip club owned by a title character on what TV series?

Wednesday 4/5 – What 2018 Netflix film spawned a number of memes and parodies featuring people wearing blindfolds?

Thursday 4/6 – In 2004, the game Operation added an ice cream cone-shaped piece, which references what temporary ailment?

Friday 4/7 – Which of the Great Lakes is the smallest, as measured by total surface area?

Saturday 4/8 – Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong’o, and Zendaya have all been spokespeople for what cosmetic brand that is a subsidiary of L’Oréal?

Sunday 4/9 – What conflict, which lasted from 1950-1953, is sometimes referred to as “The Forgotten War”?

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