Using Sporcle Events to Determine the Smartest State

Which Sporcle Events State is the Smartest?

We’ll be honest. We’re fascinated by data. We love to analyze it and use it to make Sporcle Events quizzes the best they can be. We use it to determine how difficult the questions should be at each location and more. 

But we can also use data to determine which state in our fine country is the “smartest.” Of course, the only scientific way that could ever be used to figure this out would be to look at the average score of teams who play Pub Quiz and Stump. We’re here to provide that insight. 

The Rules

We looked at the last eight weeks of scores for every night of trivia we hosted. Sporcle hosts trivia nights in over 30 states, but for this exercise, we only included a state for consideration if they host at least five weekly nights with us. So, while they are not included in the list, states like New York and New Hampshire have very high average scores, but we don’t host enough games there to include them. We also did not include our virtual teams as we’d require a better way to know which state they are all playing from. Many of those teams have team members in different states.

There are 136 possible points to earn in a single night of Pub Quiz and Stump. The average score for the last eight weeks has been 72.1. There were 24 states in consideration. With that, here are the top five states.

5. Hawaii – 72.8

It’s not all sun and surfing out in the Pacific. Teams like Mass Hysteria, House, and The Small Council regularly raise average scores. Thus far, the Oahu teams have outperformed the Big Island teams.

4. Virginia – 73.9

Virginia residents are more educated than ever before. CNBC says they are the second-most intellectual state behind Massachusetts. According to new data from the Lumina Foundation, 59% of the state’s adults have earned a college degree, certificate, or credential. We’re glad to see that Virginia isn’t just for lovers… it’s also for trivia.

3. Iowa – 74.1

If you build it, they will come. And Iowa has built itself a bunch of trivia juggernauts. The current top team in the state is The New And Improved Fridays Out Front. They’re already well over 2,000 points on the season. Almost every Iowa location that hosts Sporcle Events is packed to the gills, with The Hall leading the way, typically with over 100 players each week.

2. Ohio – 74.2

As of this writing, 22 teams in Ohio have earned over 1,000 points in the current season. The knowledge is very spread across the state, with Columbus area teams holding a slight edge. 

1. Michigan – 75.2

Michigan teams have been getting used to our writing style now for 14 years. It’s where we started the events business back in 2009. While that’s definitely an advantage, the fact that cities like Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Warren, Northville, and Livonia consistently average above 80 points helps. 

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. Michigan is the best state in the country. No questions asked.

-Signed a Michigan Author 🙂


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