Countdown to Five Billion: Celebrating Sporclers

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2023)

Celebrating Sporclers

On our journey to five billion plays, we’ve made pit stops to highlight quiz updates and new features throughout the Sporcle-verse since that fateful day when we hit four billion. For our final stop before touching down at this milestone, we’re going to shine a well-deserved light on those who made this flight possible: you, the Sporcle community!

Publishing Milestones

One thing that the quiz schedulers always keep in mind is diversifying the quizmakers who receive publishes. While this can sometimes be a challenge—because so many talented users contribute such great quiz series—we try to make sure that users who don’t get published very frequently or who have never received a publish get the recognition that they deserve. 

Out of the 5,977 different people who have been published on Sporcle, 1,171 of them were published after April 29, 2021. And of these 1,171, the number of quizmakers who received their first publish was 460. To celebrate this achievement, we’d like to acknowledge the first and last users who got their first publish between four and five billion. A day after the four billionth play, on April 30, former Sporcle staff member pearlwellington got her first quiz publish with Missing Word: Pokédex Descriptor. The day of this post’s publishing, on April 25, 2023, both 43bronco and taniwha received first publishes when their respective quizzes Most Rookie Home-Runs Hit in ’10s Season and Famous People Mentioned in Ted Lasso were featured on the front page.

A few prolific users joined the 1,000 publish club after 2021, a club that had previously been occupied solely by sproutcm. Flick, Hejman, and MSUKent all gained membership to this exclusive society, which we can only assume involves cloaks and nighttime rituals.

Quizmaker Badges Earned

Since the four billionth quiz play, Sporcle users have earned a total of 14,750,527 badges. Considering the fact that there are over 1,300 badges and counting AND that badge levels were recently added into the mix, Sporclers continue to impress us with their dedication to badge-earning.

We want to take the opportunity provided to us by five billion to highlight six particular badges that recognize achievement in quiz making. These badges reward users who have earned picks or publishes across all quiz categories and/or types.

The Crazy Ivan, which users earn after having a quiz published in all 15 Sporcle categories, saw an increase from 109 to 133 users: right after four billion, Doctor_Arzt was #109, and, most recently, KingPhoebus was #133. For getting an Editor Pick in every category, users earn the Dean’s List badge, which increased from 154 to 174 owners. And, lastly for category-based quizmaking badges, the Honor Roll badge celebrates getting a Curator Pick in all categories and had its count go up from 198 to 234 users.

On the quiz type side of things, the Insane Olga is awarded to users who get at least one publish in all eight game types: Classic, Clickable, Grid, Map, Multiple Choice, Picture Box, Picture Click, and Slideshow. A relatively newer badge, Olga’s winners went from 36 to 69 users. The number of users with the Variety Pick and Well-Rounded badges, which reward Editor and Curator Picks in all types, also increased from 82 to 133 and from 135 to 197, respectively.

Editor Changes

Speaking of Editor Picks, you may have guessed that Sporcle Editors hand those out! Usually top quiz creators and active community members in their own rights, Editors “pick” quizzes in their category that they think are particularly well made, interesting, or unique. If your quiz gets an Editor Pick, it could be put on the fast track for a publish—that’s how invaluable Editors are to the entire Sporcle system! So it’s worth noting when there are any changes to the Editor line-up.

In the years after April 2021, ZYX took over the Just For Fun category for hockeystix3, rer2121 took over Holiday for zalkon2004, and alvir28 became the Geography Editor, following beforever. In Movies, Thebiguglyalien was replaced by strokes_static, who was already the Literature Editor. When strokes_static moved to Movies, BookishGirl98 took on the Literature mantle. Similarly, former Sports Editor DesertSpartan was replaced in that role by Propellerhead when DesertSpartan took over Music for Rackie.

Thank You!

This is all to say that we appreciate you. We’re grateful that you chose us for your mentally stimulating diversions and that you stuck around to help us continue to learn and grow. This astronomical amount of quiz plays would—quite literally—be impossible without you, so hop on this rocket ship and join the lovefest, because we’re landing at five billion in T-minus five, four, three…

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