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TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 13: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. #27 of the Toronto Blue Jays watches a fly ball as he’s caught out in the sixth inning of their MLB game against the New York Yankees at Rogers Centre on September 13, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images)

It’s Baseball Opening Day Week

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally here – opening day week of the baseball season! After a long, cold winter, we’re ready to dust off our gloves, grab some peanuts and crackerjacks, and settle in for another exciting season of America’s favorite pastime. To celebrate the start of the season, we’ve scoured our pub quiz archives to find some of our favorite baseball final questions. From losing to the Sox to historic pitching performances, we’ve got some trivia questions that are sure to challenge even the biggest sports buffs.

Ten Baseball Final Questions from Pub Quiz by Sporcle

Answers provided at the bottom of this blog.

1. Name two of the three MLB teams that appeared in back-to-back World Series during the decade of the 2010s.

2. Name two of the four MLB teams that currently play home games at a stadium named for an individual who was once the majority owner of the franchise.

3. Name three of the four westernmost MLB franchises that have NEVER won the World Series.

4. There is one letter of the alphabet that begins the team names of six MLB teams, more than any other letter. Of those six teams, which one plays their home games farthest west?

5. Name two of the three MLB teams that have retired a number in honor of a player whose last name is Williams. Those numbers are 9, 26, and 51.

6. Three different Baseball Hall of Famers have had their number 44 retired by four different teams. Name two of the four MLB teams that have retired the number 44 for a Hall of Fame player.

7. There are four MLB pitchers who had at least 3,000 strikeouts in their careers AND averaged more than one strikeout per inning. One finished his career in 1993, two finished their careers in 2009, and one is still an active player. Name two of those four.

8. Of the four MLB players to have won an MVP Award for playing two separate positions, who is the only one to win while playing for two different teams?

9. Other than Mark McGwire, who was the only MLB player to hit his 500th home run in the 1990s, doing so on September 6, 1996, as a member of the Baltimore Orioles, 19 years after he won Rookie of the Year with the same team?

10. Since 2000, four MLB teams have LOST a World Series to a team with the word “Sox” in their name. Name two of those four losing teams.


1. Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals
2. St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays
3. San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, Colorado Rockies, Texas Rangers
4. Colorado Rockies
5. Boston Red Sox (Ted), Chicago Cubs (Billy), New York Yankees (Bernie)
6. Atlanta Braves (Hank Aaron), Milwaukee Brewers (Hank Aaron), New York Yankees (Reggie Jackson), San Francisco Giants (Willie McCovey)
7. Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martínez, Justin Verlander
8. Alex Rodriguez
9. Eddie Murray
10. St. Louis Cardinals (v. Red Sox 2004 and 2013), Houston Astros (v. White Sox 2005), Colorado Rockies (v. Red Sox 2007), Los Angeles Dodgers (v. Red Sox 2018)

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