Countdown to Five Billion: Features and Changes

Countdown to Five Billion: Features and Changes

Five billion plays is on the horizon and swiftly approaching. We’re all busy here anticipating and planning for the big day, but there’s always time to consider how far we’ve come since four billion. Once you’ve finished reading about all the updates to quiz content that we made between 2021 and now, come back here and join us for this retrospective on features and changes that Sporcle has added to transform, and, hopefully, improve, the trivia experience on the website and beyond.

The Redesign

If you found your way to this blog post, you’re probably familiar with what got changed after the site redesign in 2022. But this five billion celebration is all about… celebrating, so we wanted to highlight a few of the major areas that saw the most significant alterations:

Quiz Pages

  • Introduced a right rail to fit more information on the page, including the “Quiz Creator Spotlight” box and the “More By” table


  • Changed layout from a single column of quizzes to a carousel design, moving away from endless scrolling to rows of content and allowing for more flexibility in what we can show and how many quizzes can be seen at once


  • Added in a menu from which a lot of pages can be accessed that never could have fit in the old design

And More

  • Made the site responsive to browser size/width, where in the past we were locked in to a specific width, which kept users from seeing more content and was just not as aesthetically pleasing
  • Paved the way for additional features that never would have been possible before, such as Dark Mode

All of these changes, however seemingly small at first, have already allowed us to increase the amount and frequency of updates. The redesign as a whole will continue to give Sporcle’s engineering team the flexibility to add more new features as the years go by.

Other Website Changes

Of course, the site saw more updates before and after those that came with the redesign, including updates to quizzes, badges, and ways for community members to interact with the Sporcle website and with one another:

Quizzes & Badges

  • Opened up the Staff Picks bar at the top of the homepage to include non-published quizzes from Quiz Lab
  • Expanded search filter options to help you find exactly the quiz you want
  • Introduced images to clickable sorting galleries
  • Increased character limits for non-Grid quiz data, including hints for all other quiz types, as well as answers and extra info content for every type except for Multiple Choice
  • Increased playlist size from 50 to 200 quizzes
  • Added option for quizzes to be “Retired
  • Switched up the weekday publishing schedule to increase time between featured quizzes 
  • Also switched up the badge release schedule to one new badge per week
  • Added badge levels to enable you to earn the same badges over and over again


Beyond the Site

While the website encompasses a lot of what Sporcle is, and is indeed where it all began, the company has evolved to include live trivia, mobile compatibility, and so much more. Below are just a few of the other avenues that Sporcle has invested in over the past couple years:


  • Revamped Live 5 to give the gameplay a fresh coat of paint and make it playable on mobile
  • Added the ability to see and play challenges from the mobile web view of Sporcle
  • Released a new free Sporcle app that includes all of our quiz types and most features (with more coming)

Other Ventures

  • Launched The Globe League for Sporcle Events so players can register their teams to compete for cash prizes and track their stats
  • Brought back the Weekly Events Newsletter and the Newsletter Bonus Question at shows
  • Held the first SporcleCon in Washington, D.C., and had a blast doing it (check the link for the 2023 convention details!)
  • Worked with Netflix to bring the interactive Triviaverse game to your small screens

Changes for Sporcle

Every change and expansion the team has made is in service of our core purpose: to provide mentally stimulating diversions that bring people together. Together, we have reached the brink of five billion plays, and we are so incredibly proud of the hard work that got us here and grateful for those who have helped us on our way. There’s many more to come, so hold onto your office chairs!