Badge of the Week: Slide Slide Slippity Slideshow

Come along and ride for this fantastic badge.

Slide Slide Slippity Slideshow: Whether you’re a fan of Coolio or not, this badge can be yours today! You’ll need to play not 1, 2, 3, or 4 slideshows in the space of an hour, but several more. Still, we know you can get this done…though the clock is ticking! Play at least 25 Slideshow quizzes in one hour.

There are TWO date specific badges for you to earn this week:

Death and Taxes: It’s tax day here in the US, which means a whole lot of stress for a lot of the adults in your life! Hopefully, you’ve got everything filed and sent off to the post office, so you can get this badge. We’ll be doing audits soon! Play Causes of Death and Taxing Countries on Tax Day (US) (April 18, 2023).

Earth Day: We celebrate our home planet (unless you’re a Jovian) this Saturday! While we want you to go outside, get some air, and help take care of the environment, stop by for a few minutes and make sure to earn this badge, too! Play Composition of AirContinents by Forest Area, and Green Energy on Earth Day (April 22).

As a reminder, there’s still time for you to earn the Billionaire Club Badge:

Billionaire Club: We’re in the home stretch for our five billionth play! That means this is your last chance to earn Billionaire Club until we’re really close to six billion! You’ve only got a few weeks, so hurry and earn this now! Before we hit five billion plays, get 100% on 5 quizzes in each category you haven’t played before.

And here’s a random badge from the vault!

Baby Got Badge: All this talk of Coolio earlier has us thinking about the great hits of 90s music, which means you should earn this badge…all about 90s music! Get 50% or more on Artists on Their Album Cover (1990s)’90s Song Title Match-Up, and Follow That Lyric (’90s Songs).

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.