17 Math Trivia Team Names That Might Not Add Up

There’s probably a non-zero amount of people who got into holding trivia facts in their head because they were bad at math. For those, sorry, this intersection might have triggered your fight or flight response. Plus, if you have a smartphone you basically have one of those massive TI calculators in your pocket all the time, right? But whether or not you’re using your phone, brain, or giant calculator you stuffed into a jacket pocket, here are some math trivia team names for you. 

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Math Trivia Team Names

1. We’re Obtuse

It helps to be honest about your ability to pick up on things. Unless it’s the tab and you were splitting it. 

2. The Algebros

3. When you’re looking for X, hopefully it’s not your ex across the bar. 

4. πrates

This one’s for people who know their Greek alphabet too. 

5. The Limit Does Not Exist

Well that might be true for calculus, but there’s definitely a score limit. 

Unless you’re talking about the limits for failure. The potential for that is limitless. 

6. Common Factors

It’s important to know when you’re just in the middle of the pack.

7. Calc-oholic

At least being a calc-holic is probably a far more financeable compulsion?

8. We’re Just Kind of Odd

Hopefully there isn’t another team across the bar trying to get even with you.

9. Found X

10. Charlie’s Angles

Get your protractors.

11. We Saw the Sin

Appreciable by those who also don’t do trigonometry.

12. The Least Common Denominator

Know the base you’re marketing to, we guess.

13. The Graphing Gang

14. The Rational 1s

You could also be the Irrational 1s. But uh… 1 is a rational number. 

15. Crystal Math

16. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

We’re not the only ones who had to learn weird acronyms for orders of operation, right?

17. 90 Degrees

Because we’re always right. 

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