Badge of the Week: Irish I Had This Badge

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Even our beloved badge dogs love them some Irish culture!

Irish I Had This Badge: With Saint Patrick’s Day later this week, we figured now was the perfect time to do a badge celebrating aspects of Irish culture and history! Earn it so your eyes — Irish or not — can smile. Get 50% or more on Irish Words You Probably KnowIrish Literature Match-UpNotable Irish ActorsIrish Dog Breeds, and Irresistible Ireland (Pictorial Choice).

There are FIVE date specific badges for you to earn this week:

I Like Pi: We know today celebrates everyone’s favorite irrational number, but make sure you do the rational thing and earn this badge — otherwise you’ll need to wait a whole year (and we refused to acknowledge Pi Approximation Day, so don’t bother asking)! Play Kinds of Pie and get at least ten correct answers on Digits of Pi on Pi Day (March 14).

Ides of March: Et tu, Sporclers? One of the most famous dates in ancient history has its own badge, and there’s a chance for you to come, see, and conquer to earn it tomorrow (and tomorrow only)! Play Historical Murder Match-UpIn Plain English: Julius Caesar and Emperors of Rome on March 15.

Luck of the Irish: Not only do we have an Irish culture badge for you to earn, but it’s Saint Patrick’s Day this Friday! It’s almost like we planned the release of this week’s new badge or something! Play Kiss Me…I’m Irish!Find the Green Things (Blitz) and The Saint Patrick’s Day Quiz on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17).

The Dawn of Spring: As I write this, Sporclers, it is currently snowing. It’s kind of difficult to believe that Spring is next week, but here we are! If, like us, you can’t wait for the season to arrive, then we have the badge for you, available this Monday only! Play 25 Spring quizzes on March 20th.

A Beautiful Day in the Sporcleverse: Not only is next Monday the first day of Spring, but it’s ALSO the anniversary of the birth of Mr. Rogers! The beloved childhood icon would have been 95 this year. Play Mister Rogers BiographyMr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Song, and Which PBS Kids Show? on Mr. Rogers’s Birthday (March 20th).

And, if that’s somehow not enough, here’s a random badge from the vault!

Dublin Up: With Irish culture AND Saint Patrick’s Day badges, why not go for broke and have you get the classic Ireland country badge this week too and have you complete the full set of Irish-adjacent content badges? Get 50% on The Ireland QuizCounties of Ireland, and Top 30 Cities of Ireland on a Map.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.