Sporcle Events Newsletter Bonus Questions – Week of 3/6

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2023)

Newsletter Bonus Questions
Week of 3/6/23

Monday 3/6 – In 1988, Cesar Chavez fasted for over thirty days to encourage Americans to boycott what fruit?

Tuesday 3/7 – What African country is the member state of OPEC that extends farthest south?

Wednesday 3/8 – In the United States, which of the ten other Federal holidays occurs closest to Thanksgiving Day?

Thursday 3/9 – The “Big Four” fashion capitals are considered to be New York, London, Paris, and what Italian city?

Friday 3/10Graceland, released in 1986, is the highest-selling solo studio album by what artist?

Saturday 3/11What automaker made the vehicle that was prominently used in the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine?

Sunday 3/12 – What group of islands in the Pacific Ocean was previously known as the Sandwich Islands?

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