Sporcle Pub Quiz Final Questions vs. ChatGPT

ChatGPT vs. Sporcle Final Questions

If you’re a regular player of Sporcle’s Pub Quiz or Stump Trivia Quiz, you know each game’s Final Question is the most challenging (and most weighted) Question of the night. These questions are intentionally challenging and often multi-layered.

That got us thinking…with all the uproar about AI and ChatGPT, how many Final Questions could these AI overlords answer correctly? ChatGPT recently passed a bar exam, so should it get all these trivia questions, right? So, we pulled ten final questions from the past few weeks. How many do you think it got right? Read on to find out!

Question 1:

What three sovereign countries located entirely in Europe (west of the Black Sea) have a “Z” in their short-form English names?

Analysis: Not a great start for the AI Quizbot. Something tells us that San Marino and Vatican City don’t have a “Z” in their names. The actual correct answers are Switzerland, Czechia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Current Score – 0 for 1

Question 2:

In an alphabetical list of inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, three of them fall under the letter “Z.” Name two of those three inductees.

Analysis: Hey, nice job Quizinator. We were worried after that first question. Current Score – 1 for 2

Question 3:

Name the three main credit bureaus used by lenders in the United States to assess an applicant’s credit rating.

Analysis: We would’ve been concerned if it got this one incorrect. Straightforward questions like this are the AI’s Master’s bread and butter. Current Score – 2 for 3.

Question 4:

Among the Grammy Award categories that have been won by the same person at least five times in a row are Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, and Best Male Country Vocal Performance. Name two of those three winners.

Analysis: This one is a hot mess. Aretha Franklin won eight consecutive awards for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. Beyoncé has never won the award in consecutive years. John Williams won six consecutive awards for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. Their answer of Hans Zimmer is incorrect as he’s only won the award twice. Finally, Vince Gill won five consecutive Best Male Country Vocal Performance awards. However, Mr. or Mrs. GPT is correct about the award being discontinued in 2011. Current Score – 2 for 4

Question 5:

What book published in the U.S. in 1946 was originally subtitled A Fairy Story, and was described by the author as “a satirical tale against Stalin”?

Analysis: Nice rebound after that less mess of an answer. Current Score 3 for 5

Question 6:

According to the 2022 Forbes list of the ten highest-paid NFL players, who is the only one who made more from endorsements and off-field earnings than from his NFL salary?

Analysis: No. Just no. The correct is answer is Tom Brady who earned 15 million more dollars off-the-field than he did on-the-field. Mahomes earned 29.5 million on-the-field and 22 million off-the-field. Here’s that article. Current Score – 3 for 6

Question 7:

What is the only pizza chain to make the top ten of the Nation’s Restaurant News 2022 list of the top 500 restaurants?

Analysis: Well done! We were concerned that it might fumble another recent list question, but Chatty knows its pizza. Current Score – 4 for 7

Question 8:

Each of the four stars of The Golden Girls won a Primetime Emmy Award for their role on the show, but only two of them were nominated for every season the show aired. Name those two actresses.

Analysis: Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan were nominated multiple times each, but not every season, no matter what Chatty G says. Estelle Getty and Betty White were the correct answers here. Current Score – 4 for 8

Question 9:

Name two of the three U.S. states that border at least six other states AND also share a border with Canada.

Analysis: TIL that Minnesota borders Illinois. Oh wait, that’s right, it doesn’t. Also, somehow Montana now borders Washington and Oregon, according to Chat G. Jennings. It’s like Idaho doesn’t exist. We aren’t mad – just disappointed. The correct answers were New York, Idaho, and Pennsylvania. Current Score 4 for 9

Question 10:

Among the highest grossing films at the domestic box office with a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes are a 1987 sequel to a 1975 blockbuster and a 1983 sequel to a 1977 blockbuster. Name both of those 1970s films that produced sequels with 0% ratings.

AnalysisWe had so much hope as the text started scrolling across our screen. And then it came crashing down. Jaws was correct. Smokey and the Bandit was not. That film received a 17% rating. The other 0% film was Staying Alive, which was a sequel to Saturday Night Fever. Final Score – 4 for 10

In Conclusion

Our Brainiac Bot didn’t fare too well. A mere 40%. Remember this the next time you’re playing trivia. You’re probably smarter than an AI Knowledge Bot!


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